Affiliate / CPA Marketers --------> Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a BUDGET & MONETIZE Like a PRO (FREE)
DIABL0 2 years ago

Affiliate / CPA Marketers --------> Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a BUDGET & MONETIZE Like a PRO (FREE)

Learn from a veteran with 19+ years experience how to build large, highly responsive email lists and take your marketing to the next level.

It's a simple fact that in order to profitably promote affiliate / CPA offers that you have to be able to generate cost-effective / targeted traffic. This is why so many fail to succeed.

It's also a fact that email produces some of the (if not) the highest ROI of all online marketing methods. It's hard to beat being able to endlessly follow-up and promote new offers at very little cost.

With your own lists, you own and control the traffic and can drive traffic to offers at will. You're not at the mercy of any marketing platform that could one day make a change that adversely affects your ability to make a living / income.

Of course, it's easier said than done if you don't know what works and what doesn't. However, building large email lists that convert doesn't have to be hard if you follow the info provided in the free blueprint.

I will walk you through the exact strategies I've been using for the past 19 years to consistently build highly responsive email lists in the 100K's + for less than you ever thought was possible!!! Which will truly give you the edge to become a super affiliate email marketer.

You'll learn how to completely transform your affiliate / CPA marketing business or the steps needed to build a highly successful new one from scratch.

You'll learn the "little-known" list building methods I use (fresh / targeted...3rd party data, rev-share, and real-time co-reg) that have allowed me to build large lists for a fraction of the cost of mainstream methods.

I will show you which are the best evergreen verticals (niches) for building lists that you can promote offers to year round. Along with the type of offers that have the greatest mass appeal and consistently produce the highest conversions.

Plus how to do it all, without ever having to make a single sale ... using 100% free high paying/converting lead generation offers. Which you can promote on front end campaigns and optionally promote straight sale offers on the back.

I don't hold back any secrets and the blueprint contains zero theory, hype or BS.

As a bonus, you'll receive free access to the private Facebook group where you can learn even more and stay on top of changes in the business.

You can take what you learn and implement the strategies on your own or if you want me to hold your hand and help you set everything up and teach you the business from A-Z, it can be arranged.

No matter what your skill level ... I guarantee that the blueprint will open your eyes to advanced email marketing strategies, even if you don't promote affiliate / CPA offers.

May all your emails inbox

Roger Dayton
Founder & CEO EmailMonetize

The information provided in the blueprint is based entirely on my experience and contains zero theory, hype or BS. The email lists and revenue figures stated above are my personal figures. Please understand my results are not typical, I'm not implying you'll duplicate them. The average person who acquires any "how to" information gets little to no results because they don't follow through and implement what they learn. I'm using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors ... including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, this probably isn't for you.
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    How much will it cost per lead for this?
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    Hello Diablo. Thanks for this offer. But I tried downloading the ebook but it could not open. Is this offer expired or I am not getting the right link
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      Not sure why you would be having a problem, it's just a PDF file. I'll send you a PM
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    I am currently taking this course, yes there is a learning curve, but every time I have a question I email Diablo and he responds in a timely manner. Lucky for me he seems to be up late as I am so when I have a question it gets answered quickly. Also, he gives detailed answers.
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    I an thankful for this offer its very kind of you! Im not a total beginner I have been reading and learning everything i could get my hands on or past year now, and all I want for Christmas is an Email List, then I could wish you all a Merry Christmas!! ( lol!!!)
    Im for sure going to need a bit of direction here and there, but i wont take up your time!! Anyways thank you!!
    Annie xo
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    So you have been doing this for years, how come there is not even one single review or testimonial? No happy customers?
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      I've been doing for over 19 years. The blueprint is free / nothing to buy. So reviews, testimonials aren't really relevant - never asked for any. I don't make my living providing, so if you want to If not, that's cool too.
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      Here is a small review. Early 2019

      My personal opinion is I would not recommend this training if you are a newbie. Only if you have a little experience as a affiliate/cpa marketer in email and data. Also you need good affiliate networks already as well that have great offers for this training to work for you in the first place. He will give you his skype and says you can contact him anytime, but he tends to ignore questions that you might have or need clarity on if he feels like its something you should already know. Also I am not a newbie, been at it since 2012 but I like getting into other avenues of this industry, "email" being one of them so I feel like I can give honest feedback for you. The email marketing industry doesn't change as rapid through out the years as other methods of marketing like facebook and google, but sometimes data providers, email autoresponders, deliverability, laws, etc do. With that being said, the training is pretty outdated so a lot of the contacts and tools that he sends you in the training are no longer relevant. The email software he offers to consolidate your data is pretty cool though I must say. That will save you alot of time. Email Marketing is not as easy as it looks so you may need a mentor or mentorship and he does not provide that. He pretty much gives you the blueprint and you have to put the pieces to the puzzle. I don't think he understands how difficult it may be for someone just starting in email maybe because he's been at it for so long and it's easy to him now. Most newbies do not understand this not an overnight success with email but more so a long term business model building good data. He's not a bad guy at all though and will answer most questions. This is NOT a negative review but more so an honest review from my perspective.

      Good Luck!

      Am I having success as an email marketer now: YES through trial and error and figuring things out myself
      Am I using any of the info from this training: The software was great when I needed it.
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        I updated all contacts and tools as needed as these do change over time. However, the processes remain the same and rarely change. Also, email is always the best way to reach me. So if you ever skype me and I don't respond in a timely fashion, all you need to do is email and let me know.
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        I also joined this training, I have the same feeling with you as a newbee. I am still suffering,
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    do you provide coaching ?
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    Will check and see how it goes
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