For Black Friday we open the vault to an open-source, network platform, architecture of the future
visionbuilder 2 years ago

For Black Friday we open the vault to an open-source, network platform, architecture of the future

I'll flat out GIVE you the BLUE PRINT and help you build the MOST POWERFUL COMMUNICATION FRAMEWORK ever offered in the forum.

The training is right here... The tools are freely available...
To execute your next blockbuster solution (and you'll be assured just what results to expect), because we're going to reverse engineer this thing with you and help you build it from the end to the beginning. Yep, a backward funnel that will show you the secrets of creating all the infrastructure you will ever need to sustain a needed, effective and successful online service that people will pay for.

This 9 step video course and planning tool, takes the mystery out of the phenomenal new technique for network and site creation. You'll discover the amazing paradigm for building saas ecosystems that spin of additional client sites with one click.

All content is fresh, dynamic, in demand and will deliver everything you need to leverage powerful, next generation, network developments and software integrations. We'll put our students in the drivers seat, ahead of the curve equiped to build the communication systems of tomorrow.
  • Is this really a free service?

    This is an introduction for anyone thinking big about creating networks of users. We are inviting partners... gauging interest and for a limited time this entrance point offering is on us.

  • Exactly what kind of resources will your training help me build?

    You'll gain access to the essential logic for thought leaders to provide infrastructure that supports unlimited sites (nodes) on a network. For example; regional or global business directories, communication frameworks, multi-site blog networks, specific-niche listing repositories, robust publishing resources, broadcasting via multiple channels, and more.

  • Is this a closed (proprietary) system that becomes a dinosaur. What guaranty that it remains viable?

    We are basing our builds on the most highly used and commented, open source code base in the world. Currently the active development community is in the multiple thousands. Our implementations are subject to regular updates, and constantly new developments and features become available. Permissions can be set to allow any user any amount of control at your discretion. You can also design & maintain custom interfaces thereby effectually forking or altering your implementations to your preferences & branding. These systems are not going away for a very long time.

  • How extensible are the rights, can I replicate your system for my customers?

    The code we furnish, and the logic we advocate will allow you to build with an eye to easily replicable systems, and not only for duplicating your services, but also opening up the ecosystem to select clients to become service providers, with the ability to extend that ability to their clients, and so on.

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