[DONE-FOR-YOU CHATBOTS] This Will Get Your Ecom Store To 6 FIGURE Income - Start With $1 Today
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[DONE-FOR-YOU CHATBOTS] This Will Get Your Ecom Store To 6 FIGURE Income - Start With $1 Today

We will implement highly converting CHATBOTS into your eCommerce business... This is for you if you are running Shopify or Amazon business

Hey Warriors,

SERIOUSLY, you mean you are not using Chatbots in your ecommerce business?

If you are not using Chatbots you are losing out to your competition ... well, that is, if you will not jump into this NOW. This is because the ground is shifting fast. Chatbots are replacing other marketing channels and is set to become the major player in 2019. The ecommerce sellers who will embrace this now will rake in huge profits and build mega businesses.

What are Chatbots?
Chatbots are software with Artificial Intelligence which conducts automated conversations to a person or a group of people via chat apps - In our case Facebook Messenger. Conversation marketing is the future and if you join us right now you are jumping in on the ground floor before the masses. You will be the among the top 1% sellers to start using Chatbots marketing. Think about how this will transform your marketing if you are among the very first sellers to embrace a new strategy. Think about how this will mean to your SHOPIFY STORE or to your AMAZON FBA products if you jump in now.

With our done-for-you program:
  • You won't need prior experience
  • You won't need to learn any code
  • And you won't need to reinvent the wheel through trial and error.

You will take advantage of what we have proven to work. We will implement tons of Messenger Funnels that we have tested and proven to convert in steroids. You will use our recommended software program. We have you covered in terms of messenger marketing.

What do we mean by DONE-FOR-YOU?
We mean we will launch Chatbot marketing for your Shopify or for your Amazon Products. We will build highly converting Chatbots to ensure that your products are selling and you are getting a good return on your marketing dollar. We will build messenger FUNNELS. Messenger Funnels are the most effective funnel you will ever build ... They convert like crazy! Actually I believe Chatbots are the greatest thing that has happened to marketing in a long time. Every store we have applied this we have seen more than 100% jump in sales volume.

To make a decision whether this is for you simply need to ask yourself this question: Would 300%, 200% or even 100% rise in your sales volume change your life? If you can answer YES then this is for you.

TO SHOPIFY SELLER: Aren't you tired of being on the receiving end of Facebook ads? As the ads continue to drill holes in your bank account with nothing to show for it even after applying all that the gurus have been teaching you. Well, not anymore! Chatbots messenger marketing will ensure you turn tables on Facebook for a change and start banking money into your account instead of losing money. Let us help you Skyrocket your sales on your Shopify store. Let us help you build your AUDIENCE, your LIST... Yes you heard that right, we will build your AUDIENCE using messenger. Chatbots will build you a list of 1000s of potential customers with ease, sometimes in a few days. Did you know that even with ecommerce money is in your list?
What would be better than having your customers pay for your products right inside messenger? This is what our service will implement for you... and much more including customer warming and abandoned cart follow up.

Now you have an opportunity to have us launch this great marketing strategies for you while you just sit down and enjoy the success!

LOOKING TO START A SHOPIFY STORE? We got you covered! Simply discuss with us how we may launch your store and get it to success buy running your products promotions through messenger Chatbots.

TO AMAZON FBA SELLER: While Amazon is a huge organic traffic source you should not be depending on it as your only source of traffic. You need to send converting traffic from your MESSENGER FUNNEL to supercharge your ranking and sales. If you jump on board today we will implement this funnels to your products and rank your product for any Keyword, however competitive it is. Chatbots simply works! The results we are seeing are just huge. The proof is just too much for you not to jump in when this strategies are still too hot.

LOOKING TO LAUNCH YOUR AMAZON BUSINESS? This gets even better. Give us the opportunity to help you launch and rank your product within a few days. Let us be the launching pad of your Amazon FBA private label business. Let us do the hard work for you by implementing this new strategy of messenger marketing.

Before I forget let me introduce myself:
I am an internet business guy who has been doing business online since 2009, I have tried everything out there. I have seen great successes and a share of failures too. My fortune changed when an online acquaintance referred me to some Amazon FBA coaching by a well-known Amazon and Shopify expert. I signed up for the program and the rest is History. I became a super seller and my focus shifted from everything else to ecommerce.

After successfully selling for more than a year I decided to help a few friends who were struggling to make a single dollar online, I did one-on-one coaching with them... although I was actually it doing for free just to see if this could be replicated. Then I came here on this forum to run a JV/coaching program where I have successfully worked with a few dozen clients. We have seen immense success.

So I know what I am talking about when I say I know this will transform your ecommerce business. I know what I am taking about when I say this strategy is the future and that you need to get in before it becomes flooded. You need to build a 6 FIGURE BUSINESS before others find their way. Success belongs to the early birds! I am giving you a risk free opportunity to be among these who will make a fortune before everyone else wakes up.

In summary What will Chatbots do for your business?
  1. Chatbost will skyrocket your Shopify or Amazon sales
  2. Chatbots will build your products sales funnels
  3. Recover your abandoned carts
  4. Build your AUDIENCE or LIST or FOLLOWERS - Nothing beats an audience in ecommerce.
  5. Do surveys for your customers
  6. Warm up your customers
  7. And much more...

This is not for everyone!

Unfortunately our DONE-FOR-YOU program is not for everyone.

This is only of these who are ready to take action and are willing to invest in their business success. These who are tired of failing and would like to finally start making money selling the ecom products. This is for these who have tried and failed again and again, but have not given up, but are now ready to finally succeed in their ecommerce business.

We would like to work with only these people who need our help most.

Who Is this program for:
  1. These who are already running Amazon FBA or Shopify business but are struggling to make sales.
  2. These who are looking to launch their Amazon or Shopify businesses ... You should launch with us because we will get the traffic ... From Chatbots!
  3. These who have heard of CHATBOTS but do not know how to implement it to boost their sales.
  4. These who have money to invest in their success ... you do not have to invest much, just something to get your business up and running.
  5. People who are ACTION takers, people who are motivated
  6. These who are particularly interested in eCommerce business, Amazon FBA and or Shopify

Who this program is NOT for:
  1. These who never take action
  2. These who complain about everything.
  3. These who will not treat this as a business, these who treat online business as a hobby
  4. These who are not willing to invest in their success!

What will this cost you?

Good question!

I would rather inform you now so you will not waste your time applying and so that I will not waste my time discussing with someone who will not benefit from this. And instead of focusing on whether this is cheap or expensive... the most important point is the ROI: This will pay you back in a few weeks!

I have 3 packages:

1. Starter $1497 : - One product Chatbot, and for 30 days management + just basic training
2. Standard Package: $2997 : - Upto 5 products Chatbots, 60 days management + Coaching
3. Premium package is $4997 : Upto 10 products Chatbots, 90 days management + coaching - This is highly recommended.

You do not need any other marketing if you apply this to your ecommerce business. CHATBOTS are enough and can get you all the buyer traffic you will ever need.

To make it even better Chatbots will build your email list... with simple integration of zapier you may transfer all your messenger subscribers into you autoresponder. What is better than this?


First you pay $1 consultation fee so we schedule a call or chat... This will help us find out if we are fit for each other.

Got some more questions? This Q and A may help

Question: Do you have a refund policy?

Answer: Yes of course, we will refund if we will not deliver what we promise.

Question: But why are you giving us this insane offer?

Answer: Naturally I like helping people, but there is another reason. If I make you succeed we will build a long term working relationship. And you may even sign up to continue working with me if you are a busy person. Most clients I coach often request to pay me to continue working together long after the coaching period is over.

Question: Why do I need to pay the $1?

Answer: This will book you a consultation session with us.

The application and consultation will allow us to find out whether we are fit for each other or we just need to go separate ways. We are a bit picky on who we allow to work with us.

Question: Can I see some income proof?

Answer: This is not allowed as per the WF terms of service. However, once you apply we show you all the proof you may need, we will take you through live proof of income.

Question: Is this newbie friendly?

Answer: Yes, why not? This is a DONE-FOR-YOU meaning you really do not have to do much. We do all the work. We build your business for you.

Question: Will I be doing nothing completely?

Answer: Yes and No. Of course you will be watching over our shoulders and learning Chatbots from us so that takeover of the business is smooth and easy.

WARNING: Apply now because this is a LIMITED time OFFER!

This is only open to 5 HIGHLY MOTIVATED applicants for now. Once the spots are filled up, they are gone. This not a false scarcity, you understand this is a DONE-FOR-YOU program and my team can handle only so much number of clients.

We may only work with 5 clients at a time so that we may give our best.

You now have a chance to make 2019 the BEST year of your life with this unique offer.

But remember once we close this we may never open it again.

Apply now, or you may miss out!

Looking forward to working with you.

Would you like to to get some more clarifications?
Simply email us here:

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