Make Money on Fiverr the Smart Way | Smart Fiverr Methods eBook
Sgt Kraut 2 years ago

Make Money on Fiverr the Smart Way | Smart Fiverr Methods eBook

Smart Fiverr Methods shows you how to make money on Fiverr with minimum effort. 20 gigs are presented and explained step-by-step.

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    Is it mendatory to pay through paypal or card? Is there any chances purchase this ebook by using other payment methods?
    Let me know!
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      I can accept Bitcoin as well. I just replied to your email with more details.
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    do you explain how a newbie with 0 testimonials is supposed to get orders?
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      Yes, there are detailed explanations on that topic.
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    Marvin was kind enough to allow me to review his new "Make Money On Fiverr The Smart Way - Smart Fiverr Methods eBook.

    Although I have retired from Internet marketing (actually started in 1988 with AOL ads), I remain very interested in how everything is evolving and Fiverr has always been of great interest to me.

    In reviewing other ebooks regarding Fiverr in the past, I have found many that provided good information and some that I was honest enough with the publisher to tell them to go back to the drawing board.

    In Marvin's eBook I found what is probably the 'best' resource I have reviewed about how to successfully start an Internet business using the Fiverr platform.

    This eBook is extremely well formatted and contains a wealth of valuable resources relating to both a beginner and someone who wishes to take their Fiverr business to the next or advance level.

    Most of the 20 methods cited include direct links to resources that you may use at no charge and many that have a small charge to provide your Fiverr service at little or no cost to you other than the time you expend.

    Many fill in the blank templates are included that would take hours to create yourself that are worth the small investment you will make to buy this outstanding resource.

    I am not easily impressed but this eBook contains the BEST Fiverr information and resources that I have either purchased or reviewed and strongly recommend that if you are seeking a low cost method to succeed at an Internet business then this will be one of your best investments.
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    I know the OP from other forum due to his methods which cater to a different niche so I was surprised for the OP to launch this. We all are aware of Fiverr but the thing is that what makes this WSO unique is the fact that most of the gigs that we will be doing are somewhat untapped but have some really good demand and this is where we come in. The good thing is there is plenty of money for everyone to make as there are so many different methods to give a shot inside the pdf.

    Highly Recommended!
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    Anything related with video service or creation?
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      One method is related to video creation.
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    Hi! It's this WSO still active? and methods still working?

    I use to do article writing on Fiverr back in the day and kind of lost traction as it takes much effort to deliver articles for just 5 or 10 bucks. Plus a lot of new policies with accounts being demoted for lack of consistent orders.

    I'd like to get back to Fiverr for few extra bucks on the side.

    Let me know!
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      the WSO is still active and all methods are still working.

      You're right. Things like article writing take too much time and effort. That's why in Smart Fiverr Methods I only included methods that can be done quickly. There's also a whole section on how to get both new orders and repeat customers.
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    Hey Folks, Marvin was kind of enough to give me a review copy and I'm going to do my best to be 100% honest.

    First, I've purchase/read numerous Fiverr WSOs and I was prepared for this to be more of the same. Don't get me wrong, a lot of them are decent products, but they all center around arbitrage - buy a service cheap and sell it on fiverr for more. This is a good strategy, but it really limits what you can do.

    What marvin provides here is a VERY detailed guide on how to provide 20 services on Fiverr that you can literally do yourself without much effort. This is key for a couple of reasons in my opinion - 1) you are developing skill sets that you can use in your own business. 2) if someone is dissatisfied, you can easily work with them to fix any issues, redo, etc.. without having to purchase another service. 3) there are 20 of these, create a gig for each -- more $$$.

    Each of these gigs he shows you, he goes into great detail on how to fulfill them with screenshots and step by step. All seems very simple.

    Now you know how to fulfill you gig, how do you post your gig? Again, this is something alot of WSOs fail at. It's easy to say 'go and do this', but the HOW is a big piece.

    Marvin goes into detail (again) on how to post your gig properly, optimize it, get reviews and multiple ways to get traffic to your gig - simply posting won't get you there as there is a lot of competition.

    To add to this, he even tells you how to expand beyond fiverr and get even more eyeballs on your services.

    All in all, great guide, and an amazing price point for the value. I'm definitely going to take action on this and give it a go.

    Thanks Marvin!!
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    First, I would like to thank Marvin, for giving me a a review copy.

    O.K. onto the review.

    All I can say is WOW!

    I have used fiverr for various things like logo, and facebook covers and the like, but, seriously had no I idea all the "gigs" that Marvin lists in his book existed.

    However, I am getting a head of myself.

    First, I want to comment on the ebook its self--very good lay out--very professional.

    Great job!

    O.K. now onto the gigs.

    Not sure, if you can make money on fiver--that's what I always thought.

    But, even I was able to find a couple of gigs that I could do.

    Who is this suitable for?

    Anyone who wants to make some extra money.

    What kinds of gigs?

    How about, creating html email signatures--even I could do this one!

    Creating fillable PDF forums

    I did not even know this existed

    Suggest available domain names

    Again, I would never have thought of this.

    However, I have to say while the gis are nice, what REALLY separates this WSO from the many that I have picked up is that everything is there.

    How so!

    Well, below each gig Marvin links to everything you need to learn to complete each gig.

    You do not have to do a search for what you will need to say create HTML email signatures because he puts all the links under each gig.

    Also, everything has screen shots--my favorite--so that the chances of you not being able to figure things out are slim

    Great job on this, becasue it saves tons of time!

    Up next,

    He shows you how to set up a profile that will help you make sales.


    Up next,

    He shows you how to set up gigs that get attention--so that you will make more money

    Then he shows you a way of generating those all important first sales

    Then he shows you how to use quick responses to save time--I really liked this, because the faster you can do something the more money you can make

    He also shows you an alternative to quick response--which is nice--because he could have left this part out.

    Then he gets advanced, and talks about how fiver ranks the gigs and what you can can do to rank higher.

    Also, he talks about up-sells and gives you a list of ideas for up-selling so that you can make more money.


    He also gives you ways of getting more traffic to your fiverr gigs.

    I would like to end this review by saying that this is one of the best laid out--and information loaded WSO's that I have seen.

    This WSO covers everything you need to learn and do to start selling and more importantly making money with fiverr.

    So, I have to say, if yo are at all interested in making money on fiver, I urge you to pick this up.

    Especially, for this price--there is so much value in the WSO--you are getting way more than your monies worth!

    Keep up the great work,

    And thanks again for letting me review your offer,

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