Sling PPC - Creating Easy To Manage Bing & Google Campaigns For Beginners
Roger Rowe 4 weeks ago

Sling PPC - Creating Easy To Manage Bing & Google Campaigns For Beginners

Sling PPC - Creating Easy To Manage Bing & Google Campaigns For Beginners

Ever Wanted To Run Pay Per Click Campaigns
But Found The Process Too Confusing?

If So, You Have Been Missing Out

Now There Is A Way For You To Get Started Without The Complications and Confusion

And Using Bing To Get Started Is Profitable,
Unlike The Risk You Take With Google Ads

Did you see that?

Take a closer look in the screenshot above.

Notice how he stated HOW to use Bings with success.

Now, contrast that with what you will see many others saying below about Bing Ads.

Here are the important parts of the conversation:

Believe me, the hurdle with Bing Ads is your lack of knowledge, not Bing's platform.

I bet you have always thought the same thing these guys on Facebook think.

Take a look at this conversation.

Can you see the difference between the people that know what they are talking about and the people that do not?


I see this all the time.

People giving advice that know nothing about the subject they are talking about.

And for others who do not know how to utilize a technique or platform will almost always defer to the negative guys talking because it reinforces

their own beliefs.

Bing Ads Are A Profitable Platform For
Driving Good Converting Traffic To Your Affiliate Offers

How can you replicate that success?

If you put together all these GOLDEN NUGGETS and create a plan out of the list, you will see your commissions blast to the moon.

What if you could get to four figure days AFFILIATE MARKETING like this guy said?

Will you listen to the people who know what they are talking about?

OR, will you keep thinking the same ole thing because YOU have not seen success?

I prefer to go with the people that are actually doing things rather than the people who say it can't be done.

Bing Ads Best Practices

What most people do not know is Bing has recreated their algorithm and implemented automatic learning, same as Google.

That means once your account pixel has a month of data, you can start to move on to more advanced bidding types with great success.

This is all part of their efforts to better the user experience for you and me.

That's all great, but the hard part is knowing how to get started.

Below you will see my best practices on how to start a Bing ads campaign for best results.

Here are the best practices I use for Bing Ads:

  • Use 1 keyword match type per campaign
  • Create campaigns for all 3 keyword match separately
  • Use negative keyword lists
  • Use a single location for targeting (example: US only)
  • Use a single device type per campaign (smart phone, tablet, desktop)
  • Use "Show Ads to People in Your Targeted Location Only"
  • Use Only Bing/AOL & Yahoo Owned Properties
  • Start bidding at 50% of Bing's Estimated Page 1 Bid
  • Use Manual Bid Strategy Before Moving on to More Advanced Bid Types
  • Use "Search" only (opposed to display because it burns your budget without much ROI)
  • Bing Now Has 3 Titles Available, Use Them All for Best Results
  • Bing Now Has 2 Description Fields with 90 Characters Each, Use Them
  • Both For Best Results
  • Set Ad Rotation to Show Ads Evenly So You Can find Out Which Ads
  • Produce Most Clicks
  • Setting Up PPC Campaigns Manually
  • Is Difficult and Confusing
  • It's complicated and makes my head hurt and sometimes drink heavily.

Setting Up PPC Campaigns Manually
Is Difficult and Confusing

It's complicated and makes my head hurt and sometimes drink heavily.

What used to take 2.5 hours with a LONG & CONFUSING check list can now be accomplished in less that 15 minutes.

Having all the options on a single page without making 100+ clicks in the actual Bing interface and moving from one page to another and back makes

Bing Ads profitable for even the most inexperienced user.

So, I created a tool to help me setup my ad campaigns that makes it fast and easy.

We have been working on this tool for 2 years to perfect our approach.

Bing and Google made huge changes to their platform and my programmer was not able to keep up.

So, I found a new programmer, a real professional that is dedicated to to your success.

He has almost completed the Bing tool and will begin to work on the Google tool in the next 2 weeks.

Take a look at the interface and compare to the list of best practices above:

More Important Bing Information:
Know Who You Are Advertising To

Bing users tend to be 35-60 year olds (people with money to spend).

Bing users are new computer buyers that never change their default search engine to Google.

Bing users are willing to spend money to get information they are interested in (because they have money to spend).

With that said, let's get into a very profitable, overall approach for using Bing Ads....

Branded keywords and domains that are relevant to your niche are the low hanging fruit for Bing Ads.

There is plenty of traffic, with little competition, on Bing because most affiliates think Bing is a waste of time.

Using branded keywords and relevant domain names as your keywords, you can get cheap 5¢ clicks with very targeted traffic.

That is because there is little to no competition on Bing and even less competition for these types of keywords.

Does This Make Sense To You?

Do you understand the concept of using branded keywords and domain names?

If not, spend some time on this concept because it will have the biggest effect on your online business than anything you have ever learned before.

You can easily learn this concept with the ONE TIME OFFER
you will see after logging into your account to access the software.

If you would like to know how to take advantage of this concept while everyone else is ignoring the possibilities, take advantage of this little
known method and join the case study.

If you want to make money while everyone else is fumbling around with organic traffic, this is your opportunity to turn your internet hobby into
actual cash earnings that are big enough to change your life and the lives of those around you.

Are You Smart Enough To Know A Winner Method When You See One?

How many times have you said you are tired of buying software and courses that do not work?

Are you smart enough to know what the last course you will ever need looks like?

Here is what the very last course I ever bought looked like for me:
  1. Solved the issue of not enough time in the day (didn't need it anymore)
    1. Sent enough traffic everyday without burning the midnight oil
  2. Provided enough buyers I never had to wait months for SEO results again
  3. Got me daily sales without having be on the computer every minute of the day
  4. Gave the needed cash to hire staff and expand my new business to 6 figures
  5. And that is exactly what you can access to when you take advantage of this offer.

Build a system with this software and case study that will set you free financially.

Are you smart enough to recognize that if you see it?

This is your opportunity to find out how smart you really are.

Are you tired buying the cheap BS courses only to watch the technique go up in flames and leave you stranded with no business again?

This will be an affordable course, with 100% one on one support.

If you buy the software you will get a discounted price and a discount on the training for a limited time.

This will be the last thing you ever need to buy because will solve all your issues of making a good living online.

What will be in this course and software package?
  1. All the traffic you will need to make up to four figures per day should you choose to
  2. All the new customers you will need, daily, to keep growing your business
  3. The secret method (and how to) to promoting anything on the internet with wild success
Are you ready get out of the shiny object syndrome cycle?

It's Time To Finally Get Some Respect

You know what I am talking about.

That promise that you made to yourself you would figure out this online business thing and make life better for everyone around you.

We all did it.

I am just like you.

When we found internet marketing and we got excited about the possibilities.

We dreamed about what it could mean for our lives.

We shared those dreams with our friends and family.

And if your friends and family are anything like mine, they were skeptical to say the least.

In fact, some of my family and friends told me how stupid and naive I was for believing anyone could make money online.

My Morning Run Looking North

Do you remember how you felt when you got that sort of reaction from people you actually cared about and thought cared about you?

I remember what I felt like.

They used phrases like:
  • Are you crazy?
  • This sounds like a pipe dream to me.
  • You will never make a living online.
  • That's just not possible!
  • Is that actually legal?
  • How can you make money sitting in front of a computer all day?
  • This sounds like a scam!

Did you hear any of these phrases when you confided your goals to someone close to you?

If you did, you and I probably felt the same way:

  • A little defeated?
  • Very disappointed?
  • That hot feeling on the back of your neck caused by their lack of confidence in you?
  • A little embarrassed you even brought it up to someone that didn't believe in you?
  • Someone that didn't believe in you, but you thought they did until that day?
  • Knowing you had confided in someone that now wanted to torpedo your dream?

My Morning Run Looking South

I remember it well enough I never told anyone else about my goals or what I was doing.

[B]Maybe they didn't laugh at you, but my friends did laugh at me; behind my back.]

So did my family.

A close family member, as close any family member could ever be, after having a few drinks one night, let me know that everyone was laughing at me.[/B

That happened after I came back from living in Costa Rica for 2 years.

It was hard for her to tell me but she wanted to make up for it, or at least try to get past her embarrassment for the way she thought about it.

My Work Space in My Casita (house)

For my friends, it happened much quicker.

One friend, when he found out I was moving to Costa Rica, offered to take me to the airport on the day of my departure.

Having lunch just before I was get on the airplane, he admitted he , and others had made fun of me a little for thinking so far outside box.

But this day he started to believe in what I was saying and doing.

He knew that if I could move abroad and still make a great living, that I had indeed been on the right track.

My Casita

That was the point when I started to gain back a little respect.

People had laughed at me for 2 years because they couldn't get their minds around how someone could make money online.

Now, I was the one laughing because I had money in the bank and more money coming in from my affiliate websites everyday.

I went to Costa Rica with a big ole grin on my face and it has never left me since.

I still wake up sometimes and think about those days while everyone else has already gotten up, showered and left for work at their J-O-B-S.

In fact, a few times I have thought about starting a new brick and mortar business because I see opportunities everywhere.

Once I am reminded of how much trouble and stress those kinds of businesses are, I get back to the computer and build myself another asset:
  • Another Website
  • Another Traffic Campaign at Google
  • Another Traffic Campaign at Bing
  • Another Traffic Campaign at Facebook
  • Another Review and Coupon Offer Page
Run To The Beach

This keeps me free.

This keeps me in the commissions.

This keeps a huge smile on my face.

When Was The Last Time You Proved Them Wrong?

Would you like to prove everyone wrong once and for all?

Do you know what a great, realistic opportunity looks like when you see it?

Are you smart enough to take advantage of the last course you will ever need to truly make it online?

Will You Finally Get Back The Respect You Know You Deserve For Making The Decision To Go For It?

This Screen Shot Will Help
You Make The Decision

Does seeing this again help you to discover things you may not have thought about before?

Every time I look at it I think of something new.

Hopefully it works this way for you as well.

Can you come up with any new ideas from reading this screen shot again?

I hope you can because the opportunities for this method are completely untapped and secret until now.

You never know when you may come up with something that rocks the house for you and your family!

Let's make some money together.

This includes the Google Tool as well, so you will be able to masterfully dominate both Google and Bing.

Also, you get 50% off training/support for your own campaigns and the case study.

If you need someone to hold your hand and help you finally make it to the top with your online marketing career, this important for you.

Why waste time trying to figure it out on your own when you have someone willing to help you for a price cheaper than a meal for 2 at McDonald's?

Additionally, you will access to a live case study where I show you EVERYTHING happening in my campaign.

Watch the techniques and find out why they work.

Watch the changes we make to optimize these campaigns and use this knowledge to improve your own.

Discover the principles behind our methods and why we use them.

Of course this is a money saving exercise and the more money you can save, the more money you can add to your ad budget.

You will learn EXACTLY how to operate your campaigns from beginning to 100% optimized and making cold hard cash for you daily.

This is a no brainer for anyone that wants to cut through BS and start making some real cash that will make a difference in your life.

It's time to take that bold step and start making real money.

Use this coupon code: 50offBingCaseStudy-Support

Watch The Software in Action

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    1. Is there any guarantee offered if we purchase the software, try it out and don't like it - can it be returned?

    2. What sort of Training is offered with the software?

    3. Does it help forecast how much key words might cost per click, etc.?


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      Hey Mark,

      Apologies for the late reply sir.

      I am not getting notifications of posts here.

      1-No sir. The software works as described in the video demonstration. That is how it works and it works the same way for everyone, no matter who the person is, so I see no need for a refund policy to include "in case one doesn't like it".

      Additionally, this usually fosters abuse and hinders our ability to continue providing high levels of quality.

      I can't tell yu how many times our refund offers have been abused here at WF, so we simply decided it's not in our interest to open ourselves up for abuse.

      This is why we include training and thorough software demonstration in the sales thread. This let's everyone know what they are getting beforehand so there is no "buyer's Remorse".

      2-There is some training included with the software, and the video demonstration you saw above has the exact methods we use to set up our own campaigns, which is exactly what we recommend in the training.

      There is more in depth/advanced training in the OTO's that are not dependent upon the software and can be applied whether you have the software or not.

      Since I never know the skill level of all buyers, the training is split up so you ca choose exactly the level of training you need without us having to charge every single buyer for information they may not need.

      This is how we keep the price as low as possible for every customer.

      3-The software does not forecast keyword costs. There is only one entity that can do that for you. If you do not have a tool to do that, I will provide you a set of free tools to handle that aspect as well as all other aspects of keyword information you need to know. In fact, it's already in the training.

      Thanks Mark.

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    We can not edit the thread without waiting for weeks to be approved again, so here is the video to see the software in action:

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