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Google & Bings Ads Blaster Software + Training - Newbie Friendly
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Watch The Software In Action

Bing Ads Blaster-Software Demo and Accounts Upload


7 Day Solution Bonus Video - YouTube

Ads Blaster Software and Training Bonuses

1-20 Proven to convert ads for Bing

2-7 Proven to convert squeeze pages that redirect to your download page

3-A great looking download page

4-A free download that explains the process needed to start earning $4K per month (add your affiliate links)

5-12 part email sequence proven to convert on upsells and other products (just upload to your auto responder and add your affiliate link)

Consider Yourself A Fearless Person
Who Likes To Try New and
Adventurous Things?

Embrace The Method Used By The Pros

Take Aggressive Action and Start Making More Money Now

*Use thousands of long tail keywords to get "no competition traffic"

**30,000 keywords uploaded in 10 minutes + 36 seconds

***Cheaper than buying domains and hosting for autoblogging

****This is why I am changing my business model from autoblogging and SEO

*****Guaranteed traffic everyday without worrying about Google banning your sites[/center]

Dear Struggling Search Engine Marketing Warriors:

Roger Rowe here....

I have some important news for you today:

It's A Poorly-Defined Illusion

As many of you know already, I have been in the large niche site business for over 8 years sending search engine traffic

to great converting offers and it has made me a very good living.

We broke the 6 figure mark in earnings long ago and have never looked back.

This technique has allowed me the opportunity to live abroad for as long as I wanted.

You probably also know that I spent the first 3 1/2 years of my online business working 16 hours per day, 7 days per week to learn the things I

need to know in order to reach this level.

I lived in a pop up camper on the beach in Panama City Beach for 2 years before moving to Costa Rica to travel and fish the fertile waters of

Central America.

I went from living like a man who didn't know where his next meal was coming from to living like an international man of leisure.

Here Is Where I
Lived While I Was Learning:

Here Is How I Lived After
Finding That Success We All Dream Of

FYI: That is my truck, my passport, my favorite marina in Costa Rica (Los Suenos) and my favorite beer in Panama. These are pics from my

personal collection and that is my meat hook holding a Corona while I grab a lime from the lime tree in my front yard in Costa Rica. I did not

realize that a couple of these photos are post card quality too!

Sharp SEO Got Me To Where I Am Today
But Free Traffic Isn't Free

I made alot of money in the real world with a specialty commercial contracting business, caulking and insulating high

rise glass buildings.

However, when I started online, I changed the way I lived in order to keep myself accountable and ensure I had enough money to make it without

having to struggle.

That helped me focus on stay on track. That is why I am still privileged enough to fly airplanes, deep ocean diving and travel like I still do.


Get In Today and Save $157 PER MONTH

Not Everyone Has That Tidy Opportunity
And That Is Why I Want To Help

What I am going to show you now is what I am actually doing now to maintain the growth of my business without battling

Google on a daily basis.

What I am going to show you is the same thing I have shown less than 100 other people in the last 6 months.

What you are going to learn is what I do DIFFERENTLY now to continue to make money and what I am planning to teach all my loyal subscribers to do

as well.

This is going to be a little different than anything else you are seeing - In fact, it's is going to be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

We Still Take Advantage Of The Long Tail

But Without The Delays and
Thorny Obstacles Of Google SEO

Because Free Traffic Isn't Free

We have built our own software for years to take advantage of Google's algorithm and get free traffic by easily

dominating the SERP's and getting traffic from THOUSANDS of long tail keywords before anyone else was talking about long tail keywords.

But I have to say after years of seeing success with this technique, it has gotten very difficult to repeat that success with new domains due to

rapid fire changes Google is now instituting on a seemingly daily basis.

That Does Not Mean We Will Abandon
This Effective and Long Profitable Technique

It Does Mean We Have Changed Our Approach To It

Because Free Traffic Isn't Free

The fact is that the competition is now greater than ever and Google's new automated learning systems are having a

negative effect on all our new domains for the last 9 months.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that our older, aged domains are still performing well, but our growth potential is capped because there are

only so many aged domains available in the marketplace


SEO and Getting Page 1 Rankings Has Become A Bewildering and
Bloated Process

Because Free Traffic Isn't Free

With schema markups, automated machine learning, spam score refreshes, random responses to algo changes and many other

issues that we all face, surely you have wondered to yourself "Where does it all end?".

I know I certainly have, and I decided to do something about it.

If you have wondered where it all ends, you and I are just alike.

If you are tired of fighting the SEO fight or simply do not have time for it anymore, you and I are just alike.

If you are tired of the struggle in the Google Grind, you and I are just alike.

Then I Remembered What A Friend
Said To Me That Clearly Changed
Everything Again

Over a beer one night, a friend of mine that makes tons more money than I do said "Roger, if you want to be wealthy you

are going to have get comfortable with the idea of paid traffic.".

He was so "matter of fact" about it like it was simply a normal thing. If you are like me, paid traffic is something you have avoided for years.

Even though I had dabbled in Facebook traffic, the idea of turning over my entire business to paid traffic was something I had completely blocked

out of my mind since trying it almost 10 years ago with Google.

Over the next week I began to think about what my friend said more and more. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized he was right.

I had hit a plateau with hundreds of niche sites. Even though I have 2 virtual assistants helping me keep track of them all and keep them up to

date and back linked, it was still labor intensive to keep up with it all.

That's not even counting the video rankings we were currently involved with. There are hundreds of those as well.

Don't get me wrong, we were, and still are, making money with those properties, but I had to count the cost of all of it once my buddy brought up

the hardcore truth that I had ignored for so long.

That Is When I Realized Scaled Free Traffic Really Isn't Free

When I was first starting all you had to do was:
  • Chose a web 2.0
  • Wrote a 2500 word article
  • Send a few back links
  • BAM! #1 Ranking!

Indeed, for most people, that was free traffic because it cost only a matter of an hour or two writing and back linking

and you could get a #1 ranking on Google that would produce commissions.

That was almost 10 years ago and many things have changed, including the number of people going after those same keywords.

Google has changed is too many ways to mention here, however, we can see with 100 certainty that it has become more difficult to do this and get


Then We Began To Build Refined Automated Sites

The formula was an easy one so we found a way to automate the process and produce the same results.

It was even easier at this point because we could build thousands of pages per day and with the new automated back linking systems that were coming

online, we were able to get exponential growth from each of our domains.

We built thousands and thousands of pages everyday. Getting enough keywords because the most difficult task in the process.

Even then, we knew the rankings and commissions would come, we simply needed to get the sites built.

We bought hundreds of domains at a time and spent thousands of dollars setting up a process that turned into 100's of thousands of pages built


Does that sound like free traffic to you?

It Worked For Us Smoothly For Years And Sometimes It Still Does
But Free Traffic Isn't Free

It was only when we began to scale using automation that the domain costs began to register.

It was only when we began to scale that we realized the hosting costs were starting to eat in to our profits.

It was only when we began to pay for back linking software that we realized free traffic is not exactly free.

It was only when we began to count our hours and study, research and labor putting all these systems in place and maintaining them that we

realized... free traffic is not exactly free.

Now, this is not a concern if you are on $8/month hosting and have bought 3 domains.

However, if that is all you have done online, you aren't making any real money either. You may make a few bucks once in a while with that kind of

portfolio but I doubt you have ever counted your time and expenses to find if it was really profitable.

I would be willing to bet you have lost money 90% of the time.

Free traffic is not exactly free.

If you have built new sites in that last year, you know there have been a ton a changes and it's not working as well as it once did for new


SEO Is Mucky and Expensive Now
Because Free Traffic Isn't Free

One of the reasons SEO has become more expensive now is because the process of getting solid rankings is 10 times longer

than it used to be.

The work you have to do for "on page" SEO is 10 times what it was back in the day when we were able to get "free traffic".

Take a look at just some of the things you have to do now:

  • Build a site
  • Perform schema mark up
  • Write the content
  • Spend more time on design (for speed)
  • Send more back links
  • Send more social signals

Not only that, but try an remember how long you have to wait now for your websites to show in the SERP's and get to page

1 Google.

It definitely takes longer now and that is a natural response to people who are gaming the system and Google knows it.

The longer they make you wait, the less likely you are to see the process through to the end, right?

It's a deterrent, and an effect one one at that.

Corporate Companies Now All Have
Slick SEO Departments

They Pay Those People Salaries, So Free Traffic Isn't Free

They have millions to spend on the process and they can outlast people like you and me because of their deep pockets.

Do a search for "corporate seo jobs" and see the over 1 million results for that term. They are spending tons of money to control the SERP's and

believe it or not, most of them are competing with people like you and me.

Just like with paid traffic a few years ago, they are driving the little man out.

We Have A Gritty Little Secret They Don't Know About Yet

The real costs of SEO for you and me are:
  • Waiting for weeks for rankings
  • Invest more while you wait
  • Send more back links
  • Send more social signals

This is just something we are no longer willing to do because we never know if our investments will generate a return.

What we have to do now is find a way to get guaranteed traffic and get it for a price that is lower than the cost of SEO.

The writing is on the wall and the only constant we can ever count on is CHANGE.

Are you tired of working on your SEO projects for nothing?

Why Depend Purely On Hazy Hope
or A Wing and A Prayer?

Why would you continue to do all this work with no guarantee of traffic?

The ranking cycle has gotten so long, any investment you make in is a now a gamble.

You spend all your time putting it all together then you spend more time waiting for the results.

Or maybe you don't ever see any results at all. It is happening to the best of us.

Why would we want to continue putting money and effort into a system that is giving us nothing in return?

Seems like insanity to me, and that is another reason we decided to make a big change in our business.

The Real and Clear-Cut Cost Of SEO - Free Traffic Isn't Free

Let's just say that we don't get the SEO combination correct or we have some unseen competition unknown to use before.

We could remain in the SEO cycle for months without any results.

Assuming you would like to be making $100 and it takes you 6 months to get through the cycle to start earning commissions, you just cost yourself

$18,000 ($100 per day X 180 days [6 months] = $18K).

How many more months are you willing to waste in hopes of getting "free traffic"?


Bing Ads Blaster
Software + Training

Watch Me Upload 30,000 Keywords and Ads in 10 minutes + 36 Seconds

Bing Ads Blaster-Software Demo and Accounts Upload - YouTube

[CENTER]Watch Me Explain Why I am Leaving SEO and Autoblogging Behind
For Cheaper and Faster Traffic

Bing Ads Blaster Program Presentation - YouTube

Get In Today and Save $157 PER MONTH

>>Read Our Terms Before Buying This Software and Training<<

Perfect Effort and Precise Focus
What If....

  • You could work 2 hours
  • Get guaranteed traffic tomorrow
  • Traffic for less than 5 Cents
  • How if you choose how many clicks you want?
  • Let's say 100 guaranteed clicks ($5)
  • Would that be cheaper for you?
  • Think of all the software you bought
  • Think of all the time you struggled

Do You Enjoy The Soggy and Syrupy Struggle?

How would you sleep if...
  • You KNEW you would get 100 clicks tomorrow?
  • And that those clicks would be cheaper?
  • Could you then concentrate on something else?
  • How about more time for your offers?
  • How about more time for list building?
  • How more time for your life?
  • And still make money everyday?

What If You Were Guaranteed
Unpolluted Traffic Everyday?

If you knew you could traffic everyday for only a fraction of the money you have already spent on SEO and software and waiting for results, would

you be willing to take a look at another method?

  • Would that make you feel better?
  • Is that close to what you had in mind?
  • Is that how you thought it should be?
  • When you started, that is exactly what you were after, right?

You and I Are The Same

We like the thought of internet marketing because we wanted a more automated business and an easier way to make money.

However, we were lured away with promises of free traffic and....
  • SEO got in the way
  • Shiny new objects got in the way
  • âFree❠traffic seduced us and led us astray
  • âFree❠isn't free
  • There is no such thing as âfree trafficâ
  • You pay for that traffic, no matter what
  • Because Free Traffic Isn't Free

We Have Been Dead-Flat Deceived

There is no such thing as free traffic because:
  • SEO is not easy
  • SEO is not cheap
  • SEO is not fast
  • SEO is holding us back

Why Did The Idea of Cosy, "Free Traffic" and SEO Lure Us Away?

We all heard the nightmare stories about Google Adwords and it scared us away.

  • Nightmare stories about Google Adwords
  • Stories of people losing their money
  • Stories of people losing their accounts
  • Stories about how expensive it was
  • Stories, Stories, Stories
  • Chicken Little Stories
  • The sky is falling....

I Had To Face My Fiery Fears
Because Free Traffic Isn't Free[/FONT]

I became tired of the SEO process and I was losing faith SEO would be stable part of my business for much longer:

  • I was tired of the SEO process
  • I decided to face my fear of paid traffic
  • I realized it was not the hairy green monster I believed
  • Paid traffic has gotten 10 easier than it was before
  • I found my confidence after a few days
  • I enjoyed the peace guaranteed traffic brings
  • I developed a plan for profit and peace of mind

What If You No Longer Had To Concentrate On Spotty Traffic?

I do not concentrate on traffic anymore because I get guaranteed traffic everyday.
  • Now I concentrate of on conversions
  • Traffic is easy
  • Traffic is guaranteed
  • Now the question is....
  • Will the lead cost me 50 Cents or $1
  • Either way, I only have to make 1 - $5 sale
  • Profit is in my hands

What Else Can We Do To Balloon Our Business?

Now that I do not worry about traffic...
  • I look at costs of leads acquisition
  • I concentrate on having great offers lined up
  • The work is all done in the autoresponder
  • Traffic comes automatically
  • People sign up
  • People get emails
  • People buy things

Would You Like To Replicate My Razor-Sharp Success?

  • I will make it easy for you....
  • I am going to make you an offer for the BETA
  • Do you like âDone For You❠Solutionsâ?

You Have Seen The Pointed Proof...

  • Elbert was able to make $2670 dollars
  • It only took him 1 month
  • His very first month
  • You can do that too
  • Or, you can do something even more profitable
  • You can build your list
  • You decide
  • I support you with answers to your questions, no matter what

You Have Seen The Smooth-As-Glass Software...

  • It literally takes 15 minutes
  • Upload 44 thousand ads
  • Check your account every morning
  • Check your stats
  • Delete the keywords that do not perform
  • Elevate the ones that do
  • Easiest traffic on the planet
  • All done in your own budget

Rock Solid Done For You Bonus

If you want to build a list, I will provide you with the following:
  • A great converting squeeze page
  • Exactly how to set up your Aweber account
  • Follow up email sequence (no writing involved)
  • Product offers that convert
  • Daily optimization support
  • Weekly paid ads training-Bing-Adwords
  • Weekly General Marketing Live Training To Keep You On Track

Then, You Simply and Neatly...

  • Upload the squeeze page to your site
  • Grab your keywords
  • Build your ads with the software
  • Upload to your account
  • Go have a snack
  • Check your stats tomorrow
  • Get adjustment advice from me everyday
  • Make adjustments based on my advice

What Does A Day In The Life Of A Paid Traffic Master Look Like?

  • Wake up and check your email
  • See which keywords converted for you
  • Increase the budget for those keywords
  • Delete the keywords that did not convert
  • Go have some breakfast
  • It takes no more than 15 minutes per day

Get In Today and Save $157 PER MONTH

>>Read Our Terms Before Buying This Software and Training<<

What Amount of Hot-Pressed Money Would That Be Worth To You?

  • Has anyone offered to help you like this before?
  • Are you tired of the SEO waiting game?
  • How much have you already spent?

What Is This Concentrated Solution Really Worth?

  • I spent 6 months making all this happen
  • We developed software to make it easy
  • We developed attack strategies
  • We developed tracking strategies
  • We developed adjustment strategies
  • We have thousands of hours of work involved

What Is The Affordable Answer Really Worth?

  • Software like this goes for $500 per MONTH
  • Training and support like this?
  • At LEAST another $500 per month
  • But this is BETA, and you get a deal today

When We Get Refined and Go Live...

  • Adwords will be added to the system for free
  • This software will be retail for $497 + $97 month
  • This training will retail for $297 per month
  • This is small business software and small business results
  • The results are real and small business?
  • Small business is willing to pay.
  • We are not interested in IM crowd as a market
  • You are getting a deal to help us BETA
  • Our real market is much bigger and profitable

What Is The Well Defined and Affordable Cost Today?

  • Today, the software + the training...
  • Is 499 + 37 per month <<<<<
  • It will never be this cheap again
  • Once this BETA round closes, price goes up
  • In BETA round #3, assuming there is one...
  • Software and Training are both monthly costs
  • $97/month for the software
  • $97/month for the training

That's an Expensive $194/Month
  • Save $157 PER MONTH!
  • This is no BS
  • This is not false scarcity
  • Our market is much bigger than the IM market
  • We want to extend opportunity to our peers
  • Once this BETA round is over, it's gone forever
  • The opportunity will be $194 per month ($97 + $97 = $194)

What Do You Get For This Affordable Business Investment?

1-PHASE 1 Training Modules:

1-Course Overview
2-The Art of Choosing a Niche for Paid Traffic
3-How to Get The Right Keywords (includes long tail strategy)
4-Domain Purchase & Set Up (for audience demographics)
  • 5A-Lander/Optin/Thank You Pages (how to build for quality score and conversions)
    5B-DKI-Dynamic Keyword Insertion/QueryString Insertion (Quality Score Related-80% of QS)
    5C-Build Your Thank You Page
6-Find 5 Affiliate Offers (free email sequences for certain products)
7-Add Offer to Thank You Page (make immediate sales to offset ad costs)
8-List Structuring + Automated Rules (Aweber Set Up)

2-PHASE 2 Training Modules:

1-Create UET Tag (universal event tracking + remarketing)
2-Create A Conversion Goal (track keyword conversions)
3-Create A Custom Report (for automated daily reporting keyword conversions)
4-Email Marketing Concept and Goals (email marketing overview)
5-Email Sequence Writing (exact template/sequence I use)

3-PHASE 3 Training Modules:

1-Using Bing Ads Blaster
2-Technicalities and Concept of DKI (understanding the process and concept)
3-Uploading Campaigns Bing Ads Editor (double checking your ads)
4-Create A Remarketing List (how to get cheaper traffic)
5-Reading Your Reports (finding best converting keywords)
6-Associate remarketing list with ad groups (setting up remarketing campaign)
7-Optimize remarketing ad groups (advanced remarketing)
8-Best Practices

4-The Software - Bing Ads Blaster

5-Adwords Ads Blaster Software + Tutorials
(once complete)

1-Adwords Ads Blaster will exist in same format as Bing Ads Blaster
2-Software will be customized to work exclusively with Google Adwords
3-Benefits of speed of ad building will be the same
4-Benefits of uploading thousands of ads in only a few minutes will be the same
5-All tutorials will customized for Google Adwords and mirror the tutorials above



*FREE-5 Products You Can Start Promoting NOW


*5 FREE Great Converting Squeeze Pages (upload via ftp)


*5 FREE Follow Up Email sequences (no writing involved)


*FREE Daily Campaign Optimization Support


*FREE Weekly FAQ Webinars - LIVE


*FREE Weekly Marketing Training Events To Keep You ON TRACK


See What Previous Customers
Have To Say

Roger Rowe Testimonial - YouTube

Roger Rowe-Incredible Personal Support-Unlimited Google Traffic - YouTube

Jerome Rogers Endorses Roger Rowe - YouTube

Howard Johnson Endorses Roger Rowe - YouTube

Norma Rickman On Roger Rowe - YouTube

Get In Today and Save $157 PER MONTH

>>Read Our Terms Before Buying This Software and Training<<

Are You Ready For Profitable Progress?

If you are:

1-Ready to end the fight?
2-Ready to end the struggle?
3-Ready for guaranteed traffic everyday?
4-Ready for instant results?
5-Ready to get your life back (like me)?
6-Ready to get rid of the confusion?
7-Ready for some profits, finally?

Today Is Your Day To Take
Aggressive Action

All you have to do is:

1-Click the button below for instant access
2-Fulfill the BETA fee for monthly software access
3-Start getting targeted traffic in just a couple of days
4-Start making a steady profit in a week
5-Make a decision to make a broad change today
6-Get in now before the slots are filled
7-Because Free Traffic Isn't Free

Never Again Have To Agonize
Over Traffic Again:

Never have to:

1-Worry about what Google thinks about your sites
2-Wonder if all your sites will be de-indexed tomorrow
3-Worry about scraping enough content
4-Worry about scraping enough images and videos
5-Worry about getting traffic ever again

Your Success Is My Success.

*PS: Feel Free To Ignore This Transparent Traffic Method and Allow Your Business To Be Dependent Upon

Inconsistant Traffic Sources.

**PPS: Once this BETA offer is closed, the price is going up significantly so get in now.

***PPPS: Get in Now BECAUSE this offer may close or jump in price without notice.

****PPPPS: If you want to get consistent traffic daily, you need to get in on this BETA before it closes

without notice.

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Re: Google & Bings Ads Blaster Software + Training - Newbie Friendly
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