Copywriter/Coaching: Never Launch A Direct Response Sales Funnel & Without My Conversion Auditing
Mark Pescetti 1 year ago

Copywriter/Coaching: Never Launch A Direct Response Sales Funnel & Without My Conversion Auditing

Before you launch your next campaign, let me audit it for conversions. How much money will you SAVE by launching ... right.

Warning: Don't Launch Your Next Direct Response Campaign - Until I Audit Your Copy, Positioning, Strategy, Messaging, Compliance, And Congruence In Your Sales Funnel

Mark Pescetti here.

I've lead and written highly-profitable campaigns in virtually every digital marketing space... as well as agency-style brand and image advertising. I've developed my own style that consistently converts on cold traffic platforms, like Facebook and Google. And I also am the face and voice of multiple campaigns, including The Wealth Compass. Plus, my story has been used in countless other campaigns, like a Top 10 product on ClickBank in self-development.

In other words...

I don't think my copy performs, I know it does.

In my 13+ years in the advertising trenches...

I can't even begin to tell you how many campaigns I've seen sink to the bottom of the Sea of Sameness; the place where amazing products and services go to die. I've also seen many product developer's dreams of Online Financial Freedom necessarily fall by the wayside... again, and again, and again. These entrepreneurs launched with copy that was never going to convert - no matter what they did. Yet sadly, they actually believed success was just around the corner... and even based their lives on it.

But then, when NO sales resulted from ALL of their efforts and money, they looked back at the disaster that just occurred... and they STILL couldn't figure out WHY their campaign failed so fantastically. Instead, they gave up, which is what failing... means. They gave up, and the campaign died a gruesome, uncomfortable, and financially-draining death. (Even though it was dead-on-arrival. They just didn't know it.)

Don't Make That Mistake

When I audit your campaign and copy, I'm beyond meticulous. I'm looking for critical signs of relatability, connection, and mechanism. Those are three elements you 100% must have in your copy - for it to convert on a profitable, scalable level. It all starts with a Video Zoom Session. I'll interview you, we'll collaborate on what you have, and other potential options for captivating your prospects with alternative ideas for creative. It's about me asking the right questions... and getting to the bottom of your deconstructed thinking, strategy, and execution.

We're going to diveinto the story people are telling - about the problems you're passionate about helping them solve (with your original product or service). Oftentimes, the most effective copy isn't ever reached, because nobody got the true essence of what you're truly offering to the world, and trying to emotionally trigger within the psyches of your audience.


After we finish the collaboaration portion of deconstructing your thinking, copy, and campaign, I'll go through your current copy and Copy Chief it - until it's testable on a large scale. However, if your current copy is too far away from hitting the emotional x-marks-the-spot, I'll get you started on your new copy... complete with a heuristic mechanism, and a money-making hook. It just depends on what we get out of the Discovery Process, and how far along you really are in launching with an effective campaign.

Here's what we're looking for:

  • Did you position your messaging to hit the highest watermark of acute emotion in your prospects?
  • Do you have a mechanism in your copy? (The mechanism is what allows a prospect to believe what you're claiming... is true and possible... for me. For instance, flooding your gut with a unique good bacteria that's highly prevalent in skinny people, but virtually non-existent in the overweight and obese is the mechanism. "Your body is 90% bacterial, and only 10% human" is the hook.
  • Speaking of hook, does your "surf the momentum" in your mechanism. A truly effective hook is derived from a mechanism that makes "heuristic sense" to the story your prospects are naturally telling themselves.
  • Does your front end VSL or sales letter have the potential to convert at a scalable level? Does your copy "get me" in the first 5 seconds? Do you have alternative leads to test against, so you can see what REALLY gets people to "raise their hands" and self-identify as your customers/clients?
  • How are you establishing your authority and credibility? Do you have the right face and voice for your campaign to work? After all, the right face and voice either gets through people's objections - before they ever needed to exist. Or... the face and voice deters people from what anything to do with your solution.
  • Does your offer POP?Does your campaign, and especially your offer, capture the undivided attention of your core audience?
  • Is your guarantee making it a no-brainer for me to press the buy button?
  • Are you future pacing prospects effectively? Are you putting them in the diver's seat of what your solution can help them create in their lives?
  • Check out my ebook to discover more about how I perceive, and work with copy.
Critiques are a $497 investment. (Compare that to my starting price of $8,000 to write an original VSL or sales letter).

You're getting a ton of insanely insightful value for almost nothing; value that can potentially unlock infinitely more profits than if you launched and tried to optimize your current copy... or ideas.

You'll receive my video-recorded audit of your copy and vision. And again, I'll either Copy Chief your current copy, and make sure it has all the necessary elements to convert... or I'll get you going on copy that WILL perform.

Check me out to discover more and see some of my work.


P.S. You'll also receive three 911 calls. So, when you need more help moving forward, I'll be able to give you the feedback you want, need, and deserve... to scale your campaign as fast as humanly possible.

P.P.S. Follow me on Instagram (mark_pescetti) to keep up-to-date with my offers and free insights.
  • What can I expect from working with you?

    In a word: Conversions. But a longer answer is, you'll launch or optimize your current campaign, so you're on the right track to REALLY connect with your audience. The first session is all about diving into your vision. We'll unpack your campaign's positioning, mechanism, hook, offer, guarantee, close, and overall effectiveness. I'll be working and collaborating, with you, in real-time... to write, edit, and optimize your current copy, or start you off with a new idea that will likely be infinitely more effective - right out of the gate.

  • Do I need to already have my campaign written and developed?

    Nope. You could come to me with something as simple as... "I want to develop the next big weight loss supplement campaign." Now, this isn't an example I just pulled out of thin air. A client once came to me - saying exactly that. Here's the copy that resulted: The point is, you just need to know where you want to go, and have the passion, market-awareness, and desire to help people with the best possible solution. As long as you have those traits, we can make some magic together.

  • What makes you qualified to conversion-coach my copy and campaign?

    I've made millions for people and companies in virtually every marketing space. And no, I don't just write these campaigns, I lead them to inevitable success. I'm not a classically trained copywriter. I didn't learn from the greats. Instead, I taught myself, from the ground -up, how to write copy that performs like a freaking Lamborghini. That means, I know how to position the messaging so it connects, develop a mechanism that MAKES people believe "this is real", and imagine hooks that play a seductive mental move theater in YOUR prospect's minds.

  • What do I do - once I pay?

    Email me at Skype me @ markpescetti. Send me a synopsis of your idea, vision, and copy (if you have it.) Then we'll set up our first recorded Zoom session... then it's off to the races.

  • Can I see more samples of your copy?