Earn min 25$ + Recurring 5% Commission from All Your Referrals
Alice SEO 1 year ago

Earn min 25$ + Recurring 5% Commission from All Your Referrals

Are you a blog owner or marketer, this offer is for you!


Are you a Marketer or Blog Owner, earning money by offering blog reviews or promoting other companies through effective marketing strategies?

Now you can earn even more by inviting your clients to GetReviewed platform, where they can promote their business through genuine reviews on authority blogs.

You earn 25$ from every customer that purhased at least one product blog review on our platform and 5% commission from every 1000$ spent by your all referrals on our platform, which is min 50$.

Our clients spend min 1000$ and up to 10 000$ every month and use our platform to collaborate with bloggers regularly, it means you will earn recurring commissions from all clients that you refer.

Just register as a blogger at https://getreviewed.org/ and get your affiliate link at Affiliates section.

If you are a blog owner, you can also submit your blog for review into our marketplace and offer sponsored blog reviews to our advertisers. You can promote your offer through your blog with your affiliate link by adding "Get Reviewed" anchor and attracting more customers who will earn you income on our platform.

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