Get a Professionally Written Press Release With REAL Tier-1 Distribution Including Google/Yahoo News
Rubix101 2 years ago

Get a Professionally Written Press Release With REAL Tier-1 Distribution Including Google/Yahoo News

Without Flushing Money Down The Toilet on Fake News Sites ... Dismal Results ... And Zero Return on Your Investment.

Dear fellow Warrior,

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    Just an update to say the offer is still running.

    We've been super busy so haven't been back on here to bump in a long long time.

    If you are in need of a press release to gain exposure then PRMWire is here to help. Well over a decade of experience in the industry!

    Don't for get to use the coupon listed in the offer above to save $50 on every release you order.
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    You can get more enhanced press release service on

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    So I ordered and I am extremely disappointed in the amount of pick ups and who actually picked it up and I was assured my PR would do well. It has resulted in zero emails, calls or business. Don't waste your money on this service. it's completely worthless.
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    Is this offer still available?
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    Hey! You guys still on?
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    Can you provide me with a sample of the report also, please?
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    I am interested please inbox me details.
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      Hi Emilly94,

      We've put all the info in this thread and on our website

      Though should you have any specific questions that you still need answered then feel free to send us a message and we'll always reply as soon as humanly possible.
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    Hello I have 1 ecom site and 1 blog . Can you help to get some buzz and sales by this way ?
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      So long as we have some kind of announcement to make then we can certainly write a quality release and get it syndicated to some high traffic, high quality new sites for you.
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    Does this apply to UK as well as USA? Would be interested in press coverage for both countries
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      Our main distribution channels are US based, though we have clients from all over the world that use our service regularly and get results. .

      Due to the online nature of the releases, we can still reach a target audience in other countries.
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    Just sent you a PM with some questions.

    Please check it out!

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      Hi John,

      Just sent you through a reply!
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