[TESTIMONIAL] "These PLR Products Are Better Than Most Standalone Products Sold Without PLR"!
Declan O Flaherty 2 years ago

[TESTIMONIAL] "These PLR Products Are Better Than Most Standalone Products Sold Without PLR"!

First Class Material for your Blog Posts - Emails - Social Media Content - Lead Magnets - Products... Build Authority and Credibility EASY!

If you have any questions just shoot me a private message or ask below with any queries you have.

Have a great day.

All the best.
  • What Rights Do I Have With This Content?

    Full Rights to do as you please with them.

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    Does it come with sales page, supporting materials or they are just standalone reports?
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    • Just standalone reports David. You're confusing my reports with the reports you can buy on those generic, crappy PLR websites.
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    Dear Declan,
    Somehow after I purchased, I didn't able to receive your PLRs.
    Please advise what I have done wrong.

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    • Hope all is sorted now my friend.

      You did absolutely nothing wrong. It was my fault, not yours.

      Enjoy the reports, and have a great one mate.
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    I'm not sure where to leave a review. But I had to come back and say, Declan's content is freaking awesome! You won't find much better content than this with a PLR license. He could be one of the most unselfish marketers and a great writer too. If you're on the fence about this offer, jump over and steal it! Could be the best PLR deal I've bought this year.
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    • That was a really cool thing to do.

      Taking time out to come back and say such nice words.

      Awesome - and thank you very much.

      Have a brilliant day mate.
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    Hi Declan O Flaherty, your offer looks awesome bro.

    So we can rebrand and resell as we like?

    Add to coaching memberships?

    So the rights are unrestricted? Just cannot claim copyright?
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    • All yours brother. Do your dance with the content in any way you see fit.

      Have a good one mate.

      - Declan
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        OK awesome. I sent you an email. If you get a moment for a quick reply I'd appreciate it.
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        • I replied to your emails a couple of hours ago Mozie. Did you not get 'em?
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    Hello, are they all plr? And can we give away for free?
    Last question. You tell plr assassins are crap. You means the sites you mean are better have more other good products than plr assassins? Because i checked idplr etc sites has everything other sites also selling.
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    • Yep, do as you wish with 'em.

      I say sites like PLR assassin are crap, because they are crap. Period. The content is generic. Written by people who research quickly and have little experience on the subjects covered. And... the products are sold to masses.

      These products were NOT created with PLR in mind. They were created by myself, for myself, so you can expect the content to be specific, well written, grammatically accurate, and limited to a smaller group of people.
      Hope that helps.

      Have a great day.
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