DFY Results
MKWeb2 2 years ago

DFY Results

We build a custom WordPress website, Host it for you and include Premium Plugins, Customized Premium Theme for a Professional Look

Why Choose Us?

We could easily charge more for this service.
Just the website design alone would run over $2500!

Now, add to that the Premium Theme ($89/yr)

Premium Plugins ($450+/yr)
Form Builder

Hosting (A competitor currently STARTS their WP Hosting package at $35/mo for basic service!!= $420/yr).

So, with just those four items, you are getting OVER TEN TIMES the value.

Many of our original clients have been with us for over ten years, so we must be doing something right!

Why Choose Them?

You want to throw good money away.

You want to spend your valuable time working on your own website instead of building your business.

You enjoy paying someone $200 or more each month to make sure your site is updated and even more to make sure it is secured from hackers and malware.

Our Weekly Updates include:

Complete website malware scan
Complete website and database backups hosted on Amazon S3
Theme and Plugin updates ran on your staging site first to check for issues.
Once final check is complete, theme and plugins are updated on your primary site.
You receive a weekly report of exactly what was done so you can stay informed (Plugins getting delisted by WordPress, Theme or plugin vulnerabilities, etc.)
  • Can I Create Adult, Hate or Illegal websites or content?

    Absolutely NO Adult, Hate or Illegal content will be tolerated. Posting of such will automatically get your account closed and no refunds will be given.

  • How Long to get the site to go Live?

    Most domains will go live shortly after you change the nameservers on your Registrar's website. Once the domain is live, we will install WordPress and the applicable plugins within 12 hours and connect with you to begin the design process.