Product Reviews on Blogs Starting at just 15$/post
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Product Reviews on Blogs Starting at just 15$/post

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GetReviewed is a brand new product reviews platform, where advertisers get exposure from genuine product reviews and contextual backlinks on DA20+ Real Blogs with traffic and social media followers.

Sign up at GetReviewed as an advertiser and Create a Campaign with your product url and max budget per post in your niche categories.

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Contact Bloggers and Order Reviews
Contact bloggers before you are ready to place an order.
In order to purchase posts from bloggers you need to fund your balance with appropriate amount needed to make a purchase.

After your balance has been funded you can start ordering blog posts/reviews from bloggers.

Discuss Your Order Details

Once your order is accepted by blogger, you have a possibility to discuss your order with blogger in a comment form below order details.

Get Notified about New Blogs in Your Niche

Every Monday our subscribers get a fresh list of newly added blogs on our marketplace.

  • What is a Sponsored Blog Post or Blog Review?

    Sponsored blog post is an informational or promotional post or review of the product or service written and published by the blog owner on his/her personal blog for money with a link back to advertiser's website.

  • What If My Order Expired or Was Rejected?

    You will receive your money back to your advertiser account.

  • My order has been rejected. What can I do?

    First you need to check the reason for rejection written by the blogger. Go to Rejected Jobs section and review the reason. Usually bloggers reject the order if your website link is not relevant to their blog, try to choose blogs which are relevant to your niche or have general niche. There are authority bloggers that often reject your order because your link is commercial, or they don't accept homepage links. There may be a lot of reasons for rejecting your order by a blogger, in order to have higher chance for your order to be accepted by the blogger, we recommend to review the content and blogposts already published on that blog and check links within articles of that blog.

  • I Want to Review the Article before Posting, How Can I Do it?

    You can request article review from a blogger, when placing an order to appropriate blog. Once the order is placed and accepted by blogger you will have the possibility to communicate with blogger through Comments Form below Job Details and the blogger will be able to upload an article through Comments Form.

  • How to Order a Review?

    You will be able to order a review from any blog just by clicking on "Add to cart" near appropriate blog, then go to the "Cart" section in the menu, click on the "Checkout" button and add your order details. Blogger can accept or reject your order describing the reason for whatever action taken. Once your order is accepted, blogger will set a deadline for your order.

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