Binom - The Tracker For Professionals [-40% coupon for Warriors]
Binom 2 years ago

Binom - The Tracker For Professionals [-40% coupon for Warriors]

Binom Tracker: Get free 1-st month + 40% discount on 2-nd month. Clicks processing 5 ms, Highest Speed of Reports, Group Reports, etc.

Binom story

In the year 2015 when iMobiTrax was already of poor quality, and Voluum was yet not good enough, me and my team run tons of cheap traffic to various utilities and sweeps. We heavy-heartedly paid $3000 for Voluum, but dreamed about our own tracker solution, which on one side would be cheaper, and on the other side would have all the necessary functionality for our tasks. Like that, Binom saw the light of day. In spring 2016, we started to use it for our campaigns and distributed to friends for testing. By the fall tracker became good, and we started to sell it to the narrow circle of affiliates with traffic volumes and high requirements to functionality, which was the stimulus for tracker's development.
After all, doing our best for others is even more enjoyable than doing it for ourselves. By word of mouth the product was distributed from one person to another and now by the total amount of traffic, it is one of the leaders. All this time, we constantly were improving our creation and were so happy with its growth. At the same time, we were solving a huge amount of practical tasks, connected with operation speed, interface, new functions, also, for the long time we successfully hid Adplexity and issued more than 30 updates.
During these years we put excellent support and development team together capable to create the best product, and service that we are proud to show to the broad spectrum of people working in the affiliate marketing.
At the given moment, more than 500+ clients from all over the world work with us. they process more than 2 billion clicks per month.

Now we take #2 place by usage according to AdPlexity:

Binom is a simple and easy solution with professional capabilities. During development, we concentrate on the operational speed and flexibility to solve the maximum spectrum of AM's tasks.

Main pros:
- Interface and redirect speed
- Fix cost
- Simple and user-friendly (huge experience in AM allows us to make it the way it should be)
- Unlimited domains (with free SSL certs), users, amount of rules, data storage time
- Flexibility and customization
- No-redirect tracking (integrated landings and LP pixel)
- Triggering system (for example, decreased profit for last hour => you get a message to your phone messenger. Or if any offer is not accessible for some reason - tracker pauses it)
- Tracking of any events and displaying in reports with any formulas
- Ideal solution for teams unlimited users with custom access rights
- Powerful API with access to all tracker's functionality
- Experienced technical support (always online via email, skype or telegram), free tracker installation, and server setup + optimization

Intercom screen:

- Self-hosted. We try to ease it for you with tech support, who can handle everything that is related to the server. Including the tracker installation itself and server optimization.
Technical experience is not required!

What's up for your niche?

Pop-traffic, Mobile
- The tracker can process huge amounts of traffic (up to 600 million clicks per month)
- Price does not depend on volumes
- Super-fast redirects and reports speed
- Filters system (including mathematical) for white- and black-lists
- Marks for publishers
- Check of tracker's and landing's domains for google ban
- Bots on landings detect and displaying them in a separate column for pubs filtering
- No-redirect tracking for loss reduction and cloaking withing one URL
- Display of bots, scrolls, and backfix percentage or any available metrics in any section
- IP ranges Report
- A powerful API for automation

Native Ads
- Marks for publishers
- Update cost by tokens, so you could match with stats in the source
- Tracking of behavioral factors through events, for example, the percentage of logged in social networks user
- Tracking of landing's viewing depth and exit points
- Group campaign reports for cross-analysis

- LP Pixel
- Integrated landings with PHP (create your no-redirect cloaks)
- Replacing domain's index page in order ro track and filter moderators, bots and displaying its statistics
- No restrictions for cloaking rules: IP, user-agents, proxy traffic filters
- URL customization up to, understandable URL while using mod_rewrite. In fact, you can make a whole site inside the tracker
- Tracking behavioural factors


Campaigns page:


Traffic distribution:

Tokens mark:

What's in the plans?
- Auto-optimization of traffic distribution
- App tracking
- Reports visualization
- Trackers monitoring
- Deep integration with sources and networks

The cost of the first license is $99/month.
Additional (for the 2nd and subsequent servers) - $49/month.
We have discounts for a prolonged extension. 3 months - 10%, 6 months - 20%, a year - 30%. It means that a license will cost you only $69/month.

Discounts for WARRIORFORUM members
We offer 40% discount for the second month of usage. The first month is free.
Use coupon WARRIORFORUM at signing up or push the link:
... or check our live-demo.

We will be happy if you write your feedback in this thread!
We do care about the community and appreciate your participation.
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    i hope every one is fine this thread get my attention i don't want anyone to lose more discount on their purchase so i already purchased with a great special offers which was 60% Off it is only 40% here, i will give you guys the link to get the best discount on your purchase
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    Soon we'll see you in Barcelona AWE!
    We have presents for old and new users

    Come say Hi at booth C11:

    Full box of famous fidget cubes. I don't think there will be much left after Day 1, so make sure to grab one before it's too late!
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    I know lots of you guys didn't know that you can also use right mouse click in Binom

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    We are starting a series of short video tips about Binom features

    Best wishes,
    Binom team
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    Update 1.13 - 22.04

    Hey guys,

    I am publishing this a little late, but I have to. The update was released around MAC19 conference, i.e. 10th of April, and some of you have already been updated. Who has not - welcome, no worries here. There are probably no super breakthrough changes in it (stay tuned), but the number is decent - 46 updates.

    Measured NPS (customer loyalty index) was 77% for the last update, now it's 82%. This is very, very cool. For comparison, MacBook has 76%.

    For something useful it's an adaptive layout, now you can quite comfortably use the tracker directly from the browser on mobile phones. At the same time, unlike applications, all the functionality of the tracker is available. Customers praise it, although there are still some minor bugs.

    Visualization of comparative days
    If a date is selected on a date, the schedule compares the current day stats with yesterday's relative. Yesterday is showed dotted. It's convenient to check which sites the traffic sank on, or compare days by the hour.

    Multistreaming for database
    It makes a significant enhance in the efficiency of handling clicks. We enable this feature manually for clients with large traffic flows. So if you have millions of clicks a day - well. As I learned at the MAC conference, many affiliate teams and affiliate networks (media buying departments) work with Binom. Now it will be even more comfortable.

    Conversion Logs
    Many people have asked for this feature, and finally, we did it. There you can see the status, time, postback, IP for your conversions.

    Removing conversions

    MAC 2019
    MAC conference was really nice and successful. We talked with about 700 people! Shared 200 coupons. Personally, I really enjoyed it, I feel the positive client feedback, a lot of useful suggestions, many complimentary words, yeah, it's amazing. Hope for sales too.

    Full list of updates
    - Adaptive interface
    - Visualization in the form of a spreadsheet with no row limits
    - Visualization of data comparison for today and yesterday in one graph
    - Reports without page reload
    - Significantly increased the speed of displaying general statistics for Custom Time
    - Currency selection in the section Update Cost (doc)
    - An extended selection of time zones
    - Notes for aff.networks and traffic sources
    - Clearing the search fields
    - Replacing selected characters with tokens for links
    - Full copying of rules
    - Memorization of collapsed rules in campaign editing
    - Disabling GDPR at the campaign level
    - MD5 coding of transmitted tokens
    - Pasting GET parameters with? Lp = 1 to the offer
    - Improved language recognition
    - Improved tracker update algorithms
    - Improved algorithms for integrated landings
    - New self-test tracker functions, improved stability
    - New GEO bases
    - Advanced Proxy and Crawler definition
    - Reports by region / province / state
    - Proxy and Crawler reports
    - Changed private IP filter list
    - Check SSL domains
    - Distribution of domains by tracker users
    - Improved domain deletion features
    - Click API (doc)
    - Integration with ClickBank (beta)
    - Integration with the service MagicChecker (doc)
    - Logging of incoming and outgoing conversions (doc)
    - Logging authorization
    - Setting the percentage of postbacks in the source at the campaign level
    - Ability to send only approved leads to the source
    - Functions for removing conversions and clicks
    - Postback filter by IP
    - New tokens: {user_name}, {region}, {region_code}, {offer_name}
    - {Clickcost} token with payout model selected
    - Set up second sorting in reports
    - Setting a ban authorization API
    - Compound conditions for metrics in triggers
    - New action in triggers - Unpause / Re-activate
    - New condition in triggers - Payout Change
    - New condition in triggers - Domain's ban check-in offers
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    What's your experience with TDS optimization?
    Have you ever faced a significant ROI increase after re-distribution of your traffic?
    Check our TDS guide.

    Best wishes,
    Binom team
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    Hey mates,
    What's your experience with push traffic? Have you ever tried this source?
    If not, check this guide.

    Best wishes,
    Binom team
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    2019 is promising to be an exciting year for everyone involved in digital marketing. Big changes are coming and this can be very hard for you to accept. However, it is important that you are aware of these trends and analyze how they will affect your marketing. Ensure your team stays up to date on changes in digital marketing trends. If you can do this, you will be able to grow your business and stay relevant in your industry.
    Find out more here.

    Best wishes,
    Binom team
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    Did you know more than 50% of overall internet traffic are bots?
    The impact could be a loss of revenue, lower SEO rankings, skewed analytics, etc.
    Find out more here.

    Best wishes,
    Binom team
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    Have you ever felt the lack of tracking parameters or events at your landing page for making the right decisions?
    We'd like to explain more the Custom Events feature you can use and possible effects it could have for your affiliate profits.
    Check this article to clarify everything and enhance your performance.

    Best wishes,
    Binom team

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    Can you please help me understand what is the use of this tracker? this can be the replacement for Google analytics? how does this can help my campaign and website performance tracking? can you please give a live example on who is using this tool actively?
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    • Profile picture of the author Binom
      Hello webbi527,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The tracker is used mainly by affiliate marketers and media buyers.
      Yes, it can be considered as the replacement for Google Analytics, giving you much more information about your traffic and performance. Basically, affiliates who buy traffic somewhere at ad networks, just can't get serious results without using a tracker. As you may know, tracking is a king at affiliate marketing. Furthermore, we are providing such features as cloaking, no-redirect tracking, affiliate networks and their offers integration and rating, the triggering system which notify you by messenger about significant changes at your progress, AB testing, rotation system, and a lot more. You can check Servando Silva post about how it works:

      Binom team
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    We are going to attend MAC'19 Affiliate Conference at Moscow, Russia, 9-10 April 2019.

    Welcome everyone to our special Binom zone, it's time discuss your needs at affiliate marketing, your ideas and proposals, we are happy to help to make all the process more comfortable and effective for you.
    Don't forget to rock at the afterparty

    Binom team
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