If You Are Not Making At least $5,000/mo on Complete Autopilot, You Need to See This IMMEDIATELY!
Carty 16 weeks ago

If You Are Not Making At least $5,000/mo on Complete Autopilot, You Need to See This IMMEDIATELY!

The best Azon Blog Builder on the planet!

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  • Can these sites be sold after they are making money? Or is that impossible with the script that's run to create them?
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    Does this work with amazon 1 link and in sud domains
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    I have trying to contact you for a couple of weeks now. Please check your messages.
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    This is a little confusing. Are you offering other services along with the automated blog builder? The video testimonial mentions paying you a monthly fee and that you had built 50 sites for him.
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      I do offer DFY site build service that is what he is talking about. Those are upsells which are not mandatory to make this system work.
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    How about keyword research? How do we know what keywords to target with our articles?
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      No complicated keyword research required. The system has a built-in research module where you can dig deeper into different departments (amazon categories), pick 5 closely related sub-categories. As simple as that.
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    Hi Nick,

    I made a purchase yesterday. However, I was not able to login even though I was given the account details.

    I have dropped you a support email with a screenshot.
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      Thank you for your purchase. I have resolved this for you via email. I hope you can login now. Enjoy
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    What is different about this product than all the others sold on Jvzoo, etc., also is there a discount?..
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      This is the only system that can build the entire blog, from start to finish, add products and ready to go live, all in less than 3 minutes.

      All the other ones you see on JVzoo are not completely automated or hands-free as mine.

      And yes, this is a discounted one-time price!

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    My Amazon affiliate account is brand new so I dont have access to the API key, can I still use your software without the API key? Thanks.
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      Yes. Our system used our developer keys till you get yours.
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    So what is the process of building? I just pop in keywords and affiliate ID and then the system build the site for me?
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      That's right. It's that simple. Go ahead and take it for a spin..

      Full refund if not satisfied.
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      Thanks for your interest in promoting my system.

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    I am new to IM, do you think that someone with very little tech skills could manage this.

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      Yes, the system is absolutely newbie-friendly. You don't need complex tech skills and the system will even install WordPress and setup everything for you.
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    How much do you charge for DFY for 50 sites?
    Any other testimonial / review besides Dan?
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      I charge $197/DFY site. Testimonials are up on the page. They're from the original thread here in WF.
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    For those who are thinking if this system will work or how much money you will make, here is a detailed answer:

    Please understand this isn't a get rich scheme but a solid money making system based out of a method used by 100s of thousands of people.

    This system is based out of the concept that you can create small review sites and make money by rank in google because before buying anything people look for reviews online.

    People who search for reviews are already with the intention of buying and so these sites convert the best. This model became slightly outdated when Google started to devalue these 'thin sites' which have just a couple of page reviews.

    Now my system adds a bunch of products around these review articles (which you have to publish) and it makes the site look like a regular eCommerce site with 100s of product pages so Google now values these site higher and sends you traffic.

    These pages rank for many long-tail keywords which are not targetted by regular marketers because their search volume is so low. But you on the other hand, with this system, can create hundred of small pages which eventually rank for these low search volume keywords and eventually make big money. Volume is the key here.

    This system will allow you to build a blog in just 3 minutes so you need to build batches of 10 sites at least. More sites the better. Each site wont cost more than a domain name and 5 articles which can be outsourced for under $30. I will also send you the resources on where I get them for cheap. You also need 1 unlimited hosting account which costs $66/yr and can hold 30 sites.

    Dan is a client of mine who got 50 sites setup a year ago and he has made close to $5000 in the first year. This is after he left the sites untouched completely. If you could do some maintenance work on the site for like a couple of hours biweekly, where you add a couple of more articles, you could be making way more than that! You can check Dan' review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x910bUhsP3c

    So hope that gives a clear idea on what this system can do for you. All you need to do is:
    1. Get the system
    2. Buy a bunch of domains
    3. Setup the blogs
    4. Order and publish some articles ($30 per site)

    Sit back and relax while these sites start to make you passive income that grows month over month.

    So there are investments involved, about $50 per site. So 50 sites could cost you like $1500 but should make you 5K in return. It might not be huge but if you compare it with systems or other methods that don't work, you know what this does.

    Go ahead, order the system and start building blogs for passive income!
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    Hi there! I have an Associates account, but since I have no sales they will not turn on the Product API. Is there a way to circumvent that with your service?
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      Yes, the system uses our developer keys till your get your own!

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    Hello Carty , this system still work after all animals of google (update), because your say all is organic ?? and your system work with a2hosting.com ??
    Thank you
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      Hello Jorge,

      You should keep adding some unique articles like twice a month in all these sites to keep them fresh and ranking. Apart from that not much work is needed in maintaining these sites.

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    This looks interesting. I;ll direct a friend here
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    Have you resolved the API throttling problem for affiliates with little or no sales?


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      Hello Jeff,

      API throttling is by Amazon. You can use our developer keys to overcome this.

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    Hi, Carty

    I just read your post. I'm interested to buy. So, is there any discount.
    My budget is little less. Please let me know
    Thank You
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    I presently do not have an Amazon affiliate account. How easy is it to get approved for one? Are your sites suitable to obtain an account as is, or is it necessary to upload more content?
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    • Profile picture of the author Carty
      Yes, I shall help you with the account. It is free to sign up and approval process starts after you make 3 sales.
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    Thanks to all those who have purchased.

    Keep rocking! Passive income all the way...
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  • Back in last 2017 and early 2018 I spent quite a bit of time here. I bought into almost all of the WSOs here offering promises of "passive income" and that had decent reviews.

    Almost none of them worked.

    Sure a few of them worked for a month or two.

    Then, something would happen.

    The affiliate network would kick me out (while still owing me money) because the vendor was doing something shady.

    The vendor would stop returning my calls or emails (this would almost always happen right after I send them a substantial payment).

    The vendor's system or process would start to pay out less and less and eventually not pay out at all.

    Perhaps you have had the same experience yourself.

    However, throughout this chaos, mess, and wasted money, there has been one vendor that has withstood the test of time. One vendor that still continued to provide support even after substantial payments have been made. One vendor whose product still produces reliable passive income, even after a year.

    Carty is that vendor. And Azon Blog Builder is that product.

    This WSO is the reason I no longer need to visit this site and hunt for "hands-off money making opportunities" and "passive income".

    Azon Blog Builder works, and Carty is the definition of trustworthy.

    It's your money, and it's up to you to decide where to spend it. If you're going to spend it here on WF purchasing WSO's, you might as well purchase one that works. And, if you're going to drop a few hundred dollars or more on a WSO, make sure you trust the vendor.

    The sites Carty built for me are over a year old now. I've had no trouble getting approval from Amazon, and I have yet to receive an angry email from them.
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  • Great work Carty
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    Dan ordered 50 sites from me and he left them untouched.

    Click here to see what he is making now

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      That is why he can earned more than 1000$ for 10 websites
      But good luck
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      Hi Carthy. I want to start with 50 sites too. Please hit me up and lets get cranking. At the moment I sell as few things on Amazon. I'd be interested to try out the Associates..Hit me up
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    Hi Carty,
    I have PM and email you on 2 tickets. I have also logged onto your Servicedesk as well. Can help to look through and let me know? Thanks.
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    • Profile picture of the author Carty
      Thank you

      Will be answering them right now on my service desk.
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    I want to know if I need to make backlinks for these blogs?
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      We add 5 unique articles and also do an initial shot of backlinks to get things rolling. This should be enough to get your site indexed and the articles to bring in a trickle of traffic.

      Later, you can do booster shot of backlinks once in 3 months. I usually re-invest 30% of my earning back into SEO for these blogs.

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        Hi Carty,
        Is there a chance that I could look at one of your sites? thanks.
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        Also, I have an Amazon affiliate account, does it need advertising API in order to update automatically? thanks.
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        • Profile picture of the author Carty
          Yes, the system uses their API and till you get yours you can use ours
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            I have usage limits and it does not work properly. does it mean that I can use yours? it does not affect earning commissions?
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              We initially add a lot of products using our dev keys and once we had it over you can switch to your keys which is used to update prices every day and add products slowly so throttling will not be an issue here.

              On special case, I can offer you alternate keys.
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                thanks so much for your reponse. I want to know if the site can generate commission upon purchase? if yes, i would like to give it a shot
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                • Profile picture of the author Carty
                  Yes of course. That's the whole point of these sites.

                  Get them soon
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    I would like to make a website like this one do you have anything like that?
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      Sorry, I don't understand your question. Probably you missed a link? You can send me a PM.

      These are custom done, automated blogs for sale.
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