Please Put Your Wallet Away. I Want To Help You... For Free
PatrickTaylor1 2 years ago

Please Put Your Wallet Away. I Want To Help You... For Free

Why my FREE offer is better than most you would spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars to acquire...

HI! Pat Taylor of "Learn With Pat" here...

If you've already made your first $10,000 online, then you probably have figured things out.

You have studied with the right trainers in your niche and acquired the knowledge you need to be successful.

You're well on your way.


If you're still struggling to make your first 10K (or first 1K, or even first $100), then you need to keep reading.

I'm going to be completely transparent with you here: I have spent tens of thousands of dollars of my own hard-earned money throughout my marketing career.

Most of what you spend money on out there is garbage that won't get you any closer to realizing your goals.

I have had the opportunity to study with some of the top marketers as part of their inner circle and the training that I'm going to reveal to you here is better than anything that I have ever paid for.

And it is FREE.

Do I have your attention yet?


Here's the cool thing: YOU RISK ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!



P.S. I can't make any income guarantees about what you will earn if you put my training into action. No one can make such a guarantee.

However I CAN guarantee that if you do nothing, that you will be in exactly the same situation in one year (or in a decade) as you're in today.

And I'm guessing that the reason you're all the way at the bottom of this e-mail continuing to read is because you've been trying to change your financial situation for some time and have been struggling without success.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it's time for you to have some success. The law of averages is with you. Did you know that the average millionaire in business fails at least 3 times before becoming successful in their endeavor?

So, let's get you onward to your goals. Click below and let's get started!

Did I Mention That This Is FREE?

P.S. Do you know someone who could use a leg up? Perhaps that nephew who's sleeping on your couch? Well, maybe you can pass this on by using social links or forwarding to someone who could benefit!
  • Why are you GIVING this training away for free? I mean, are you a non-profit organization?

    Actually, I worked for a not-for-profit organization for many years and still do a lot of volunteer work. But the reason I can GIVE away information that is better than most of the information "gurus" are charging thousands of dollars for is because I earn my income as an affiliate for a top software company. You can use any software to implement the strategies I give you, but I hope that if you later decide to purchase the software that you'll buy it through me, and I'll make a bit of income off the sale and we'll both win! Sound fair? By the way, I have over a decade of experience with the various software packages used to operate an online enterprise and I'm personally moving all of my own online sites to this software because of the ease of use and ability to seamlessly handle the entire sales path.