How I build laser-targeted email lists for less than $10/day with dead-simple Facebook Ads
LucasLT 24 weeks ago

How I build laser-targeted email lists for less than $10/day with dead-simple Facebook Ads

Learn from a 6-year Internet Marketing veteran how to build your email list from scratch with incredibly simple Facebook Ad campaigns.

"The money is in the list..." how many times have you heard that advice?

It's a simple fact that in Internet Marketing, you need an email list to create consistent, predictable revenue, no matter the niche, industry, or product you're promoting in!

However, this is is often easier said than done. It's no secret that one of the most common problems newbies struggle with is starting and building their list.

And who can blame them! Building an audience from scratch is one of the most difficult problems that businesses struggle with, even with thousands of dollars at their disposal!

I know this because I've worked as a consultant to some of the world's top brands, helping them generate thousands of dollars in profit from their campaigns. Brands that compete in some of the Internet's most competitive industries, including marketing, finance, women's beauty, and more.

Most of the brands that I work with are small, independently owned businesses, started by people who knew they wanted to be entrepreneurs. And they don't have thousands of dollars to spend on ads.

From working with these clients, I've realized that Facebook Ads, at the elite level, are an entirely different ballgame. Competing with brands that have millions of dollars at their disposal to out-test, out-bid, and out-optimized you means you have to work smarter, not harder.

After working with dozens of brands, I put together a case study on the exact, step-by-step formula I use to build laser-targeted email lists with Facebook Ads with tiny budgets. I'm talking $10 a day, or less. And for a limited time, I am offering it to the Warrior Forum completely for FREE.

You'll learn my exact 'formula' for structuring campaigns that basically guarantees results, no matter what niche you're in.

You'll learn the 'industry secret' method of building laser-targeted audiences that will deliver 5-10x better results than what most Facebook Ad 'gurus' try and teach you.

And finally, I will show you my exact process for building wildly profitable campaigns on shoestring budgets ($10 a day, or less).

This framework is completely based on my experience building and managing campaigns for clients completely from scratch. No hype, no theory, no BS.

No matter what your skill level or where you are with your online business, I guarantee that you will benefit from learning these strategies.

To your success,
Lucas Lee-Tyson
Founder & CEO at Growth Cave
  • Are there any upsells or downsells?

    No, everything I am providing to you is completely free. I do not have any paid products out right now and don't plan to sell anything for at least a couple months.

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    Are you just collecting emails? I haven't received any info via email after form submission
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      No, there might be a small delay for you to receive it. Be sure to check your spam/promotions folders as it might be in there.
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    does your course how to put the fb ads together if someone like me has never done it before?
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      Yes it does, all of my training is created with newbies in mind.
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    I also haven't received anything?
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      Can you PM me with your email? Sorry for the delay.
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    Amazing guide!
    Thanks for sharing this awesome WSO.

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      Hey MrProfit,

      Thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated
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    What's the subscriber aquisition costs like using your method?
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      Hey freeabs,

      Your cost-per-lead is going to vary based on your business and your industry. In the case study I provide, I go over a campaign in the personal finance niche (highly competitive) that generated over 2,000 subscribers at around $1.40 cost-per-lead. On average, you can expect costs in the $1-10 range.
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    I've tried 2 email addresses as well with no email.
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      Can you send me a PM with the email addresses you tried? Apologies
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    Your autoresponder is setup wrong or blocked by Microsoft -- I've signed up twice with my account and received nothing.
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      Can you send me a PM with the email addresses you tried? Sorry for the problems.
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