Blogging is Back, Baby
budfox 1 year ago

Blogging is Back, Baby

Step by step blueprint for building a high-income blog in 2019 and beyond.

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    First I would like to apologize for the late review--life got in the way.

    Also, I would like to say thank you for the review copy.


    Now on to the review.

    I have purchased plenty of blogging WSO's and I have to say, this one ranks right at the top.



    Because, first, it is a professionally done, WSO--you can tell a lot of work and thought went it to it.


    It goes beyond that, this WSO is basically a road map that you can follow to help you build a blog--that makes you money.

    First, he lays out the 5 steps you must follow in order to build a successful blog,

    How do I know these are the right steps.


    I have built a bunch of of blogs and I use these same steps--with the exception of step number 5--not because it does not work--I simply never really got into the habit of doing it.

    He also, lays out a a list of 12 topics that you can choose from--I would never thought of getting this list from the place that he did--but it makes perfect sense.

    Don't get too excited about the list though--and jump into something you think will make you good money--like Andrew says in his report--think about it--do you really want to right about something day after day--that you care little about--at least go with something on the list that you have some interest in.

    Personal note--I made this mistake with one of my niche sites--I picked acne--back acne to be precise--because I thought it would be easy money-NOT!

    I wrote 10 posts--and then bailed as I could not stand to write anymore!

    Lesson learned!

    What really got me excited was when he started talking about how to monetize you blog--while I am aware of adsense--I was not aware of this other method--and no it has nothing to do with Amazon or clickbank.

    The three case studies are interesting--I knew about 2 of the three--because I like to study the way other successful bloggers write--how they structure their content.

    Of course he gives you all of the plugins you should be using for your blog--again, I like this, because while I use a lot of them--I did not know about some--and this is good--for me--as I will try them any new blog I start.

    I know this review is getting a little long--so I will end it here.

    My take a way from this WSO was this

    The author believes in treating your blog like a business--not a hobby.

    Read that a couple of times--you must set aside --in my opinion--2 hours a day to write, research and promote your posts--if you do this--and you take your time---and pick a solid topic--or as the author suggests--sub-topic from his list--and work it hard for a year.

    Yes, a year--then, there is a good chance you will have a successful blog--and the freedom that comes with it.

    Two last things, first, this WSO has gotten me fired up--along with some other stuff I have read recently--to stat one more blog--that is how good I feel this WSO is.

    Lastly, if you are reading this, and have any interest in blogging--and want a solid plan that you an follow--that will help make your blog a success--then I cannot recommend this WSO strongly enough.

    I know I would have been very happy with my 9 investment--had I Purchased this WSO and I think anyone that purchases this will be happy with their purchase too!

    Great job Andrew--I cannot want to see your next WSO
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    looks great and promising
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    Unsolicited testimonial. After 15 years on the internet, I occasionally come to the WSO forum in search of a refresher course.

    I read this WSO from cover to cover and not once did I have that awful feeling of having bought yet another rehash that I won't, can't or don't want to take action on.

    Andrew writes credibly, and with authority. It's like he's holding your hand and telling you exactly and precisely, a codified method to build an authority blog in any culturally popular niche (which is what is advised - and I hope Andrew - that is not considered too much of a spoiler).

    There were no upsells, an excess of resources provide, and a clear, consistent message.

    What I liked about this report:

    (1) it's complete and whole in and of itself, without upsells, OTOs or requirements that aren't very clearly stated.

    (2) it offers a route to forming a set of actions, consistently, that the author is certain will obtain the marketer desirable results, and this is communicated forcefully.

    (3) It is priced well, and yet it is also concise. My one thought was, well, I could go and buy a 300 page book on any topic from the store... but actually buying this report is very good value because it's just like hiring a blogging consultant.

    What I did not like about this report:

    (1) I would have liked to have seen more case studies supporting the conclusions, or to be able to draw out more tips and ideas about "what works".

    (2) Some examples of the author's own success or chronology of actions and results might have also added further credibility.

    (3) Plans for what next steps are from the author are absent somewhat.

    Overall, I still give this a 10/10. It's very rare that a WSO moves me to review, and also very rare to find a quality of writing and content like this report.

    You won't find hype. You will find a very clear, step by step action plan. There's some research though it's hardly seems thorough or exhaustive. I think anyone considering starting a new blog, or who has an existing blog and is seeking new strategies, or any blogger or marketer for that matter, who knows they need a refresher, should pay the full price and decide after reading thoroughly for themselves, whether it was worth the investment. I'm >95% certain that readers will agree that it's at least an 8/10 product. I give it a 10 for the reasons stated. These far outweigh the negatives.

    ===end of unsolicited review=== (NB. paid full price, not a review copy review, and I don't know and haven't contacted or been contacted by the author at the time of writing).
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    How long is the eBook?

    10,872 words. This is a "no fluff" report that gets straight to work.

    How much of this is obvious, common knowledge, and/or rehashed material?

    None. This is a fresh work based on current research and my own currently successful blogging operations building brand new blogs on new domains.

    Are the case studies really paying freelance writers $100 to $250 per article?

    Yes, and I show you exactly how to approach them if you are interested in these freelance writing gigs. Just be aware they are requiring quality articles that fit their themes, so it is not quite as simple as knocking out articles and collecting. But I feel you are missing the real opportunity if you pursue these jobs. My report uses these case studies as a model, so we can build our own highly valuable-web property. The goal here is to reach the point of hiring writers ourselves, in like manner, ASAP.

    No sales funnel or upsells?

    Correct. No affiliate links in the book, either, and no promoting anything else I benefit from.

    How much investment is required?

    Other than a domain, zero. I do mention a few helpful paid tools in the book for image creation and social media management, but I do not personally use them and recommend creating an efficient routine for doing everything manually.

    Is there a money back guarantee?

    Yes, it is set up on JVzoo with a 24-hour return policy. I am confident in the quality and am sure you will be glad you purchased it.

    Are there any review copies available?

    Contact me if you are somehow averse to buying a $9 product with a money-back guarantee and you have an established reputation here on WF. If you catch me during happy hour I may be willing to dole out a couple review copies this week.
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