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The Hold Your Hand Cheat
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First and Foremost

You WILL NOT encounter any surprises.
You WILL NOT get empty promises.
You WILL NOT be shuffled into a Sales Funnel.
You WILL NOT be upsold!

Now then . . .

If you give me two minutes, I will show you how I made a millions dollars in a year, working from home.

How did an 18-year-old with no money, no job, and a kid on the way, go from broke to making millions and traveling the world in style?

Give me just two minutes of your time, and I will show you how you can get a check for $1000 mailed directly to your home.

How many times have you heard claims just like these?

Internet Marketing Word Association and Manipulation

. . . and how deep into your mind it really goes!

I have made hundreds.
I have made thousands.
I have made millions.

. . . I can show you how you can too . . .

You do not realize how deep these claims go psychologically.

That is why you continue to believe them.

This I have made X dollars claim is a textbook psychological internet marketing tactic.

This manipulative tactic works on your subconscious to get you to associate yourself and X dollars as the same thing.

- You know this information is not going to be easy to work out.
- You know this information is not going to be cheap.
- You know this information will have critical details left out.
- You know this information really is not going to make you rich.
- You know that these claims are not really true.

But deep down on a subconscious level, you MUST HOPE they are true.

If you can not believe these claims, then your dreams of online riches will go up in flames.

You do not want that

They take advantage of the fear that you will not make your internet millions. This manipulation unconsciously forces you to let your defenses down, even though you know these claims are false.

Because this manipulation gets you to let your defenses down subconsciously, you allow yourself to be open to the pitch that promises that if the seller can make X dollars, then so can you.

- You hope that the person will give you real, useful information for free.
- Then you hope that the person does not charge too much for the information.
- Then you hope that you will get just enough information, that when you apply your own determination, you can create the income you want.
- Finally you hope that if you pay just a little bit more for information he did not give you the first time you paid him, that you will have done enough to learn to earn money online and make "millions" after paying him a second time.

And then a third time.

Then Reality sinks in

When this manipulation is successfully applied in a sales pitch, you unconsciously become a cash cow for the seller until you get sick of paying him for poor results or incomplete information.

If you give me two minutes, will show you how I made a millions dollars in a year, working from home.

- what I am not telling you is that you are buying into my sales funnel. I am going to bait you with little pieces of incomplete information, and keep asking you to pay me for it until you realize what is actually going on.

How did an 18-year-old with no money, no job, and a kid on the way go from broke to making millions and traveling the world in style?

- what I am not telling you is that I am going to make more money off of people like you, than you will make off of this information I sell you.

Give me just two minutes of your time, and I will show you how you can get a check for $1000 mailed directly to your home.

- what I am not telling you is that you will attempt to make any money you can through affiliate marketing, and with most of the steps you will struggle to make any money.

What You REALLY Want

1. To Make money online - This is obvious.

* Work from home.
* Be in control of your own financial destiny.

You also want the money that you earn to be worth the time and effort you put into earning it. You do not want to work for hours to collect pennies.

2. Apply Easy Steps to making money - You do not want to have to have specialized training, or learn a skill you honestly have no interest in spending the time to master.

You want to

* Follow simple, easy steps.
* Know money goes into your pocket when the steps are completed.

3. You want to spend as little time as possible - The thought of spending hours in front of your computer every day is just as unappealing as waking up to go to a job you do not like. What is the point of making any extra money if you use up all of your free time to get it.

4. You want results that are backed up by a guarantee -

* When you put in the time and effort, you want to know for sure that your effort will be rewarded with a payoff.
* You want assurance that money goes into your pocket after you complete the last of a list of easy steps.
* You also want to know how much can you can realistically and reliably expect to see added to your bank account.
* If not, you want your money back - no questions asked - because you wasted your time on another online marketing scheme.

NOTE: This is for United States Residents ONLY!

Be Honest now . . .

5. You want to be guided step-by-step - If you are honest, you really want somebody who is making money, who knows something that you do not know, to show you how to make money online as well.

- You want to receive the benefit of this personal instruction.
- You want to know, point by point, what to do, and especially what not to do.
- You want to know what alternatives to take if something unforeseen comes up.
- And you want to get this guidance without mortgaging your entire life or selling your soul.

You want somebody to Hold Your Hand

Rather than being given a little fragment of information and being told that you need to figure out how to make money online with it, you really want someone to show you how it is done.

You really want somebody in the make money online world to share a secret that you can profit from, without the secret costing you more than you actually gain.

What you CAN NOT F*ckin Stand Any Longer

1. People Selling Dreams - grandiose promises of [desired outcome] if you pay me money. Marketers telling you about what they have done for so many people, and what they can do for you. They offer proof of the income earning potential with a snapshot of a PayPal account, and pose next to exotic cars and mansions, inviting you to come and get some of this wealth. You know better, but you are so desperate to make money online that you want to believe what they are selling. Sometimes you do, and you pull out your credit card, only to be disappointed yet again.

2. Buying into Sales funnels - Discover this great, new guru secret that will only cost you $17 to get started with, and your fortunes will change (just like the seller fortunes changed). Pay this low starting price before it goes up, and arm yourself with the tools to make [desired outcome] a reality. You buy only because it is so cheap and it promises to fulfill a need, only to discover that the guru secret is incomplete. You need to buy additional information to make the strategy even more effective and give your [desired outcome] endeavor even more punch. You are promised that this upsell item will do that for you.

But the original item was supposed to do that for you.

You learn that you are NOT armed with the tools you need.

3. Deliberately Withheld Information - this is the number one secret of the sales funnel. A sales funnel is built on deliberately withholding critical information from you, and baiting you with those bits of missing information.


To get you to take more money out of your pocket.

​You are literally the donkey chasing a carrot at the end of a stick.

Side Note: The Sales funnel has become the default mechanism world-wide to make money online. For some reason we have accepted this. You buy a product based on its claims, and then the second you commit to purchasing the product, without ever getting a chance to prove for yourself that the product or the seller can deliver on those claims, you are met with another more expensive product accompanied by even grander claims.

If you think a product will do something for you, and then you suddenly discover (through an upsell) that you can pay more and the product will do something better for you, then you know:

At its core, this product is incomplete.

This seller is purposely hiding information from you.

How can you trust a person when you know he is deliberately keeping something you need from you?

How can you trust a seller when you know that his intention was to withhold critical information from you when he created this offer?

And now that you have pulled out your credit card, you realize that it is his intention to use your desperation for online profit to get as many impulse purchases out of you as possible.

He is making money online - at your expense.

Can you really trust that seller?

I mean, really trust that seller?

4. Re-purposed Information - You purchase offer after offer promising your [desired outcome], and you notice that the only real differences from offer to offer are the clickbait titles. Internet marketers are rehashing the same information in as many different packages as possible and reselling it to each other. This is why internet newbies are so desirable, and why they find so many Newbie Friendly offers.

From ranking your Youtube video on the first page, to driving traffic to your website from Facebook, to how to build a sales funnel, only a person new to internet marketing has not read, heard or purchased this information dozens of times before.

NOTE: This is for United States Residents ONLY!

You get What You Pay For

Again, be honest:

Do you really believe that somebody is going to sell you a legitimate formula for making money online for $27?

People are making thousands of dollars weekly online. You come across a person who knows a legitimate step-by-step process that will put $1500 per week into your pocket.

How much do you think that person will really charge you to get that information?

- $27?
- $57?
- $97?

If he knows for sure that he can teach you to make $1500 per week, he is going to charge you at least $15,000 for the information - if not more.


- He knows that if you can make $1,500 consistently, you will make back whatever amount he charges you in time.
- After you have made your money back, every penny you put in your pocket is free and clear profit.

Do NOT Be Ashamed if You Think $69 is a Lot of Money

For many people struggling to make money on the internet, $37, $57, $97 is a lot of money to pay out of pocket, because making money online is seemingly so difficult.

It is especially difficult when you are following the cookie cutter internet marketing models that 99.9% of marketers are selling to you as the right way to earn money.

Reality Check

Unfortunately, the reality is that true internet money making secrets are not going to be cheap. And even if you are willing to pay the hundreds or thousands of dollars, you are still going to struggle trying to find one, as these secrets are closely and tightly guarded.

Google this: internet entrepreneur Dan Lok. See how much he charges for his lessons.

Reality: You ARE NOT going to get rich, or even be able to quit your job, with the information you purchase through a WSO for $57.

What is Theory?

Theory is when a self-proclaimed guru states with the utmost confidence and conviction, that if you do this thing, this thing and the other thing, you will achieve your money making goals.

Although stated with conviction, this person can in no way guarantee that you will achieve the desired goal.

At best, you will get some sort of money back guarantee if you are not satisfied (not if the tactic does not work - there is a BIG difference). You would never buy anything if you hear that it does not work!

Strategies based in theory are usually

- Low cost and very general as far as the information they contain.
- Promise a chance that the tactics will work, but the odds are astronomical.
- Involve you spending a lot of time doing tasks that you have zero passion or interest in doing.
- Require you to do these tasks with the hope that this effort pans out.

Examples of Theory:

- Go comment in blogs and forums in your niche. ​This will drive traffic to your website.
- Include specific keywords in your video description when uploading into Youtube. This will get your ranking up.
- Be a part of your target group in social media in your niche. Build trust and drive traffic.

You could probably list ten times as many vague tactics as I have listed here, but you get the point. And notice none of these can promise any specific time frame, nor guarantee any results. Yet, this type of information is circulated and rehashed every day.

What This Cheat Is

What you are about to read is the opposite of everything you just read describing what you are f*ckin sick of

This is a cheat that is based in a tactic called service arbitrage.

This cheat involves two specific websites, and through the use of service arbitrage, you will do simple copy and paste between these two websites, and make money in a way you never thought of.

- This cheat is a step by step process.
- This will only take up about twenty minutes of total time out of your day.
- 20 minutes is spread over several hours.
- This involves nothing more than simple copy and paste that anybody can do.
- This is an entire lesson in one place.
- No hidden or deliberately incomplete critical information.
- I lay it out for you in such a way that it is like I am holding your hand and walking you through it.

I call it, The Hold Your Hand Cheat

NOTE: This is for United States Residents ONLY!

This idea is so ridiculously simple that you will slap your head and say, Why could I not think of something like this?

You will wonder where and how you can apply this same arbitrage principle to other online endeavors.

Some of you will wonder why I am only asking $69 for it.

What This Is Not

- This is not a get rich quick scheme.
- This is not going to earn you $1000 per week.
- This is not going to pay you tomorrow when you buy today.
- This is not a fully automated program.


> This is NOT a sales funnel
> This is NOT about manipulating friends and relatives to help earn you money.
> This is NOT about forcing you to spend hours on social media.
> This is NOT about mastering SEO techniques or any other Internet marketing techniques.
> This is NOT about deliberately hiding critical information from you.
> This is NOT about Upselling you as soon as you commit to purchase.
> This is NOT theory.
> This is NOT about selling you false hope.

Answer these three hypothetical questions:

Question #1. A man says if you pay him $100, he will show you how he makes $100 per hour. Would you do it?

I am guessing probably not. $100 per hour equals $1.6 million per year. Sounds too much like a get rich quick scheme. It is very unlikely somebody is going to make you a millionaire for just $100.

Question #2. A man says if you pay him $100, he will show you how he makes $100 per day. Would you do it?

Hmmm? $100 per day is not a crazy claim. You have heard worse. But that is still a secret that even you would charge more than $100 to teach. Probably a lot of information is withheld, and probably involves an ongoing payment.

Question #3. A man says if you pay him $100 just one time, he will show you how he makes $100 per week. Would you do it?

$100 per week is not a lot of money, but you would take it - provided what you had to do to get $100 per week was not complicated or time-consuming. You can not live like a millionaire on $100 per week, but at the very least you know you can get your initial investment back - and replicate the results over and over.

The Best Income Generation Methods Defined:

If I asked you to envision one of the best income generation strategies on the market, would the strategy you envision look like mine?

My best income generation strategy is a combination of all of the following:

1. Easy to implement
2. Does not take a lot of time
3. Does not cost much to start up
4. Provides consistent, reliable ongoing income
5. Can be easily repeated over and over.

I am leaving Make you rich overnight off of this list. Those methods exist, but are locked away tight and hidden from most of the world. They would also cost more than the average online entrepreneur could ever afford in one lifetime.

NOTE: This is for United States Residents ONLY!

What This Cheat Is

This cheat is developed to get profit from a very specific website using what has been termed as service arbitrage. This cheat fits all of the above criteria as one of the best income generation strategies.

Although you will not get rich with it, this strategy

1. Is easy to implement
2. Does not take a lot of time
3. Does not cost much to start up (although some of you will debate how much is does not cost much)
4. Provides consistent, reliable ongoing income
5. Can be easily repeated over and over.

What is Service Arbitrage?

In terms of online entrepreneurship, arbitrage means

- Buying the item at a lower price than what your buyer paid you.
- Using the money paid to you by your buyer to pay for and deliver the item.
- You keep the difference in price as your profit.

The benefit to this type of arbitrage is that you do not have to purchase and store physical items of any kind, and you usually do not have to handle shipping. Buyers and sellers do this all the time on eBay and Amazon.

Service Arbitrage falls under the same principle. The difference is that instead of selling a hard good, you are selling services. In the case of online entrepreneurship, you are selling services that can be fulfilled and delivered completely online.

This is a ridiculously simple concept. So simple, in fact, that you may be wondering how you can set something like this up for yourself.

If You

- throw out most information you have been taught about how internet entrepreneurship is supposed to work.

- apply a little of your own creative imagination.

You can set up a consistent ongoing income online using this super simple tactic.

NOTE: If you can figure out a way to maximize a service arbitrage cheat, and you can net yourself a consistent $50-$150 per week with it, then you can bypass on buying is cheat. JUST MAKE SURE your tactic fits the five characteristics of the best income generation strategies discussed above.

This course is NOT a course about demonstrating all of the different ways to capitalize on service arbitrage.

This cheat focuses on using service arbitrage with one very specific and well-known website who needs you more than you need them.

This tactic alone is not going to make you rich, but it fits perfectly with the best income generation strategy factors that I laid out, when used on this website.

Again, those factors are:

1. Is easy to implement
2. Does not take a lot of time
3. Does not cost much to start up
4. Provides consistent, reliable ongoing income
5. Can be easily repeated over and over.

NOTE: This is for United States Residents ONLY!

A Sneak Peak Inside The Hold Your Hand Cheat

I am going to give you a glimpse into exactly how I hold your hand through this ridiculously simple process.

You WILL NOT encounter any surprises.
You WILL NOT get empty promises.
You WILL NOT be shuffled into a Sales Funnel.
You WILL NOT be upsold!

Perhaps this will spark an idea in your head that will lead to something similar that you invent and apply for yourself.

- You are going to visit a website that employs and pays online independent contractors.
- You are going to register with the website as an online independent contractor.
- Once the verification process is complete, you will search through hundreds of assignments that pay from $1.00 to $10.00 each, and you pick one to complete.
- You will go to another website [employment website] and commission a freelancer who specializes in completing the work that you need to get completed.
- You will deal with only freelancers who offer services for the same type of work.
- You will negotiate a price with the freelancer that is lower than what the website is paying you for the job [NOTE: this price negotiation only happens one time - the first time].
- You will copy and paste the assignment instructions into an email message box.
- You will send the instructions to your freelancer to complete the work.
- Your freelancer will send you the completed assignment within a couple of hours.
- You will submit the completed assignment to the website.
- The website will pay you for the completed assignment within 72 hours.
- Once the first assignment is submitted, you immediately select another assignment and simply repeat the process.

Parts of this cheat where I hold your hand step by step through the process:

1. Getting approval to work with the website and be paid - it is mostly copy and paste, but a few additional steps are necessary.
2. Selecting an assignment - I make recommendations, but once you get going, you can pick which assignment at whichever price point you want.
3. Finding and commissioning a freelancer - I provide all of the dialog and all of the questions you will need to get through this process. You just adjust the wording as you see fit, and then just copy and paste.

Side Note: You will have to test these freelancers. I show you how to do that - more copy and paste. But the best part is that with this head-slappingly easy tactic I show you HOW I PROFIT from giving freelancers tests. It's an eye-opening lesson on profiting from just a little creativity.

4. Price negotiation with your freelancer - copy and paste what to say and how to say it.
5. Assignment selection and communication - copy and paste instructions so that they are clear and easy for the freelancer to understand.
6. Assignment submission to the website - 2 minutes of copy and paste.
7. Payment from the website - click a button one time
8. Payment to the freelancer - copy and paste, and click a button.

That is all You will need!

After the initial set-up process (which will consume the most time), you do 5 minutes of copy and paste every few hours, and you get money into your PayPal account for doing it.

NOTE: This is for United States Residents ONLY!

Forget Everything You have been told about Making Money Online

With this tactic

> You do not need to drive traffic
> You do not need to use social media
> You do not need to use PPC
> You do not need a website
> You do not need an email auto responder
> You do not need to purchase solo ads
> You do not need analytics tracking
> You do not need click tracking
> You do not need to post Youtube videos
> You do not need to create sales funnels
> You do not need to hope that it works

You are connecting a website in need of a service with a freelancer who offers that service.


For for that connection, I will show you how I make $150 per week for what essentially is copy and paste - for a few minutes; a few times per day.

All of the information you need to make this cheat work is in this lesson. There are probably more details in here than you will actually need, but this lesson covers all bases with this tactic.

All you will need to figure out on your own is:

1. What percentage do you want to pay your freelancer?
2. How many freelancers do you need?

Everything else is spelled out for you.

One last time:

My best income generation strategy is a combination of all of the following:

1. Easy to implement
2. Does not take a lot of time
3. Does not cost much to start up
4. Provides consistent, reliable ongoing income
5. Can be easily repeated over and over

This cheat fits into all of these categories like a hand in glove.

NOTE: This is for United States Residents ONLY!

This is based entirely on the principle of service arbitrage.

Does this give you any ideas?

Can you come up with ways that you could do something similar?

Drawbacks to the Cheat:

1. The verification process takes an irritatingly long time to complete - the process to get your approval to complete work for this website takes a long time. Nothing can be done to speed up this process. On average you will wait 3 weeks for this process to complete.

2. You need to pay money upfront out of pocket to get the cheat started - since you will not be paid right away, you can not use the money from the website to fund this endeavor. You will need money at the start to:

a. Fund your acquisition of the freelancer.
b. Employ the foolproof tactic of getting through the verification process successfully.

Expect to pay a minimum amount of $30 upfront before you see any money come back to you.

NOTE: I provide a detailed breakdown of your start-up budgets, including each potential cost, where each dollar goes, and a small amount set aside as a contingency fee if necessary. The maximum start-up amount I estimate is needed is $130.00.

This IS NOT a mandatory fee!

This is only for the most ambitious purchasers of this lesson who can afford to pay $130 and still survive for a few weeks before getting some or all of it back.

3. The website limits you to only one assignment at a time - this limitation is why this cheat gets me $150 per week, rather than $1000 or more per week. Because you can only accept one assignment at a time, you can only complete a finite number of total assignments in a week. This cheat does include tactics to best maximize your earning potential with the built-in limitation. Maximizing this cheat involves nothing more than a little more copy and paste, and simple bookkeeping.

4. You will not get your first payout immediately - because of the long and slow verification process, you will not get your first payment for about three weeks. If you are flat broke and absolutely must have money right away,

I do include a way you can raise a little bit of funding online for free (other than giving up your time).

You can use these less than exciting methods to raise the funding for your start-up budget, and to pay your freelancers if you choose to accept work while your verification is in process.

NOTE: Although you can not get paid right away, the website allows you to start accepting assignments as soon as you qualify to work with them (I walk you through this qualification procedure step by step).

When you accept and complete assignments, the money you earn goes into an escrow account. $5.00 - $10.00 deposited into an account every few hours for a week or more will look nice when the first payday comes around. I recommend to every purchaser to:

1. Accept assignments as soon as permitted
2. Fund the service arbitrage (between $30-$50 per week out-of-pocket) with the means that I have provided in the lesson.
3. Fund it with whatever means you can think of that you feel might work better.

Once the website starts paying you, no money will come out of your pocket. The website pays you reliably once per week on Friday, and your money is deposited directly into your PayPal account. Unless you simply are not trying, your first payment should look very nice.

Why $69?

* All of the information that you need is here. No details are hidden.
* No Upsells or any other mysterious surprises are waiting for you.
* I will not guarantee any income, but I FIRMLY believe that, with this cheat, even if you are not trying, you will make your $69 back over and over again.
* I FIRMLY believe that if you apply these steps, the tactic is guaranteed to work for you.

So Then Why Only $69?

* I know that with the nature of this cheat, you can only earn so much in a week with the limitations.
* I know that service arbitrage can potentially bring in the hundreds or thousands of dollars you seek with methods more advanced than this one.
* There are a limited number of independent contractors that the website will accept. Some of you might not get in, and will need a refund.

What Can $150 Per Week Do For Me?

Well, if you are already part of the online marketing universe, you might already be paying for

- Website Hosting
- PPC advertising
- Click tracking
- Email services
- Etc

$150 per week would cover most if not all of those expenses, right?

- Or, maybe you have a cell phone bill you want pay?
- Maybe there is this hot somebody you want to take on a night out?


If you have a little creativity and a little ambition, maybe you can do what I do. I use this $150 per week to fund other more elaborate, more profitable online endeavors, while applying the same principles of service arbitrage.

Spend a little bit of money to make more money.

This concept is universal across all forms of commerce.

NOTE: This is for United States Residents ONLY!

Bonus Section

I have included a bonus section that I call Your light-bulb Moment.

​This section is my gift to you. And I believe this section alone will be worth the price if the lesson.

AGAIN, this is not a lesson on different service arbitrage techniques, but in this section I have included 3 bare bones ideas that lend themselves to service arbitrage.

These ARE NOT fully fleshed out, fully realized plans. These are three suggestions that I am making to you, that will test your imagination, and allow you to create your own service arbitrage income that expands beyond this cheat.

Moreover, the money that you make when you maximize the The Hold Your Hand Cheat can fund most or all of the steps included in these ideas.

The point is for you to experience a moment where a suggestion leads to a light bulb going off in your head. You then formulate a plan to make your income grow - a simple plan.

You have your Light-bulb Moment.

So I will go over everything you will learn with this cheat

1. A website that is waiting to take you on and pay you to complete work for them - on your own time and schedule.

2. A fully realized plan to utilize the same simple technique that I use to generate $150 every week.

3. A step by step process where I hold your hand from beginning to end, and then money goes into your pocket.

4. Full scripts that you can alter as you see fit, copy and paste, and use to build this cheat into a fully functioning income generator.

5. A section dedicated to little methods you can make money with while you wait for your verification.

6. A section meant to inspire you to come up with your own ideas, maybe some as simple as this one.

7. A 6-Month, full money-back guarantee - but when you see how easy this cheat is, and how you have a chance to replicate it, I doubt a refund request pops into your mind.

One Last Thing

You have not seen very many online strategies that actually tell you step-by-step what to do to even earn pennies, let alone $100 - $150 per week.

The truth is that moving forward, you WILL NOT see very many strategies that show you step by step how to earn money - at least not at this price, or with such simplicity.

I know that you can do this

I can not guarantee how much money you are going to make for two reasons:

1. I am not allowed to guarantee income.
2. I can not guarantee you will take action, despite how easy this cheat is, or how so little time of yours this cheat consumes.

But I can show you a brief history of my early payments, and what I make in an average week now.

Here is a peek at some of the weekly payouts I have received:

This is when I was already working to complete tasks with the website, but I just did not feel like doing the work. This was my average weekly payout:

I decided to apply a little service arbitrage. I was going to take less per assignment, but I would not have to do any of the labor.

Here is what I got for it:

Note: I had to split this with the person who did the actual work, but I got a split of this for doing absolutely nothing.

Since it was so easy, and took such a little bit of time, I fully maximized the strategy, and now my average weekly payout looks like this:

Again I split a percentage of this, but I get at least half of this every week without fail, with maybe 5 minutes of total work per day, spread out over 2-3 hour periods during the course of the day.

NOTE: You have a lot of control over how much you keep and how much you pay to someone else. The division of profits will dictate how much time you spend seeking out a freelancer to work with you. A 50/50 split of the above pay out is $145 into your pocket - for maybe a total of an hour of work for the week.

Even with the 6-Month Money-back guarantee, I know that your hesitation with this cheat is the price. $69 is a lot of money out of your own pocket, especially since you probably have not successfully been making the kind of cash you would like to online.

You believe that making money online is hard.

But I feel strongly that you need to see how super simple this tactic really is. The moment that you check your website account and see the dollar figure switch from $0.00 to whatever dollar amount you first get credit for, you are going to slap your head and say,

That wasn't hard at all!

At that point you may feel like you are literally stealing money. It will not be millions, but you will look back on what effort you had to put into getting it, and you may think that you have scammed somebody.

It is really that simple.

NOTE: This is for United States Residents ONLY!

Questions and Answers

I have tried to anticipate and answer any questions that you might have before getting involved with The Hold Your Hand Cheat. Short of actually telling you what the cheat is, I have given as much detail as possible on what I believe will be the most common questions.

Q: When I buy this cheat, I will have to do anything at all that relates to internet marketing?

A. No. This is not a plan by which I say, hey, go do this, and then leave you to figure out what steps to take. You will not be doing anything in regards to internet marketing, other than opening a PayPal account. The website through which you will profit does their own internet marketing, customer acquisition, traffic generation, etc. They don't need you to do any of that for them. They need you to complete hundreds of tasks for them. This cheat is designed so that you can pay someone else to complete the tasks for you at a lower rate. The website then puts the money in your hand to divide among yourself and your freelancers how ever you've agreed to do so. It is a literal cheat. And it's so easy that you might feel like you are committing a crime.

Q: You say that this cheat does not include hope and theory. Does that mean that when I buy this cheat, every part of this strategy will be completely under my control?

A. No. Most parts of this cheat will be under your control. But two parts critical to the money you make will not be under your control. The first is that you will have no control over how fast the website brings you on as a contractor. In most cases, this process - from start to finish - is pretty slow. You should be prepared for that. Second, you will have no control over how fast the freelancer completes work for you. Ideally, you'd like the turnaround time to be quick, but this is not something that you can force. You will learn techniques to encourage greedy contractors to seek you out. You'll seek individuals who understand the value of completing work in volume, which translates into more money for all.

Q: Are you being hired by the website to work with them?

A: In a sense, you are being hired. You are being brought on as an independent contractor to complete assignments for the website. However, you don not have a boss, nor are you on any set schedule. Most of the activities on the website are automated, so you can come and go to your dashboard as you please.

Q. Part of following the required steps does include paying at least some money out of pocket upfront. Can I still apply this cheat if I decide to skip some of the steps, or find other ways to get the steps completed besides that ways you've laid them out?

A. Yes is possible to skip some of the steps, or use alternate means to complete the steps. However, when you do this, I can not guarantee you will have the success that I endorse on this page. Circumventing the steps could lead to consequences that could negatively impact how much you make, or your ability to get accepted at all. My recommendation is that when you buy the lesson (and you really should - it is really this easy), read through the entire lesson once or twice. Decide then if you still find it necessary to try to skip or adapt the steps. If you still find it necessary, by all means do so.

Q: Does the website require personal information in order to work for them?

A: The website does request personal information. Information requested included name, address, and other information like your PayPal email address. They will also require you to complete a W9 form to prove that you are a U.S. citizen legally able to work (and collect money) in the United States. You should look at the registration in the same sense as if you are filling out an application at any place of business. If you are nervous about giving this personal information, I recommend that you pass on purchasing this cheat. You must submit this information in order to implement the strategy.

Q: What types of assignments are we going to accept?

A. If the question is what exactly is the type of work you will be accepting, this is discussed in the lesson. These assignments are fairly simple to complete for individuals who are skilled at completing them, and the turnaround time is 1-3 hours per assignment. This is from the time you assign it to your freelancer, to the time you submit it back to the website once your freelancer gets it back to you. All of this is completed through email messaging.

Q: Do we work on a set schedule?

A. Once you get accepted as a contractor, you can literally accept assignments whenever you want. There is no set schedule or time requirements. You do NOT have to sign in or punch a clock. You simply log into your dashboard and select whichever assignment you feel like getting completed. You do not lose your status as a contractor if you are inactive for weeks or months. You literally are your own boss in every sense of the word.

Q: Can we accept assignments 7 days per week?

A. Yes. The system is automated, so assignments are generated and available all the time. You will rarely find a day were you go in and you do not have any assignments to choose from. If you want to accept an assignment at 4:00 am on Sunday, or at 12 noon on Tuesday, the choice is entirely up to you.

Q: Is this a case of the more assignments we accept, the more money will will make?

A. Yes. You are better off taking and completing as many assignments as possible. This is more going to fall on the shoulders of your freelancers, as they will be spending the time doing the actual work. You actually will stress to your freelancers that greed is a good thing. You will learn ways to motivate them to complete more assignments to make more money for all.

NOTE: This is for United States Residents ONLY!

Q: Will this method get saturated?

A. Saturated is not the right word. The better way to consider this cheat limitation is that the website will only take on a certain number of contractors before availability is closed. Once availability is closed, it will be extremely difficult to get into the website and accept assignments. If you hit this roadblock, your alternatives are to try and find another website with which you can apply the same principles, try to implement one of the three light-bulb ideas, or simply request a refund. As of now, the website has plenty of assignments. The website will stop accepting contractors at some point, but I do not know when. Buy now.

Q: Is there any other OTO or any other information that will need to be purchased in the future?

A. No. I am not going to try to sell you on anything else. Everything you need to make this strategy work is in this lesson. The start-up budget is necessary because you will not get paid right away. None of the money allocated in your start-up budget goes to me; nor do I get any commission by referring you to the website which will give you assignments.

Q: What is involved in the other money-making methods you talk about on the sales page?

A. The short answer is: a lot of time. You will need to have a few hours per day available to make money through the other methods I will discuss. The good news about it is that you do not have to go through any kind of qualification process, and you can get paid within a day or two of starting. You will definitely be able to earn the start-up budget money within a week or less. The bad news is that it is not the most fun you're ever going to have making money online.

Q: Can you make good money with your other money-making methods?

A. The short answer is NO. I would not recommend these methods as reliable long-term online income. They take too much time, and the pay-offs are not that good. This is why I only recommend you do them if you are flat broke and can't finance the cheat any other way.

Q: Can the website reject people, or will they accept everybody?

A. The website has a screening process in which they will rank you based on an introductory test of your ability to complete the type of work they offer. Your ranking in that test will decide your pay scale, or eliminate you from their pool of freelancers. In other words, you can be rejected. They do not take everybody. However, I walk you through step-by-step how to easily pass the test and get the target ranking that best maximizes this cheat. The only other reasons for a rejection is if they are taking on too many contractors, or you somehow cause problems for them.

Q: Does anyone from the website call or email you for any reason?

A. No. You will not be contacted by the website staff for any reason. You do get automated notifications based on work performance, but you do not receive any phone calls, or spam emails, or any other contact from the website. If you decide to stop working with the website for some reason, you will probably never hear from them again.

Q: Does this work for people who live outside of the United States?

A. No. The website requires that all contractors live in the United States, and can verify that they are legally able to work in the U.S.

Q: When you mention commissioning freelancers, is that the same as hiring outsourcers?

A. Yes. I call it commissioning freelancers because many people are intimidated by the idea of actually going out and getting another person to do work for them. In this cheat, this process of acquiring a freelancer is made so simple that I do not want this to dissuade people who might otherwise take action. This process is laid out step-by-step, and is fairly simple to complete.

Q: Can I complete the assignments on my own, without hiring an outsourcer?

A. If you have the necessary skills that this website requires, then you can complete the tasks yourself. I have done this for awhile. However, part of the point to this cheat is to make money without sacrificing a lot of your time. If you choose to complete the tasks yourself, you will be giving up a lot of your time. The payoff might not be worth the time spent. In my opinion, it is not worth it.

Q: How long does the set up take for this cheat to start:

A: You can start accepting assignments in about 5 days, and I would say 5 days is probably on the longer end of the timetable. The most time-consuming part will be getting the freelancer, as it will involve doing interviews. Interviews are all copy and paste too.

Q: It sounds like in order to make this cheat work to full potential, I will need more than one freelancer. Is that correct:

A: Yes, that is correct. Assignments are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week, One freelancer can not and will not be able to work 24 hours, seven days per week. At the maximum efficiency of this cheat, you will have a freelancer working a shift that covers every hour of the day. This is how you generate the most from this particular service arbitrage technique.

Q: According to this strategy, we may have to hire 2, 3 or more freelancers?

A: You will hire as many freelancers as you feel comfortable hiring to get to the money amount you want to earn every week. However, a key factor is the limitation with this website: you can only take on one assignment at a time. No matter how many freelancers you hire, you can only assign one assignment at a time. You will not be juggling projects.

Q: What type of management skills are required to get freelancers?

A: With this tactic, all that is required is your ability to clearly instruct the freelancer as to what you want. What you want is to have an assignment completed the way the website states it needs to be completed. If the website requests that changes be made, you will receive a notification from the website. You simply pass the request notification on to your freelancer who will make the necessary changes. You and your freelancer will agree to these terms before you begin accepting projects. That is all of the management skills required

Q: Is there any part of this strategy that is time-consuming?

A: The most time-consuming part of this strategy will involve bringing on the freelancers whom you feel will best suit your needs for the cheat. You will get many freelancers interested in completing these assignments for you, but not all of them will be ideal candidates. There is a weeding out process you have to go through to get the set-up going. Also, anything that the website needs time to verify or complete during your registration happens slowly. The speed that this happens is out of your control.

Q: How will we know if the assignment gets accepted by the website?

A: The website lets you very easily track your assignments, and they also let you know which assignments are pending, and which assignments are completed. You are paid for all completed assignments. Payment for completed assignments are automatically added to your account for payout the moment that their statuses register completed. This process takes no more than 72 hours at most. This is explained in detail in the lesson.

Q: Will we have to wait 72 hours to accept another assignment after the first assignment has been submitted.

A: No, you may accept another assignment as soon as you submit the assignment you had your freelancer complete. On any given day, you will have several assignments submitted and in pending status. All assignments systematically get accepted in up to 72 hours, or get sent back for changes. Provided the changes requested are met, all assignments get accepted and credited to your account. The only limitation is that you can only accept one assignment at a time.

Q: Why do you call it a limitation to be able to accept on assignment at a time?

A: In theory, you could hire 10-20 freelancers and assign all of them work at once. This would give you complete control of how much money you could make with this cheat. If you could take on as much work as you wanted, this cheat would produce you thousands of dollars in a week with very little of your time sacrificed. But because you can only select one assignment at a time, you can only secure the dollar amount of that one assignment. The website does not want one contractor tying up all of the assignments, and then risking that they don't all get completed. This also insures that work is evenly distributed to everybody wanting to earn money.

Q: You said that there is a range of how much these assignments pay. Do the higher paying assignments go to the contractors who have been there the longest, or can anybody get the higher paying assignments?

A: Once you are cleared to start taking on assignments, you can select from whatever assignments are available, regardless of the dollar amount. It is first come, first serve when it comes to the dollar amounts of these assignments. If an assignment that pays you $20 is available, you can take it.

Q: Do some contractors get paid more than others with this website?

A: Yes. The website has a screening process that essentially ranks you as a contractor. There are different tiers of pay based on your ranking. Most contractors are classified in the medium category in regards to their skills. Some contractors are ranked higher than that, and those contractors receive higher payment for completed assignments. Some contractors are ranked lower than that, and they receive less per assignment. Our goal is to be the medium level contractor.

Q: Why go for the medium level contractor? Why not go for the higher level contractor?

A. It has to do with the aspects of this cheat. With the website in question, it is very easy to get a medium level contractor rating, and it is very easy to keep that rating. Alternately, it is very difficult to get a higher level ranking, and very, very easy to lose it. This website grades higher level contractors extremely hard, and therefore the hassle simply is not worth the extra pay. If you can get a higher level ranking, chances are 99% that you will lose it within a month. This is discussed in further detail in the lesson.

Q. Do you get paid every day, or once a week?

A. You get paid once a week on Friday. There is no set time you will receive your payment, however it WILL be electronically transferred into your PayPal account at some point during the day. I have had payments made to me as soon as I wake up on some Fridays, and as late as 2:00 pm on other paydays. Although the times are not consistent, the website has never once missed a payment in almost three years.

Q. Do you have to have a PayPal account in order to accept assignments?

A. Yes. In order to accept assignments, and be paid for them, you MUST have an active PayPal account. There are no other alternatives to get paid offered by the website. Your PayPal email address is one of the pieces of information that the website will ask for when you register. NOTE: I recommend getting a PayPal business account. They are free of charge, and you get benefits with it that any online entrepreneur can use. It is NOT necessary to have a PayPal business account to implement this cheat.

Q. Is there an average pay range for these assignments?

A. If I had to give an average, I would say each assignment pays between $3.00 - $5.00. One of the tactics is that you want to get these assignments completed as quickly as possible, so that you can take on another assignment. The shorter assignments have a lower pay out, but they can be completed more quickly. You will find assignments that range from $1.00 up to $30.00. There is no predictable pattern to what will be available. In other words, you can say, I just want to do $20 assignments, because $20 assignments aren't always available.

Disclaimer: Please note that I can not guarantee any income amounts that purchasers of this lesson will earn. The dollar amounts posted above a sample amounts that I earned personally, and should not be considered as automatically equal to buyers potential earning.

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Does this have to do with Mechanical Turk? I have already been rejected by them.
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