Stupid, Blindingly Obvious, Ridiculously Simple Tactics That Pay Quick Cash
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Stupid, Blindingly Obvious, Ridiculously Simple Tactics That Pay Quick Cash

These 3 tactics involve arbitrage. 1. Buying a product or service at a lower price. 2. And then reselling it at a higher price.

It is good timing on your part that you found this eBook when you did.

You will never get this much value for this price anywhere else.

lucky, you lol
Fact: I am giving you this course for practically nothing, and then I am never going to bother you again.

Fact: I know that once you get to the end of this course, and you apply one or more of the tactics a few times, you will see how easy they to use.

Fact: You will make money using these stupid, blindingly obvious, ridiculously simple tactics, and then you come looking for me for more easy ways to make money.

I put this lesson together for these purposes:

1. Put quick cash into your pocket.
2. Give you a set of stupid, blindingly obvious, ridiculously simple tactics how to do it.
3. Give you tactics that even a complete novice can turn into cash, starting right now.
4. Earn your trust today, so that you will seek me out tomorrow.
I Am Going To Earn Your Trust First

I understand that you do not know me, or trust me.

You doubt that I can do anything for you.

I do not blame you.

How can I ask you for a lot of money without proving I can make you money first?

To earn your trust, I am going to take a loss.
My loss is your gain.

For a price next to nothing, I will put quick cash in your pocket.
Is This My Ticket To Millions?

What The Heck This Is All About

I am going to do something for you that nobody else will do.

I am going to show you step-by-step how to make money in the next few days, or even today.

You are going to make quick cash with 3 of the most Stupid, Blindingly Obvious, Ridiculously Simple tactics for making money.
These 3 tactics involve arbitrage. If you do not know what arbitrage means, it is simply:

1. Buying a product or service at a lower price.
2. And then reselling it at a higher price.
Some of you are familiar with the concept, but I can assure you that these are methods you never thought of. If you had thought of them, you did not know how to apply them properly.

If you did, you would not need to look for ways to make money - wink!

This information is what most people looking to make money online really want.

It is a step by step process:
- You complete these steps one by one as they are laid out.
- When you complete the last step, you put money in your pocket.

* We are not talking riches here
* It is more like quick, easy supplemental income.

Bonus Tactic: I have also included a fourth bonus arbitrage tactic that is a combination online/offline technique. It may not be as obvious, but it is simple.

NOTE: Most of these tactics require a small amount of start-up capital.

But do not worry:

If you are flat broke, I can show you how to get start-up cash too. It is ridiculously simple

The Psychology of a Buyer (and Seller)

A key that most people who want to make a side income gets missed. The key is that simple psychology plays an important role in any money making endeavor.

Included with these steps are simple psychological tactics you will implement to convert curious shoppers into paying customers.
These tactics are easy, and in reality most of you already apply them to get what you want without even knowing.
The Psychology of You, The Seller

This lesson also includes the psychological tricks that you must play on yourself. You need to get into the mindset of a person who is not afraid to make money.

Again, this is not complicated at all.

To prove it, I am going to use one of these simple psychological tactics on you:

Below I am going to give you one of the tactics.

Yes, you can see one of the tactics, and use it today to make money with it.
See below.

What Is Definitely NOT Going To Happen

I am not trying to push you into a sales funnel.
The page will not re-direct to a higher priced item.
I am not hiding information to try and sell it to you later.
I will not spam you with other offers to try and take money out of your pocket.
I am not even going to ask you for your email address.

You Get What You Pay For, Right?

How come this information is so cheap if you really show me how to make money?

This eBook is a loss leader.

A loss leader is a product that is given away at far less than its value.
Customers feel that they have been given a tremendous value.
The seller earns buyers trust.
The buyers return later on seeking more value.
One of two things will happen:
You will make money using these techniques.
I will earn your trust.
You will seek out more of my information to help you make money.


You will not take the simple steps.
You decide this does not work for you.
You will get a full refund.
You will never hear from me again.

I challenge you NOT to ask yourself,

Why is he selling this so cheap?
What other ways does he have to make money online?
Do NOT make the mistake of thinking that because this price is so low, that this information is not useful or valuable.

Everything you need is here.
You can get started as soon as today.
Once I put money in your pocket, later down the road you will come looking for me.

How Much Am I Gonna Make?

You want me to estimate how much you can possibly make using these tactics, right? Throw a number out there, and then prove it by showing you phony screenshots of dollar amounts.

I am not going to do that.

Instead I am going to let you decide for yourself how much you can make using stupid, blindingly obvious, ridiculously simple tactics to make quick cash.

Remember my little psychological trick I am playing on you?

Here it is:

To prove to you that this is not just hype or theory, I am going to give you the first of the tactics right now. You can go out today and use it to make money. When you see how stupid, blindingly obvious and ridiculously simple it is, you will be compelled to buy this eBook and get the rest of the information at the steal I am offering it.
First Technique:

Mobile Arbitrage:

1. Download an online marketplace App (like OfferUp) to your mobile device.
2. Join for free to become a seller.
3. Go to a local second-hand store.
4. Snap photos of items.
5. Post the items you snapped photos of for sale on the mobile marketplace app.
6. Mark the price up to include tax, your profit, plus a few dollars for haggling.
7. Take offers on the items you have posted.
8. When you get interested buyers, buy the items from the second hand store at the lower price.
9. Sell the items to the buyers at the marked up price.
10. The items that do not get offers that you want, simply remove those item ads free of charge.
Tell me that this alone is not worth the minimal price you are going to pay for this eBook?
Tell me that doing this just one time will not pay you back the complete cost of this eBook?
NOTE: This is a simplified version of the tactic. Obviously the tactic is discussed in full detail in the lesson. Details or the questions you may have about this tactic are really not hard to figure out. I'm sure you can do so.
Just buy the dang eBook!

You probably have more money than what this eBook costs stuck between your couch cushions, or under your car seat!
NOTE: I describe this tactic for people living in the United States. I do not know how effective this tactic will be, or if it is even possible in territories outside of the United States.
So there you go.

Are you going to let my little trick work on you?

You certainly should let it work on you!

Because you will benefit a whole lot more from this working on you, than I will benefit from it working on you!

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