[SOLO ADS] FACEBOOK Solo Ad Blaster - Get 5000+ Clicks - Sales Guaranteed!
fbsoloadblaster 2 years ago

[SOLO ADS] FACEBOOK Solo Ad Blaster - Get 5000+ Clicks - Sales Guaranteed!

[SOLO ADS] FBSoloAdBlaster - Get 5000+ Clicks - Sales Guaranteed - Paypal Accepted!

  • How soon does the Facebook Ad Blast start?

    Your Facebook Ad Blast starts the same day purchased.

  • Will I get a click tracking link?

    Yes, after purchase you'll be redirected to a small form to fill out with your link...I'll then email you back a click tracking link so we both can keep track of the clicks from your Facebook Ad Blast.

  • What if I don't get sales?

    If you don't get sales, then you get a Free second Facebook Ad Blast to make sure you get sales...if still no sales then you get a full refund...so there is no risk to you at all.

  • How can I contact you?

    You can contact me at support@FacebookAdBlaster.com

  • Is Paypal accepted?

    Yes, the Clickbank link accepts Paypal and also my website www.FacebookAdBlaster.com has a a direct Paypal purchase link at the bottom of the page if you don't want to purchase through Clickbank

  • Do you have an affiliate program?

    Yes, the FacebookAdBlaster has an affiliate program with commissions at 50% including all future purchases by your customers. Here is the affiliate dashboard: www.FBSoloAdBlaster.com/affiliates/

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    How are you able to guarantee sales?
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    what about the conversion rate ?
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    Just curious though... if you can make the sales, why dont you run the campaigns on your own and make money instead of selling this for $25?
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    This guy is an impostor and a thief.
    The visits he sends to the websites from Facebook are totally false.
    It is impossible to make sales with fake visits.
    He says in the faq that he returns the money if we don't get sales, but it's false. Money is never returned.
    This guy is not worthy of being in Warrior Forum.
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    You see this type of ad for solo ads clicks in many different flavors like Craigslist Solo Ads, Instagram Solo Ads, etc. I believe the same person is behind each one and he just periodically launches a new page with a new title for the solo ad package. They are NOT SOLO ADS, this is 100% bot traffic that will not give you one single subscriber or legitimate sales.
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