ChronoSocial - Free Tumblr and Pinterest Bots!

ChronoSocial - Free Tumblr and Pinterest Bots!

Free Tumblr and Pinterest bots! Also supports Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Social Network Automation

ChronoSocial is a scriptable social network automation bot made for professionals and home users.

ChronoSocial has the power to automate multiple social network accounts at the same time. Each account you add into the software can emulate a person on a web-browser with its own cookies and proxy.

ChronoSocial Supports:

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter

The Tumblr and Pinterest Bots are completely free. We dont request any information or stop you at a paywall before you download. You can access any feature, import unlimited accounts and proxies and change any setting such as search limits and timers to anything you desire.

Simply download, install and benefit!

Youll have access to the full documentation, but you need to own a paid license to receive technical support over email or live chat.
Its still a great deal, dont you think?

ChronoSocial is reshaping the social network automation scene by adding an easy interface where people can script their own automation story.
The high costs for custom automation combinations are now eliminated!

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Facebook Example: Auto React on New Posts

This is an example on how you can configure ChronoSocial to find the latest posts on a specified profile and then auto-react with all your accounts automatically, 24/7!

Instagram Example: Search Niche posts, follow and unfollow the author

In this example, we let all our accounts collect profiles that recently posted a tag of our niche, then we follow the found profiles, wait a little and unfollow them. Afterwards we blacklist them so we don’t send them notifications again. Finally we loop back to the first action so we can run this 24/7.

Twitter Exampe: Auto like and comment live niche posts

In this example, we search for recent/live tweets that contain a specific word, such as “bot”. Then we like the tweets and comment on them with all our accounts using a randomized text file. After this we blacklist the posts so we will never comment on them again. At last we have a loop action so we can repeat this 24/7 automatically.
Full Feature List:

Why ChronoSocial is better than other bots!
ChronoSocial does NOT use official development APIs. It pretends to be a normal person on a webbrowser using the website. Our competitors do not have this. Their products go down. It happened to Instagress and TweetAdder for example.
We have been in this business for 6 years, providing the best bots and we have no plans to stop!
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