FREE Blueprint - Discover The SECRET To Selling Websites For Fast & Easy Cash-On-Demand!
Robert Kren 2 years ago

FREE Blueprint - Discover The SECRET To Selling Websites For Fast & Easy Cash-On-Demand!

The old cliché time is money has never been more true than right now... and web design has evolved into a funnel system of online sales...

My name is Robert Kren and I am silent partner to several web design companies for over a decade now. I cut my teeth as sales director and senior account executive for one of the major global leaders in marketing communications.

The report, I'm giving to you, is a straightforward no fluff account of how I run my web design companies nowadays.

Gone are the days of hiring sales people to make cold calls or even travel to prospect’s office for a sales presentation. Yes, you can make more per sale but time wise it's less efficient.

My companies - all together - make hundreds of sales a week at times, and we show no signs of slowing. We do not talk on the phone at all anymore.

We do not travel anywhere, and we we do not waste time trying to make long drawn out presentations that only cut into our valuable time.

The old cliché time is money has never been more true than right now... and web design has evolved into a funnel system of online sales.

In other words we market digital products: websites and reseller hosting.

Then we strategically funnel them into our paid ad services…

We sell a cheap $300 website, then turn around and sell them lead generation for a $2000 deposit.

Or Facebook ad management service.

Or paid Youtube ads. (I love those).

But small business owners are not about to fork over 2g to someone they just met now are they?

But show them a live example of a superior website that makes their current site look like crap, by comparison, and offer it at a reasonable price, then making the sale is easy peasy.

Heck, I got started giving websites away and still managed to build a 6 figure agency in a few months.

How? By selling them hosting, support, and market research (I have a long bullet list of features that really plays up on that, and yes I will share it).

And I give away so much marketing intel it makes their head spin.

Then once they get a whiff of what they have been missing in the paid ad space many of them practically beg me to manage their ads for them…

What I'm about to reveal to you, is exactly HOW I use cheap superior website templates and portfolios to build money making agencies… overnight.

And how I present these websites in such a way that I can literally bring a new client into the fold anytime I desire.

I upsell 10% or so into my ad services where I make most my money, but that is beyond the scope of what I am selling YOU.

What I am selling YOU is the means to an end for quitting a job you hate, for finally starting a money making agency, albeit not one that will make you rich perhaps, but one that will at least pay the bills.

An agency that will realistically allow you to make $300 to $600 (sometimes more) per day if you are diligent and put forth the effort.

maybe just $300 a week if you are a typical lazy IMer, smoke pot and waste your time on FB all day. Just being honest. And yes that was me... at first.

But the fact is, I am handing you the golden KEY for making some freaking MONEY, without the BS that most gurus insist you indulge in, like cold calling and door knocking.

Seriously, do you enjoy the feeling of calling a small time AC repair man only to hear the pure annoyance in his voice and almost HEAR him think of the fastest way to get you of the phone?
Or having to come up with some scheme to get past the dentist gatekeeper?
Really? Is that your idea of trying to build a business? Come on - you always knew there had to be a better way. Right?

Well here it is.
What I am GIVING you for a mere $900 (just joking it’s free) is the exact same system I use myself to bring new clients into my funnels.

Yes I said FUNNELS.

I sell el-cheapo websites that put their current site to shame, and I get their praise and build some rapport. I earn some respect and trust.

Then I give them FREE marketing intel for the first month. I might even give them a free landing page based on what I found their competitors doing on Google Ads. I will suggest that they can do better than them while saving money on lead generation. My new client starts seeing me as a possible real asset to his business…

Again that is all by design.

By the time I get past week 3 many of them are asking me to manage their ad accounts. Some have small budgets, others very very large.

I had one contractor who turn out to own companies in 7 states and I manage all of them to this day for 20% ad spend. That account alone makes me a 6 figure income.

I showed them this:

And I GAVE them this landing page for free as they were mulling it over:

That's the template. I actually took 30 minutes to customize it for their particular company before presenting it to them.

But it sealed the deal!

I sold them both for $500.

They needed major customization a few hours later (yes I said HOURS) so I consulted with my web guy and came up with a price of $3500.

Later that month we negotiated for AD MANAGEMENT.

That was my first motherlode.

It was good. So, so good.
I had real money in my hands that I created out of thin air.

And I didn't even have to talk to anyone on the phone. I hesitate to tell you that because I know that sounds unbelievable but I assure you it is 100% true.

Oh they wanted me to call them, but I gave them my line as to why that was not going to happen.

i.e. better support, record keeping, keeping costs down, yada yada.

If you talk once on the phone, just one time, some of them will want to talk to you multiple times a week. Some guru wannabes call that “support”.

I call it too much stress to deal with.

I have lost business because of my no-phone policy, but overall I stay happy, and my clients get used to it. They are interested in results not conversation, for the most part. So, if you prefer to talk on the phone with your clients then go for it.

So how do I recommend you get started?

Give away websites and use reseller hosting.

Offer $99 per month for the following:

  • Professionally Designed Proven-To-Convert Personal Trainer Website.
  • Hosting and domain registration included, transfer of domain also included if required.
  • Hard Hitting Landing Page Set Up And Activated - Ready For Use.
  • The ability to create UNLIMITED landing pages with a simple click of the mouse, to maximize ROI with paid ads.
  • 1 email 500mb address included @yourdomian.
  • Google analytics to track performance.
  • Website hosting with Fast Server speed to benefit page load time.
  • Anti hacking Security features to prevent hackers and malicious bot attacks.
  • Monthly system updates to the system core, security, plug-ins and server side technology.
  • SSL Certificate installed as standard. (https instead of http) giving extra security
  • Regular weekly backups of the entire website.
BONUS: Ongoing Market Research For New Offers And Landing Pages, INCLUDING New Landing Page Setup For Ad Campaigns!

Pretty much seems I'm giving away the farm, right?

Don't worry, it's not nearly as much work as it might seem at first glance, but it conveys VALUE OVERLOAD and clients will step into your lair of services…

Then once you have a couple clients to showcase your real work, you can start charging $300+ plus setup fee. You will even get referrals at this point!

Or just start with the setup fee from the get-go, up to you. I am just telling you what I did.

Now dig this. 10% - at least - will eventually pay you handsomely down the road, so & it's giving away websites for $99 per month hosting/maintenance is not such a bad business model afterall, is it?


And heck that first $99 payment you get from client #1 feels pretty darn awesome too, especially knowing that you now have a real business that is under way and will progress nicely thank you very much.

When you get the Blueprint you will see one of my first student’s results (complete with income screenshots I am probably not allowed to show here) selling websites for $300 a pop.

Many of them. Then one of his upsells… But he did as I suggested and started out giving them away for the $99/mo plan until he got I think 10 or so under his belt.

THEN he starting charging upfront fees. You don't have to do that, but it is what I teach now since it allows anyone to make progress even without any expenerce.

I was going to charge $27 for the Blueprint (still a huge value) but decided to just give it away for now. I want everyone who is interested in building a successful web design agency to have a fighting chance at doing so. Believe me it's not for the faint of heart!

This is the info I wish I had when I first got started. In fact, years ago, I did buy info on this forum that got me started, but it was based on a dangerous business model (bulk email) and didn't have anywhere near the portfolio I needed to really impress potential clients.

But it got me started, and I eventually found the real resources I needed to make it happen for real. And this Blueprint is the culmination of that effort, and the invaluable resources I found. The resources YOU will soon discover...

I hope you take it, use it, and ultimately build a real business with it. The information is sound, and the strategies I outline are so simple and effective, anyone, regardless of experience, can make it work. I firmly believe that.

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    The link just goes to a template wordpress blog. No place to sign up or download anything?
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  • Profile picture of the author Kisha Wilson
    I'm really interested in this and have tried signing up on chrome and safari.

    The message displayed "mailing list is not active".

    I have removed ads blocker but after signup, it will still display the message above.
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    Mailing list not active, is this still available?
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    went to sign up but got
    Mailing List Not Active
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    just clicked on the link and received a notification from Aweber; This mailing list is not currently active. Please notify the website owner.

    Please let me know if this offer is still available>

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  • Profile picture of the author freeabs
    Hi do we need to meet clients face to face or talk on The phone to close deals? Does it matter if we are not from the US?
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  • Profile picture of the author sega001
    Can we just start off by selling websites and work our way to FB ads for a service? I have never really done FB ads, but have created webistes.
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    • Profile picture of the author Robert Kren
      I would outsource ad services if you have no experience and learn as you go. I still do that with advanced web design projects all the time. I do tell you how I use FB ads for clients.
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  • Profile picture of the author SanjeevM
    Looks interesting.

    I clicked the Buy Now button - it takes me to your website, but there doesn't seem to be any clickable link leading to a download.....Am I missing something?

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    • Profile picture of the author Robert Kren
      I have not had that problem and still get sign ups. Try a different browser, or maybe even incognito, and let me know.
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  • Profile picture of the author troy23

    Looks like a good deal. Are you offering any coaching after purchase or are we basically left to our own devices? I only ask because you mention student(s).

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    • Profile picture of the author Robert Kren
      No coaching but I go into pretty elaborate detail about how I run this business. I considered offering it as an upsell but just don't have the time right now.
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  • Profile picture of the author Robert Kren
    Messenger bots are now an integral part of selling websites and landing pages. You simply customize Manychat flows - on your account - and let them try it out.

    Great way to land Facebook Ads clients and sell websites at the same time.

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  • Profile picture of the author Robert Kren
    Couple updates...

    I just set up the second licence for a WSO buyer today! That means he sold two sites so far. He's the first, that I know of, from this WSO to make sales so I am kind of stoked...

    Also, guess where I have made some sales recently? CRAIGSLIST!

    So far less than $400 invested in CL ads with over $7k in sales. You got to stay on them and repost/add new consistently before you start seeing results but it works because now that most categories on CL cost money the spammers have flown the coop!

    Point is - these babies SELL!
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  • Profile picture of the author Robert Kren
    Here's a landing page system I created for a real estate broker this week. I set up an autoresponder with custom written 1000+ word report with follow-up emails. Nice paycheck and they are considering my ad management offer. I will add this template (paid version) but not the report or emails, but that is something you can easily outsource and make a very nice profit.

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  • Profile picture of the author Robert Kren
    Update: part of the report discusses selling eCommerce sites using paid Youtube ads. eCommerce site are becoming one of my number one sellers lately since so many people want to jump on the Shopify bandwagon... but are open to looking at shopify alternatives (where you come in).

    Why? Shopify has become a little too big for their britches IMO, and, well since this is a public forum I won't discuss openly, but suffice it to say there is a huge market for premium WORDPRESS alternatives right now...

    Anyway I plan on elaborating on this hot market soon as part of the upgrade offer.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jim Joce
    For the agency site we would get, i dont understand what the countdown clock is for?
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    • Profile picture of the author Robert Kren
      It is just an optional element of the page that can easily be modified or deleted. I normally don't use one except for special occasions such as a real limited time sale. I recommend you 'save as template' any section you want to delete so you can always easily bring it back since many of them are customized.
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