FREE Domain and Hosting for New Bloggers/Website Owners
Terrios07 14 weeks ago

FREE Domain and Hosting for New Bloggers/Website Owners

Collaborating with new Bloggers and Website Owners to help them kickstart their online presence.

Looking to start your own blog or Website? with complete control on hosting account? Well, this is just it! We are a Web Designing and SEO firm looking to collaborate with new enthusiastic bloggers looking to start their website or blog.

In return for a small space on your future website (which will be used only for backlinks to our current established websites) We are willing to buy you a web hosting account under your own name and ownership.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. We will provide you complete Domain and Hosting under your ownership.
  2. Free Domain and Hosting will last for 1 year after which you will have to pay renewal fee of $128 per year.
  3. You agree to provide a small widget space in your website sidebar or main body to get backlinks to our current websites.
  4. You will cooperate with us regarding backlinks.
  5. Website will have a 100% uptime guarantee with 24/7 Customer Support.
  6. You will not use this website for any prohibited content or material stated Here.
Who We Are?
We are an IT based company with our main website available at www.Kiyas.Services. We are working on our own blogs and websites most of the time with few startups in line and few currently in action. You can know more about us through facebook page

Why are We doing this?
Besides helping out new comers with resources that were not actually available to us when we first started, we also need to promote a number of websites we own. We also have a lot of advertisers that rely on us for marketing. So we are making it a long term asset building relationships with enthusiastic young entrepreneurs. Working together, We can greatly benefit each other. So, what you think?
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