Vidranya Pinterest Account Manager
nagendran ponnan 1 year ago

Vidranya Pinterest Account Manager

It is a super Pinterest account manager software that can create business accounts with given bio info, board info. It allows proxy.

Key Features
  • Create accounts on your own proxy, User agent
  • Add bio info such as profile pictures, contact name, Gender, Business type
  • Create multiple boards with category and descriptions
  • Separate utility to get the Pinterest username from the already created account
  • Separate Utility to change the Pinterest account Email Id and/or Password
Business account creator
Create a Pinterest business account with given bio info and board names. It allows proxy support. Import account info from CSV file.
Bulk Account Checker
This tool will check whether the account suspended or sandboxed and send the report directly to your email inbox.
Lifetime Update
Pinterest site update often, the software need keep updating for work, we committed to updating our software accordingly as earlier.
Change Email ID and/or Password
Sometimes you may need to change the email id and/or password of the Pinterest account. This utility can do the job you required in bulk Import account info from CSV file.
Get Pinterest Username
You can extract the Pinterest username alone from already created accounts. You can import the bulk account data from CSV file.
If you do not act now, You may end up to pay the higher price in near future.
This software is compatible with Windows machine with Microsoft dot net framework 3.5 and above.

  • Do I need to create emails - or the tool creates them and use them for account creation?

    The software does not create emails. You need to create yourself.

  • Does the system gets the input through a csv file?

    Yes, the software allows CSV as an input. The mandatory data to create an account is email, password, business name that's it. All others such as bio info, board names, proxy and user agent are optional.

  • Once the system creates an account, does it return the Pinterest account username?

    Yes. Also, the software provides the service to retrieve the username to already created accounts.

  • Is there a limit for board names? if I want, can I create 10+ boards per account?

    There is no limit on board creation.

  • Does this software, confirm the email ID from Pinterest?

    Right now, the tool doesn't have that feature.

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