List Building For Newbies
mdallen 1 year ago

List Building For Newbies

All you need to succeed in 2019 is a list building system and traffic. Grab this WSO to solve both!

  • Is this everything I need to start building a big list?

    Yes this E-book gives you all the basics for list building and shows you more than 30 ways/places to advertise your list building machine. If you want a more detailed list building system where I walk you by the hand and show some advanced systems grab the upsell videos. The book is more than enough to get you going!

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    Known mike for a few years and when it comes to list building, no one is better. Nothing flashy here.... For the price, you will not find anything better on WF.
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    Thanks. I always try to keep things practical and what works. I am straight to the point, so you just know what you need to do. I only share stuff that has worked for me.
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      Do you talk about what types of products to promote? That's usually my biggest road block. I'm assuming it's mostly MMO?
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        Yes mostly mmo. You can promote other things but they don't tend to do as well with these methods
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    I have couple of questions.

    How much are the up sell videos? What Niche is used?
    Also what autoresponder & tool are you using to demonstrate in videos

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    Hey thanks for asking. The book is 7 and the upsell videos are 17. They are 13 videos showing you each part of list building. I personally use aweber but because they are so many options for autoresponder I did not show how to set up the autoresponder specifically. There are a lot of free videos on youtube for each of the major brands. Aweber itself has tons of info on how to set up a campaign. The book is enough by itself to grow a huge list, the videos are very detailed step by step with the exception of how to use your autoresponder, other than more generic info o autoresponders. The info in the book and video will work with any autoresponder, but I do not specifically walk you through the back room of any particular service so that everyone can benefit from the education.
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    FYI, clicked on your add to cart button and doesn't seem like its working
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      Thanks for pointing that out. I just fixed that on the sales page.
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