B2B Service Providers Rejoice! Laser-Targeted Leads Delivered to YOU
Ryan Dodson 2 years ago

B2B Service Providers Rejoice! Laser-Targeted Leads Delivered to YOU

How effective would you be if an expert sought and delivered laser targeted leads to your inbox everyday? Some will even expect your call!

Red Hot Laser-Targeted Leads Delivered to your Inbox

Problem: You are selling a high-ticket B2B product/service that you are struggling to get in front of the eyes of the right people.

Desire: Business owners & corporate decision makers with a genuine interest in your offer, lining up to speak with you to learn more.

Solution: Take 2 minutes to read the next few paragraphs....

In a week or two I'll be launching a revolutionary method for you to attract the right people to your business who have a need for what you are offering - some of which will be EXPECTING to hear from you. And today's offer is my way of fine-tuning that method.

Now is your chance to get in on this hands-off lead generating experience at a fraction of the cost.

But how does it work?

Simple. I am currently employed by a multi-million dollar company to generate good, qualified leads on a daily basis. We target small business owners to high-level executives of billion-dollar corporations. I've received the best training on how to research, build lead lists, cold call, reach the decision-maker and pitch over the phone with incredible results!

"Why not do this for other B2B services as well?" -my thoughts

That's where YOU come in...

I am taking everything I've learned over the last 365 days about finding laser-targeted leads and rolling it into a KILLER service that you can use to dramatically increase your number of paying clients.

What if you woke up, opened your email and downloaded a list of corporate decision-makers who are not only in need of what you are offering, but in some cases, are expecting you to reach out with more information?!

That is why I am here today, searching for warriors who offer high-ticket products/services to small, medium or large businesses:
  • social media marketing agencies
  • SEO services
  • graphic designers
  • webmasters for hire
  • etc...

If you have a kickass business or are looking to jumpstart a hell of an idea, I will deliver to your inbox:

10 leads + 1 HOT lead

Only $19.95

You won't find this much value for such a low price anywhere else but the Warrior Forum!

What is a lead
A person/company who has a good chance of needing what you are selling. I include all of the information you need to reach the decision maker. Includes:
  • Business name
  • Physical address
  • Office phone number
  • Key contact(s)
  • Email address

What is a hot lead?
A qualified lead that has been contacted, is receptive to your offer and open to be contacted again. With these, I'll go ahead and make the qualifying call to find out if the person/organization actually has a need for what you are offering and collect as much intel as possible in order to make your part in the conversion process easy. Includes:
  • Business name
  • Physical address
  • Office phone number w/extension to decision maker
  • Key contact(s)
  • CC'd on introductory email
  • Notes from the qualifying phone call w/ decision maker (needs, level of receptiveness, personality)
  • Recording of phone conversation w/ decision maker

After your purchase is complete, you will be redirected to my PM inbox. I'll just need some information about your product/service, targeted audience, etc... Remember: I'm looking for high-ticket products/services that target small, medium or large businesses.

Oh, and you've got to be quick - this is only open to the first 10 warriors! PM me or click the buy now button.

10 leads + 1 HOT lead

Only $19.95
  • Profile picture of the author gochino
    Hey Ryan, I just sent you a PM. Did u get it?
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    • Profile picture of the author Ryan Dodson
      Got it. Check your inbox in a moment.
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  • Profile picture of the author scottrc
    What niches or types of businesses do you provide leads for? Are there any niches or businesses you don't?
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    • Profile picture of the author Ryan Dodson
      Thanks for the question!

      At this time, I haven't come across an industry that I've had to turn down. Furniture/Hardware stores, social media marketing agencies, SEO providers, financial services, etc... are all fair game.
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  • If I purchased 500 leads, would you be able to deliver 100 leads in each of 5 cities I requested? If so, I will probably purchase 10 + 1 hot in my local area to test your service.
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    • Profile picture of the author Ryan Dodson

      This service is fully customizable. So if you need 500 leads broken up into 5 different cities, I will be more than happy to accommodate you.
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  • Profile picture of the author sweethunt
    can you deliver hot leads of small, medium or large businesses looking for insurance products in France?
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    • Profile picture of the author Ryan Dodson
      Thanks for the question.

      A good number of French citizens speak English so I'd be more than willing to give that a go.
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  • Profile picture of the author abadllah saad
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    • Profile picture of the author Ryan Dodson
      Yes, good question:

      Yes, I do offer lists of hot leads only and I can offer 50 within a month. The total cost does depend on your industry/niche, as well as your needs. Do you want me to setup an appointment? Or just get them interested enough to take your follow up call?

      The great thing about working with me is that you define what a qualified (Hot) lead is and I'll start collecting them.

      Ballpark is $700-$850 for most 50 Hot Lead Packages. That's as little as $14 per hot lead who has shown interest in what you have to offer.
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  • Profile picture of the author csc2
    Are these US leads or can you do Australian ones too?
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    • Profile picture of the author Ryan Dodson
      Another great question.

      Fortunately, my CRM software makes international calling a breeze. Australia is fair game.
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  • Profile picture of the author scottrc
    What is the cost for ongoing leads from you after purchasing the initial 10 leads + hot lead for $19.95?
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    • Profile picture of the author Ryan Dodson
      Great question!

      This intro 10 leads + 1 hot lead package is typically $47 after the intro period.

      Larger packages, where I'd churn out results each day, for example: 500 leads @ $247 brings the cost per lead down from $4.27 per lead to just $0.49 per lead (cold only).
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