Plug & Play Sales Funnel by Marketing Expert Helped Warriors Profit in Days. No Product/Copy Needed!
shawnlebrun 1 year ago

Plug & Play Sales Funnel by Marketing Expert Helped Warriors Profit in Days. No Product/Copy Needed!

Use this "already done for you" funnel to sell 2 top-converting Clickbank "save the marriage" programs & earn commissions as an affiliate.

** Brand New Offer- 2018**

SKIP the time, expense, and struggle of creating a product and then TRYING to sell it...

"20-Year Copywriter & Internet Marketer Hands You a Brand-New, Already-Converting Sales Funnel in a Profitable, In-Demand Niche So You Get Online & Selling Faster and Easier"

Use the SAME "100% Done for You" sales funnel that helped Jason, Dan, Brandon, and other Warriors to earn sales and profits in DAYS, without needing their own product, copy, or content.

This turn-key "Plug and Play" sales funnel can get you online, making sales, and earning income faster and easier than starting from zero!

You get a Facebook ad, squeeze page, Lead Magnet, Thank You Page, and 3 Follow up emails... a COMPLETE "Plug and Earn" funnel written and TESTED by a world-class copywriter who has done over 9 figures in sales.

Dear Fellow Warrior,

My name is Shawn Lebrun and I've been a successful direct response copywriter and internet marketer for over 19 years.
I was named one of the 182 Greatest copywriters of the Internet Age by Joey Bushnell and

I've written copy for Chris Munch, Ewen Chia, Mike Dillard, Lee McIntyre, Maria Forleo, Ryan Deiss, and HUNDREDS of other well-known marketing experts.

I have one sales letter STILL online that has sold over 25,395 copies of an eBook I wrote, called "Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded.

My sales copy has done WELL over 9-figures in sales (and counting) worth of products and services for myself and clients in the last 19 years.

I've written 7 sales letters that are currently in the top 10 on Clickbank, including HowtoBreak80, EjaculationbyCommand, CriticalBench, and more.

None of this is to brag, but rather to PROVE that...

I Can Help You Get Online, Making Sales, and
Earning an Income Much Faster & Easier!

After all, in order to make money online, you gotta have something to SELL.

But creating a product, sales copy, emails, lead magnet, squeeze page, and Thank you Page can take a LOT of time, effort and money.

And sure, you can spend MONTHS creating the product, content, and copy all by yourself.

But how can you be SURE it will convert?

Right... you can't know for SURE it will sell.

But What if You DID Know That Your Offer
Will Convert and Make Sales for You?

What if you didn't HAVE to waste time or money creating a product or the sales copy from scratch?

What if I handed you a "Ready to Use" A-to-Z sales funnel written by a world class copywriter?

That way, instead of spending your time and money creating a product that MAY not even sell...

You'd have a BRAND NEW funnel with ALL the content and copy you can upload to start generating sales and income right away.

And when I say "right away", here's PROOF you can use this "done for you"
funnel to start bringing in sales faster and easier!

Jason ordered this "ready to use" funnel on April 15, 2018.

His Message Just 5 Days Later...

In just 5 days, Jason was able to get a complete sales funnel online and making REAL commissions with Clickbank.

And I just got this update today, which is about a week after he ordered this pre-written funnel...

From Zero to $118 Profit in Just 7 Days!
That's pretty fast, especially when some people go YEARS without seeing a single sale, profit, or penny online!

Even better, he didn't have to create a product, ANY content, sales copy, emails, reports.. NONE of it.

He simply took the funnel content I created for him in the "Save Your Marriage" niche, uploaded it to his site, and promoted programs I told him were converting.

And he was profitable the very first week!

Here's a funnel I did for a client in December 2017.

He hit $110 profit in just 7 days...

And now, his most recent message to me...

$350 in Profit Without Creating A THING!

This isn't the only time my funnels made sales and profits for clients who didn't have to create ANY product OR content...

And yet another client took a funnel I made for him and is bringing in $400 per week in affiliate commissions.

After I saw the success I had with all of these clients...

I sat down and created a BRAND NEW funnel that can be used to
promote ANY top-selling affiliate product in the "Save the Marriage niche.

But I Wrote the Content So It Would Convert
BETTER and Earn MORE in Profits!

This 5-piece funnel is new, ready to use, AND already PROVEN to convert in the "Save the Marriage/Stop the Divorce Niche".

I modeled it after the previous winners I wrote.... but with a goal to make it better.

And since this pre-built funnel funnel was written by a world class copywriter... you can get online almost overnight with a potentially profitable business... even if you've never started one before.

Dan Made his First Commission in 7 Days!

Dan invested in this funnel on April 30...


And then, just 7 days later... Dan made his first $29 in profit...


Pretty cool, considering Dan didn't have to create a product, a Facebook ad, or any content or copy.

He simply uploaded the funnel content you see here.

Let Me Walk You Through Each of the 5 Parts
of this Tested and Proven-Profitable Funnel...

These are actual screen shots of the content you'll get when you download this funnel to use as your own.

I've blocked out some content so it's not swiped without permission.

When you order... I'll give you ALL of the content for each of the 5 funnel pieces, AND the steps you need to get it online as well.

1. Facebook Ad that Gets Attention.

I created the Facebook ad so it STANDS OUT and gets noticed in your prospects news feed.

That's important because if your ad isn't seen by your IDEAL prospects... nothing else matters. I recently made a tweak to the image and it boosted the CTR of my ad from 30% to 77%

Grab this funnel NOW and I'll also help you with the Facebook ad targeting for this niche, including the demographics and interests.

Recent Facebook Stats for THIS Funnel...

Using this ad copy, there's ZERO guesswork.

2. Squeeze Page

With this funnel, you're offering a free report that can help prospects SAVE their marriage and STOP a divorce.

Going through a divorce is a painful problem to have. And people will do MORE to avoid pain than to gain pleasure. It's human nature.

It's why this is one of THE MOST motivated AND profitable niches I've EVER seen in my 20 years online.
Believe me, if your squeeze page offers a report your prospect can use to see results... not only will they download and read it... they'll BUY the product through the affiliate link at the end.

3. The Free Report

The days of people wanting to read 50 page reports are over. They're just too busy to read it, so it will sit on their hard drive.

But offer a short PDF report that contains actionable advice that helps your prospect see immediate results... they'll WANT to buy the solution.

Since I PRE-SELL the "Save the Marriage" program at the end of this FREE report, you have a chance to earn a sale and commission!

4. Thank You Page

Here's where you can make sales and recoup some of your Facebook ad spend right after someone opts in to get the report.

On the thank you page... we offer your prospect something they can BUY NOW that helps them solve their problem.

For this funnel, you'll offer one of the "Save the Marriage" programs on the "Thank you Page", so you could make a commission and profit ASAP!

5. Follow up Emails that Work for the Sale

Not only will the FREE report and Thank You Page pre-sell prospects on buying the "Save the Marriage" product... a series of 3 emails will gently nudge them towards the sale... producing a commission for you.

There you have the 5 parts to my funnel that's ALREADY converting profitably on Facebook for this niche!

And since you can use this to funnel to promote ANY "Save the Marriage" or "Stop Your Divorce" product... you can see which one produces the best conversions, sales, and affiliate profits for you!

How my 7-Figure Funnel Came to be...

After using a similar funnel to sell $3,000 per month as an affiliate of a fitness offer... I now use it in all of my offers.

It's bringing back $3.75 to $4.65+ for each $1 spent on Facebook ads.

Use This 5-Piece"Plug and Play" Funnel To
Start Selling and Profiting Right Away...

Believe me, if you were to hire a good writer to create your Facebook ad, squeeze page, thank you page, report, and emails... you'd pay at LEAST $1,000.

But for the next 10 marketers who act now... it's just $199 for the entire
"Save the Marriage" funnel you see above.

The amazing thing? Jason, the client I showed you above, made the entire funnel fee back the very FIRST week!

I promise, you won't find another ELITE-LEVEL, Done For You sales funnel written by a world class copywriter... not for THIS low of a price.

And especially not a turn-key, ready-to-launch campaign that hands you EVERYTHING you need to bring in sales almost immediately.

What to Do if You're Interested...

If you're ready to skip the time, cost, and hassle of creating a product or sales copy... grab this "done-for-you" funnel and you can be online and selling as soon as tonight!
Not to mention, you're piggy-backing off my almost 20 years of direct response copy and marketing experience.

I've also started and run over 2,000 Facebook ad campaigns and spent over $1.9 million dollars of my own money on Facebook.

You'll get a Facebook ad, a squeeze page, a free report to give away, a thank
you page where you can make a sale right off, and 3 emails... ALL written by me,
a 19-year pro copywriter who has done over 9 figures in sales online.

All you have to do is upload this content, plug in your affiliate links, and you can have your first Clickbank commission THIS WEEK... without creating a single product or writing any content.
Simply click the button below to get this funnel now...


Shawn Lebrun

P.S. Look, if what you're doing right now isn't working... this gives you everything you need to get online, selling, and earning income.

Since I've already written ALL of the funnel content... you don't have to create a Facebook ad, opt in page, free report, thank you page, or emails.

Just take this brand-new, pre-made funnel and start selling. I've used my 19+ years of copy experience to make sure this funnel converts right away.

Click below to grab this funnel now and get online as soon as tonight...

Feedback from Clients...

Some unsolicited feedback from clients I've helped...

Shawn, I've been testing your sales letter against
mine, your letter converts 104% better than mine.
Kara Oh, The Heart Whisperer,
"Before hiring Shawn, I'd sell about 10 ebooks a day and make
about $670. After using Shawn's new letter, my conversion rate
doubled and now I sell about 18 to 20 ebooks a day, which is almost
an extra $700 in my pocket each day, with the same amount
of traffic. Shawn's letter made me an extra $244,550 a year,
with no extra work on my behalf.

Using Shawn has ballooned my one-man
operation into a $2.5 million company" Jim Evans

Once I used the salesletter Shawn wrote for me I made my
money back plus a lot more and the sales are still coming.
So I can say with confidence now that it's true...Shawn
doesn't cost you money... he makes you money! Paul Becker

Hi Shawn, I can say the page is converting better. Jan -
June this year had a total of 56 sales, while the same
dates for 2011 had 27 sales. I think my marketing for both
time periods was fairly similar, so good improvement. Lisa
Nelson RD,

"I've known Shawn Lebrun for over 10 years and he's been
one of my Internet Marketing mentors. He's one of the few
guys in the industry that I completely trust and I know he
has my best interest at heart. I make a passive income of
4K per month using just one tip that Shawn shared with me.

Once I found out that Shawn had an opening for a new client
I immediately jumped on the opportunity to work with him.
He went above and beyond and created a masterpiece sales
letter that converted over 5-times better than the copy I
was previously using. I made back my initial investment on
this project within the first 7-hours of going live. I highly
recommend Shawn for your next project. Hiring Shawn for
your copy writing is like buying money at a discount."

Update: June 24th, 2010 "Shawn, using your newest letter...
we sold 400 copies of our $47 ebook in 5 days... so we're very
happy! Mike Westerdal Critical Bench, Inc.

"I was first introduced to Shawn when doing a live "copy
critique" webinar - people were sending me letters to critique
and I was tearing them apart. When I pulled up Shawn's sales
letter and began reading... I was rendered speechless!

I couldn't find a single thing I didn't like about it - it was a
perfect example of the type of hard-hitting writing I was
trying to teach. I immediately began using it as an example
piece, showing those on the call what TO DO to increase their
conversions and make more money. When I later found out
that the letter I was reading had already sold thousands of
dollars worth of products in a very competitive market I wasn't
the least bit surprised. Shawn has a natural talent for writing
straight-to-the-point, no B.S. copy that SELLS... and I have no
hesitation in recommending his services." Copywriter Craig

"The sales letter you wrote resulted in a 14.5% increase in
conversion rate compared to the old site." Ronnie C.

"I had the great pleasure of working with Shawn
for several months and I have nothing but great
things to say about him.

He's extremely capable, very fast... and my favorite
part.... very easy to work with. He LOVES feedback.
He takes it and runs with it. He's not happy unless his
clients are THRILLED. He is THE total package and an
absolutely rare individual.I highly recommend Shawn to
anyone who needs some great copy for their business.
You can't possibly go wrong with him!" Tina Spriggs
Business Manager at Coffee Shop Millionaire

"I'm very pleased with Shawn's work. He delivered the
letter ahead of schedule. I would say he has been the
easiest writer I've worked with. He has gone above and
beyond the call of duty in regards to marketing suggestions
and tips to maximize the use my in-house customer list,
make changes to autoresponders and basically get my
company back on track in the area of marketing.
I definitely recommend Shawn's expertise to any company
marketing online looking to increase exposure and sales."
John Cantu, Gold Star Nutrition

"Shawn was responsive and easy to work with. He answered
all my questions and was genuinely concerned with the
performance of the sales letter. Also, it was nice that he
took care of all the graphics and HTML. Before using Shawn,
I was selling roughly one eBook a week. With Shawn's
copy... I've sold two over the last two days. I feel very
comfortable recommending him." Chris Mechanic

Hi Shawn, good news the letter is working very well. I tried
testing going to our landing page first and then to your new
copy and sales started coming in. The conversion rate seems
to be increasing as time goes on. Plus now that we are using
the landing page we are getting many subscribers who are
purchasing other products we recommend from clickbank
and we are getting a few affiliate sales from others also.

Clients were selling a $47 book and coaching program. They
did 1016 total sales which includes a $47 monthly recurring for
9-months. Gross sales came to 100K with 50K a month in
recurring.recent results from Mike Westerdal and Elliot Hulse

"Hiring Shawn was the best decision I made so far. How
disastrous it would have been if I had attempted to write
my own sales copy. Not only did he complete it in less than
48 hrs, he was thoroughly educated in my field, did his own
research, used the info I gave him properly, and delivered
what I hope to be a SLAM DUNK sales letter! Not only did he
do the job and then some that I required, he provided additional
feedback to help my get my ebook off and running. Would
definitely, and will definitely use again! I just hope he'll
grandfather me in before his rates go sky high...yes, he's
that good!" Sam Prestenbach

"Shawn is the man! It's literally almost impossible to find
something bad to say about it him. He's quick, easy to
work with, and very responsive - but most important,
this guy is a NASTY copywriter. His stuff pulls." Chris Mechanic

"Once again, Shawn over delivers. This project was ahead of
schedule and right on budget. His work and abilities continue
to amaze me. I'm getting the best job for my money. If you
don't use Shawn for your Sales Copy, you need your head
examined. He is the best by far. He is a true professional.
Easy to work with, listens to the customer, knows what the
hell he is doing. If you want it done right, Id use him for any
sales letter project. Corey Lewis

"Shawn is the best copywriter I've ever worked with.
Period. Highly skillful, highly recommended. A true expert
in marketing also Thanks Shawn." Jorge Z.

"This provider is a genius! I originally hired Shawn to write
an email newsletter however I was so impressed with his work
I hired him to write the content for all of my website pages.
Trust me you won't go wrong hiring this gentleman. Excellent
sales page that he wrote for me. I have several other projects
that I will use him for again. Yasir M.

"In the past, we've been disappointed with some so called
"copywriters". But THIS provider wrote a top quality sales
letter to our specifications and delivered it ahead of schedule.
He was also the best value copywriter we've found, and did a
far better a job of understanding our needs than other providers.
Highly recommended! Mac M.

"I would recommend Shawn to anyone who needs copywriting
done. His work is above excellent and he rushed my job for me
because I needed it quick. Did all the changes without any
complaints and also made some very useful suggestions.
The best in his business. Dorothy B

Shawn did a great job. He knows marketing EXTREMELY well.
His copy was great and he gave me several ideas that will
immediately boost my profits. Plus he is easy to work with,
responds quickly and is able to talk on the phone if you have
questions. I highly recommend him. David Oliver.

brilliant work! If you are thinking of hiring Shawn then dont
hesitate and just do it. Take it from me you wont regret it .
Satisfied customer! Rich Williams

Shawn is an absolute pleasure to work with! I had a specific
vision that I wanted from my copy. Shawn related to me on
every level possible due to his extensive background. I'm not
one to believe all of the nonsense people talk about on the
internet about the millions they've earned but Shawn had
actual proof of what he was capable of doing. When everything
was delivered, it was EXACTLY what I had conjured up in my
head when I first posted the job. Shawn was polite and really
helpful all the way through. Erik S.

Hi Shawn, I absolutely LOVE it! It's late here in the UK so I'll take
a full look at it tomorrow and get back to you if I need to. Thanks
so much Shawn, I'm blown away. Gary Lea

Thank you for re-working it and going above and beyond by providing
3 alternate versions!!! I really appreciate it. Wow - talk about fast
turn around! Let me say that off the bat, your style is amazing!
I really love the copy and the emails- they are brilliant! This is
what I was hoping for!

Either way, my experience with you has been nothing but positive, and for
a steal of a deal! Thanks again - This is so amazing and I'm truly thrilled!!!
Michael Rubano

Shawn, I just looked through the sales letter. It's awesome work.
Thanks very much :-) You can be sure I'll send more business
your way!Cheers, Ronnie

Ive also now read the final version you provided. Im very impressed
and think you did a terrific job. The amount of service you offer is
second to none, Shawn. I truly appreciate making it so easy for me
to access the letter.Martin Malmberg

"If you need copy for sales, this is the guy to hire!" Russell R.

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    if all of us are using the same facebook ad and targeting the same audience on fb wont it create saturation ?

    how myuch budget do we need except the cost of this wso ?
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    • Profile picture of the author shawnlebrun
      Thanks for the comment!

      Nope, no saturation because...

      1. I am limiting how many people can use/order this.

      2. With each order, I send over a new image and ad copy to use for Facebook, so that way no 2 ads are the same.

      Like how this one is different from the one above...

      I ran this ad just a few weeks ago, to test and tweak it and had no problem
      getting plenty of impressions and clicks, even 2 sales while testing!
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