Collect Chat Weekly Deal! Build the next Amazing Bot for your site. 1 year ago

Collect Chat Weekly Deal! Build the next Amazing Bot for your site.

Simply the best Bot builder

Say Hello to Collect.Chat

At the Warrior Forum we know that doesn't matter how hard any business works, sometimes keeping up with support and sales requests is a lot of work!

We know that any business owner needs to be always ready to help, and that's why providing full-time support it's vital!

But full-time support it's not easy, that's why today we are super excited to offer Collect Chat Weekly Deal to the Warrior Forum community.

Collect Chat is the easiest way out there to build a ninja smart Bot that can help you interact with your customers at any stage.

Forget about studying complex PHP and trying to code your own Bot... Collect Chat, does it all for you. (no need to hire a nerd!)

Just build Collect Chat, and in less than 15 minutes you will have your own mega smart Chat Bot ready to help your clients.

Yes! Fire your support staff and build a Bot that can answer all those painful questions your visitors keep asking you now the best part... this type of bot can help you convert those visitors into clients.

This weekly Warrior Deal is perfect for perfect for any SEO consultant, marketing expert, agency, web developers, and Warriors in General

Chat Collect Bots can be built and implement for any type of lead generation strategy, customer support, or just to collect feedback from your audience.

The best part?

With Chat Collect you can embed your chatbot on your website or create a cool and modern landing page for it. So easy that even a 9-year-old can do it! .(and yes we tested it!)

So thanks to this Weekly Deal, Collect Chat gives you a robust chatbot solution for your website without breaking the bank.

And the great news is, Collect Chat gives you the option to start from scratch and design your bot from zero, or use one of their super smart pre-made templates.


You should be!

Collect Chat is offering a mega-deal this week only, so check it out now.

Save over 70% on the year plan and keep the discount every single year.

Overall over $2000 in savings if your bot works for you for 3 years or more!

Are you ready to bot lift your site?
Do it with Collect Chat
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    Hi Warriors!

    This deal has been expired. We are doing a bunch of updates currently for all upcoming Weekly Deals, please stayed tuned!

    Thank you!
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    it is like zoopim ?
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    Video is not working, any update ?
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    the deal has expired.
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    any language preference?
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    This chat bot looks awesome. Can we have a trial like feature before i use it.
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    your video doesn't play in google chrome, its show that error occurred and Troubleshoot video streaming issues.
    <a href="">shashi</a>
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    which sort of industries are you covering?
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    So basically we upload the bot to our website and access it's back-end and once it is uploaded can we keep adding to the bot?

    For example, after creating the chat bot and uploading and installing the bot to our website can we keep programming it?

    By the way, VERY IMPORTANT, your video is bringing up an error in google chrome and not working, I have not tested it yet in other browsers.

    An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: YXnmD1tzNyBO6dTj)
    Learn More
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