How To Create a 100K-1M+ Sales Funnel
Tanda Copywriting 1 year ago

How To Create a 100K-1M+ Sales Funnel

Inside this course I reveal the exact, step by step process that my direct response agency has used to build 6 or 7-figure funnels...

While this is a WSO offer to mark the re-launch of my popular course "5-Steps to Create a Money-Making Machine", by the end of this post, whether you decide to join my course or not, I will give you a full education (that you can take action on) about what it takes to create a 6, 7 or even 8-figure income with sales funnels.

Who I Am And Why You Should Listen

I own a direct response agency called TANDA Copywriting, and we specialize in conversion rate optimization, building funnels, and generating traffic for funnels.

We've worked with e-com business owners (dropshippers, private label, etc.), info product businesses, coaches and consultants, and we've helped them structure sales funnels, drive traffic, and maximize their conversions. In the process we have helped people scale to 6 or 7 figures in income with their funnels alone.

Why Should You Care About Sales Funnels?

Everyone who is selling anything online has a sales funnel, which is the sales strategy that they use to gain new and repeat customers. A sales funnel is simply how you deliver the value you have to offer to your customers to gain maximum exposure as fast as possible.

If you don't know how to build a sales funnel, you'll have a hard time scaling your business and actually selling your product/service. Regardless of what business you're in, having a thorough understanding of sales funnels and what makes them work can be the difference between making thousands and making millions.

I would say understanding sales funnels is the number one way to grow your income. And that's true whether you're just getting started or currently running a successful business. My promise to you is that if you read to the end, you'll very likely think the same.

What is a Sales Funnel?

It's simply the system that is responsible for getting you new and repeat customers. In short, it is a money-making machine.

Sales Funnels Are Complex Systems

The first thing to understand about funnels is that they are complex systems. This means that they have many interrelated parts, and to get your entire funnel working like a well-oiled sales machine, you must optimize each part.

It also means that a sales funnel is more than the sum of its individual parts, and that your returns throughout the sales funnel compound. Say your funnel has 5 parts, and you increase the effectiveness of each part by 10%, the end result will be a 61% increase in your bottom line (not 50%).

Breaking Systems into Subsystems

Briefly speaking, each funnel can be broken into two sub systems. The frontend and the backend.

The frontend of the funnel represents that part of your sales process that is responsible for bringing new leads and prospects into your business. For some people, this may represent getting the customer to make the first purchase, or otherwise getting the customer's email and other details for further contact.

The frontend has multiple sub systems itself. You have traffic generation, and you have the rest of the process that is required to take a customer from a lead to a prospect, and finally to a first-time customer. So the series of pages, webinars, lead magnets, ads and whatever else you use are part of your frontend.

Then you have the backend. It is responsible for building trust with your prospects, converting them into customers, getting referrals, and getting repeat buyers. Typically, your backend is formed of email marketing and the communication that goes on after your prospects or customers have given you permission to be in touch with them. The role of the backend is twofold.

The first is to act as a support for your frontend. One of its goals is to maximise the effectiveness of your frontend and its subsystems. Abandoned carts would be an example.

Second, your backend aims to build your relationship with your customers and move them all the way through your funnel, including getting repeat buyers, referrals and all the rest. This may require additional web pages and procedures.

A Very Simple Funnel for a Freelancer

A good way to think about sales funnels that shatters a lot of misconceptions is to take a simple funnel, break it down into its subsystems, see how it works, and see how improvements could help the individual.

So let's take a freelancer who works as a web designer on a platform like Intuitively, such a person does not think they have a funnel. They're probably making most of the mistakes people make when thinking about funnels and losing a lot because of it.

It might be why they're a $10-20/hr freelancer, and not pulling in with the big boys at $100/hr and above.

What is the ideal, most perfect situation for such a freelancer?

It consists in the following:

  • Applying to jobs
  • A high response rate to applications
  • Getting a lot of invites from clients
  • A high conversion rate once client has responded
  • Consistently receiving great feedback
  • Getting referrals
  • Getting repeat business

That in a nutshell is what the freelancer wants his funnel to achieve. The first three components are covered by the frontend of the freelancer's sales funnel, and the last four by their backend.

What does the frontend consist in?

The freelancer's:
  • Profile
  • Application Procedure
  • Search Engine Position

Each of these has multiple subsystems. The profile has the profile title, the description, the video, the freelancer's photo, the skills they list and so on.

Each has different principles governing it. For example, the search engine position is largely determined by the velocity of work the freelancer can do. A large volume of work and successful jobs, means higher position in search results and more invites PRESUMING the freelancer's profile is strong & appealing.

The strength of the profile is governed by the freelancer's unique value proposition, and their market positioning. How are they different than their competitors? Why should anyone do business with them?

Then we have the application procedure. What system does the freelancer have? How are they using the application procedure to provide value? Do they have a system to make applications daily? What guarantee does the freelancer give during the application process that makes the decision to work with them a "no-brainer"?

By identifying these components of the funnel, the freelancer can continuously work to improve all of them. And the results will compound. A 10% improvement in their profile and application procedure, will result by itself in an improvement in their search engine position, which will cause a mini spike in the demand for their services.

Results will NOT be linear. But it does take a consistent process of identifying the components of the sales funnel, and working continuously to improve them.

Creating a high-converting funnel is a PROCESS not an EVENT.

What about the backend?

Much like the freelancer's frontend, the backend also consists in certain elements:
  • Obtaining a Call/Discussion to Qualify the Buyer, Identify Needs & Convert Them
  • Asking for Feedback
  • Asking for Referrals

The freelancer will have Standard Procedures to handle asking for feedback and referrals. His work is to improve them - identify when they are working, and when they're not, and always finding ways to make them better.

Discussing with the client is a critical aspect of the backend. The freelancer's goal is NOT just to sell the client for maximum value possible upfront. It should rather be to qualify if they are the right kind of client (you don't want to work with people who won't treat you right for example), and then identify their needs.

This is super important, and here's why.

They may need something different than what they're asking for. It may be a possibility for the freelancer to upsell or cross-sell them to another service. And it lays the ground-work for getting repeat purchases by helping the client solve their REAL problem, whatever that is, which will likely take more than just one job to do.

The freelancer's aim should be to become a CONSULTANT for the client, not a transactional deal, and the freelancer should refuse clients who are transactional because they are a one-time deal that prevents the freelancer from onboarding ideal clients.

Again, by understanding his funnel, and working to improve and maximise the value of each component, over time, the freelancer will literarily skyrocket his income, and become a $100+/hour worker in no time.

Not only will he understand the MATHEMATICAL CAUSES of his success, but he will become the very BEST in his chosen field, literarily LEADING the field because he understands the sales process better than his competitors, thus putting him in the position to provide the most value.

The Biggest Mistakes People Make With Sales Funnels
Many people ignore or misuse sales funnels because of these very common mistakes:
  • Thinking that sales funnels are just the things you build using Clickfunnels or similar software;
  • Thinking they don't have, or don't need, a sales funnel. Every successful business - whether a freelancer, coach, dropshipper or different business - has a sales funnel, whether they know it or not;
  • Thinking that they can make easy, plug and play money once their funnel is built. This is not how it goes, and it usually takes quite a bit of tinkering and optimizing;
  • Thinking that having a funnel saves them from delivering real value and doing real worthwhile work for their clients;
  • Thinking that a funnel is a way to TRICK clients, and cheat people out of their money. It's not - it's a method for delivering value, and if you have no value to offer, then you don't have anything to use a sales funnel for;
  • Not using their funnel to build trust with their prospects before asking for money;
  • Not investing in the backend of their funnel. The backend is where MOST of the truly BIG results will come from, so a lot of money is left on the table by too much focus on the frontend and the apparently "easy" money that takes little work;
  • Not breaking up their funnels into subsystems and then working to optimize each subsystem in the context of the whole;
  • Not sticking with it long enough to do all the optimizations that are required;
  • Using funnels as an EXCUSE for not being the absolute best in their chosen field.

Most of the people who fail at building successful funnels and making 100K-1Mil+ make one or more of the mistakes above.

And here's the biggie. Just knowing those mistakes is NOT enough to avoid them.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid them, but that means going to the root of the problem. It means uncovering the mindset that generates the type of belief-system that will fall headfirst into these mistakes even if the person knows them in advance.

We may think we know the mistakes, but if we have the wrong mindset, and the wrong belief system, then that system will create a cognitive blindspot, and in the heat of the moment, we will act as if we do NOT know the mistakes at all - and we will fail.

So let's talk about that for a bit. We'll make it easy to understand by building the portraits of the FAILURE mindset, and the SUCCESS mindset, and putting them next to each other.

In the process you will see how the characters's underlying beliefs get them to make the WRONG choice and fall prey to the mistakes above even if they should have known better.

Here's Joe: He Makes Many of The Mistakes Above & Builds Funnels That Nobody Buys From

Joe got into online marketing as a way to make more money, through whatever means possible. He hates the job he's working, and he hates that he's always been average. He's always looking to make a buck, and every opportunity he gets he wants to get something out of it.

His biggest fear is remaining stuck in the same job, and he's going to take any "opportunity" that promises to make him a quick extra buck. The more opportunities, the more likely he is to get lucky.

He's a real go-getter and is determined to be rich. And yet, somehow he barely makes enough money every month. He's sick and tired of working long hours, and is determined to STOP this. From now on he will make the "4-hour work week" a reality, work less, and make MORE.

So he jumps into online marketing. It looks promising, you can reach billions of people after all through the internet. And it's easy. You sit behind a computer, no one sees you. You can be a nerd or a jerk, nobody cares.

What's the fastest way to make money? Joe buys a book teaching him about the secrets of the dotcom era, learns about funnels, and finds a quick product he can dropship, and gets going. He follows the "secrets" to the letter. He meticulously spends time setting up offers and hooks, to trick his customers, and just get the money fast. After all, he deserves it.

He amps up the pressure, uses fake limited time countdown timers, guarantees, and everything it takes to score the sale. His focus is to PUSH as many people as possible to buy, and make him rich in the process.

But, despite following the advice of the gurus, he comes short. Not once, but time and time again. He can barely make enough to survive. He's always fighting an uphill battle, always looking for the next niche, for the next biggest product, for the next shiny opportunity.

Joe is broke, frustrated, and determined to get money. He believes 100% that it is possible to get that money by convincing people to hand it to him. Afterall, it is possible to convince anyone to do anything, and that's what he needs to learn. Even though he hasn't learned it yet. Maybe the next guru will show him how.

On the other hand, here's Andy: He Is Making A 6-Figure Income With Funnels:

Andy used to work a job he hated. He used to be stuck with someone else designing his schedule and life. But not anymore. Andy ditched the script, and at first he was just like Joe.

He tried screwing people over and grabbing their money. But soon he reached a breaking point. He was fast running out of money, and would have to get a job again. In desperation, Andy realised that it was his own mindset that was holding him back.

He realised, that he was operating based on false assumptions. For example, he assumed that it was possible to TRICK people to give you their money. That you could convince people to do anything. But that was clearly false. It wasn't working out for him.

So Andy decides to change his approach. He would no longer go after the fast buck. He would no longer use all the tactics that the gurus gave him, trying to trick as many people as possible for a buck.

Instead he realised that the only way to make money is to have other people give it to you. And other people, unless you rob them or force them to do otherwise, will only give it to you if you're providing something that they VALUE, and if they TRUST you.

So based on his new mindset, Andy got to work. Instead of just PUSHING a product out there, Andy reached out to his market and uncovered a real problem.

Instead of asking to get paid right away, or using a lead magnet as a bait, he created a lead magnet that actually solved a pressing problem for his customers. Then he gave it away for free, and started running traffic to it.

Instead of amping up the PRESSURE to get the sale using the tactics he learned from the dotcom experts (limited time discounts, countdown timers, and all the rest), Andy focused on being upfront, honest and helpful to his prospects.

He focused on advising his clients instead. If they were better off without his service, he told them. He sent them to his competitors instead. He did whatever was in the best interest of his prospects, putting their interests ahead of his own. Every. Single. Time.

And they started to trust him. It wasn't long before Andy uncovered more pain-points and started delivering solutions for them. People started buying, and lo and behold that Andy was now making MORE than a full time income with his funnel...

The Mindset Shift From Joe to Andy Is a PREREQUISITE To Succeed With Funnels

Be like Andy, not like Joe, if you want to succeed with funnels. This is a prerequisite to avoid the mistakes we mentioned above. Without this mindset shift, no amount of knowledge will help or save you. Not even this course.

Sales Funnels Are Alive

Because many people confuse sales funnels with the stuff that is built with Clickfunnels, and the stuff famous gurus teach you about, they think that sales funnels are passé. It used to be possible to make money with funnels, but not anymore.

Well, that's not ENTIRELY true. Yes, it's no longer possible to do a product launch funnel, and push people to buy through influencers, JVs, and high-pressure tactics like fake scarcity.

Yet, that's not all that funnels are about. If you have a proper understanding of funnels, with the correct "Andy" Mindset, it is possible to make 6, 7 or even 8-figures and beyond.

How Far Can Sales Funnels Take You?

Pretty much as far as you want to go. Sales funnels are key whether you want to build a lifestyle "4-hour a week" business or a mega-successful business. They govern the mathematical principles that are behind your sales success, and an understanding of funnels shows you how you can actually improve your numbers and reach your goals.

In The Short Term (less than 6 months)

A better understanding of sales funnels will help you uncover areas of your business that you could improve to take your income to the next level. You'll be better able to identify the limiting factors in your growth and identify strategies that could allow you to tackle them.

If you don't yet have a business, a better understanding of sales funnels will help you see opportunities everywhere. You'll discover new gaps in the market and ways that you can use to add value to fill them, and start making money right away. And you'll be able to start building a REAL, MARKET-BASED business around them.

It could even be the start of a very successful long-term business.

In The Medium Term (6 months - 1 year)

You'll be growing your income and perfecting your sales funnel using your newfound knowledge. You'll be getting better results than you ever thought possible before, and you'll have more ideas about growing your business than you ever had before.

You will start feeling confident that you understand the bedrock principles that determine everything else, and you will be well on your way to becoming the best in your chosen field.

In The Long Run (we're all dead... just kidding - 1 year ++)

You'll be able to make a very nice income, operating the kind of business system that is right for you. Some people may be satisfied with a lifestyle business that maximises their time, others will want to make the big bucks.

Regardless of what you want, you can get there with a solid understanding of sales funnels.

And here's how...

Here's How You Can Use Sales Funnels To Grow Your Sales & Fuel Your Business
Introducing Funnelosophy: The Science of Building High-Converting Sales Funnels

Inside my agency, we have been perfecting what we call "funnelosophy" or rather the science of building high-converting funnels. As you saw from the above, funnels are complex systems. Even basic funnels, like the simple funnel a freelancer has is difficult to get your head around.

You don't know how one change can affect the rest of the funnel. Luckily, we have discovered two foundational principles that can help you determine what you should do to perfect ALL parts of your funnel.

They are presented in full detail in my course.

But, basically, they are The Principle of Value & The Principle of Trust.

Succinctly put, The Principle of Value states that transactions only take place when prospects are aware of a problem, its painful consequences and a real solution to the problem.

The Principle of Trust
states that if the prospect is aware of a problem and its consequences and is presented with a solution, then they will actually buy only if they TRUST that the solution presented will cure the pain and provide enough benefits to outweigh the pain associated with the solution itself.

The difference between successful funnels and unsuccessful ones can be found in how they treat the two principles. Funnels that use both principles make a lot of money, and those that ignore one, or God forbid, both, make little or no money.

And the difference can be HUGE. Just a tiny shift can cause drastically different results.

By taking BOTH principles into consideration when you decide what changes to make to your funnel, you will be guided towards making those changes that lead to better returns for both yourself and your clients.

The more value you offer your clients, the more value they will offer you in terms of money paid. Improving your sales funnel is improving the value you're offering your customers and the trust you're building with them.

Start Dominating Your Competition

As you improve your knowledge of funnels, you'll also understand how to use your funnel as a weapon to crush your competition and dominate your industry. And I'm not kidding, that's what you can actually do.

And here's how. Once you have a solid knowledge of sales funnels, you'll understand that your funnel's frontend can operate at breakeven, or even at a loss. Your goal will be to onboard as many clients as possible, even if you're losing money on them initially.

This is another principle you'll learn about in the course. It is the 80/20 principle as applied to funnels. It states that 80% of your revenue will come from the bottom 20% of your funnel.

So acquiring customers at breakeven or even at a loss is entirely possible for you. Your competitors will not understand how it's possible for you to pay 2x what they're paying to acquire a single customer.

And the secret lies in Pareto's Principle! By using it, you will be able to outcompete your competitors when it comes to acquiring customers which will result in your dominant position.

That's what happens when you build sales funnels around the Principles of Funnelosophy. You crush the competition, delight your customers, and dominate your industry.

5 Steps to Create a Money-Making Machine In Just 3 Months Course

This course is aimed at entrepreneurs and online marketers who want to learn about sales funnels to get started in business, take their existing business and sales to the next level, or uncover new opportunities.

Our purpose with the course is to provide the knowledge that you need to succeed affordably, and in the process clean the industry of the crooks who want to charge you exorbitant prices for access to the knowledge you need to succeed.

The video below is a full introduction to the updated version of the course:

Here's what you get as part of the course (including what's new in this version):

(UPDATED! now 2x as detailed) Your 5-Steps to Create a Money-Making Machine Manual
A 135-page, Instant Download, PDF eBook that takes you from beginner to expert when it comes to building high-converting funnels. You will learn how to go from nothing to 6-figures or how to take your sales to the next level if you already have a funnel. The eBook contains marketing tactics that you cannot find anywhere else, since they have been developed by my agency, working for our own clients.

The eBook Manual takes you from A to Z in the process of structuring your funnel and getting it running, even if you have no prior experience at all. In fact, this course is beginner-friendly.

Here are the main topics you'll learn about inside:
  • Learn How To Identify A Market Need - Identify Your Customers, Their Hidden Desires, Frustrations & Pain-Points
  • Discover How To Analyse Your Market To Discover Gaps That The Competition Isn't Addressing & Create Killer Offers That Make You Stand Out & Entice Your Target Customers Away From The Competition
  • Find Out How To Use Funnelosophy To Structure & Build A High-Converting Sales Funnel (includes Value Steps, the Principles of Funnelosophy, templates for structuring landing pages, and more!)
  • Learn How To Drive Highly Targeted Traffic To Your Funnel Using 3 Different Methods: PPC advertising (social media & search engines), Forum Marketing, and Media Buying
  • Discover How To Maximise The Lifetime Value Of Your Customers & Leave No Money On The Table Using Automatic Email Marketing
(NEW!) 10 NO-BS Templates & Follow-Along Resources to Guide You Through The 5 Steps to Create Your Own Money-Making Machine
To make sure you implement all the 5 steps successfully, we have provided you follow-along templates that allow you to pick a market, research your competition, develop your offers, build your funnel, implement a traffic generation strategy, and maximize your returns with email marketing. These are developed based on standard operating procedures we use inside my marketing agency for outstanding results. This means that they are battle-tested and ready to help you get results. You will get the following templates:

  • Choosing Your Industry Template
  • Buyer Persona Template
  • 360-degrees Competitor Research Process Template
  • Value Steps & Funnel Type Template
  • Market Positioning Template
  • Landing Page Template
  • High-converting Webinar Template
  • Traffic Strategy Template
  • Email Marketing Campaign Planning Template
  • Copywriting Questionnaire Template

(NEW!) Complete Guide to Hiring Affordable Freelancers To Help You Build Your Business
Building any successful business or sales funnel cannot be done alone. It's very likely that when you get started, or as your funnel starts to grow, you'll want to outsource certain tasks. After having spent more than $35,000 hiring freelancers off hiring marketplaces, I have created a guide to share my entire process with you and save you from making many of the same mistakes I did. I have been very successful in hiring freelancers, and I have a 4.99/5.00 star rating on hiring marketplaces, with 60+ successful jobs over 3 companies.

Inside the guide I will show you 6 key things:
  • How to identify and hire highly affordable freelancers who nevertheless do GREAT work;
  • Learn how to set up contracts to ensure that the freelancer CANNOT screw you over (if you need the exact contracts I use, please email me at office@tandacopywriting once you have purchased, and I will share them with you);
  • How to negotiate so that you can hire cheaply, without breaking your bank, sacrificing quality or accepting conditions you don't want. NO COMPROMISES;
  • How to NOT waste your time interviewing freelancers who are not worth your time.
  • How to obtain great feedback every single time, even if you pay the freelancer less, or the job does not go well
  • How to handle difficult situations with the freelancer so that you always end up ahead

(If you wish to purchase JUST this item, it will cost you $12.99 and you can purchase through this link.)

1x FREE 60-Minute Video Consultancy Call Included (Usually Worth $500/hr)

If you've ever bought a course where the seller just vanished after getting your money, you know how it is. It sucks! Well, this isn't like that. As part of buying the course you get access to a 60-minute video consultancy session with me (usually goes for $500/hr to my clients) to discuss your own unique problems with your sales funnel and the issues you're facing in growing your business. I will help you break up your sales funnel into its subcomponents and understand how you can work to improve all of them to exponentially increase your results.

Here are the top 3 things you can do in the 60-minute video consultancy call:
  • Make sure you don't get stuck, and have instant access to the help you need.
  • Have me review your sales funnel and business model, and show you how to explode your sales.
  • Get my specific advice to your own unique business challenges so that you can reach the next level.
(NEW!) Get Instant Access To Ask Me Anything via Skype or Email
If you get stuck along the way, you always have the possibility to email me or Skype me to ask any questions that you may have. This helps you make sure that you're going in the right direction, and you can solve your own unique problems with answers that are tailored to you. If you ever feel stuck, you can just ask right away. I try to answer all questions as a priority, usually within less than 24 hours, depending on my schedule.

(NEW!) 60-Day, No Questions Asked, 100% Money-Back Guarantee
Please keep in mind: PayPal has changed their refund policies on October 11th 2019, and we cannot and will not refund you the PayPal fees affiliated with your transaction. So you will get all your money back apart from the transaction fees (which are usually around 5%). We don't keep the transaction fees, PayPal does, so blame them.

Access to Lifetime Updates
This is the second update to the course, and we're planning more in the future. So for any update that we make, you'll get access to the future updates at no extra charge. The earlier you buy into the course, the more affordable it is, and the bigger the long-term benefits are. Our desire is to grow this course together with your help. Older members also get benefits that other members do NOT. For example, the buyers of the first version, not only get this update for free and everything in it, they also get LIFETIME FREE ACCESS to the newsletter. If you are one of the first time buyers who hasn't claimed your lifetime access to the newsletter, then email me at so that I can give you the link again!

And Here's What You'll Be CAPABLE To Do Once You Finish The Course...

This Course is aimed at vastly increasing your online sales & marketing capabilities, making you read and fully capable to build a high-powered, real business. Below are just a few of the new capabilities you will gain as you go through the course:
  • Identify a market that you can serve based on your unique skills, desires and capabilities.
  • Perform a dual Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis to get into the minds of your prospects. You do this to get to know the needs, desires and pain points of your prospects on a deep level.
  • Craft your initial version of a Buyer Persona from your Qualitative Analysis. You come up with one for every market segment. You then find 10 Keywords that represent the interests of each Buyer Persona.
  • Confirm that your Buyer Persona is accurate through a Quantitative Analysis. You have a list of tools that you can use to research all 10 keywords to check your accuracy and add to it. By the end, you have a (or a series of) robust Buyer Persona(s).
  • Perform a 360° Competitor Research Analysis and get to know your biggest competitors just as well as your customers.
  • Identify their traffic sources, ads, landing pages, offers, email marketing and funnel structure.
  • Craft a killer offer that provides Marginal Value by using the 5 Golden Rules for Lead Magnets to draw customers away from your competition to yourself.
  • Use 10 Lead Magnet types to stand out from the competition.
  • Select the perfect Lead Magnet for your own funnel.
  • Apply the two most important Principles of Funnelosophy, the Principle of Value and the Principle of Trust, to build high-converting funnels.
  • Structure your funnel using the Bottom-Up Offer Building Approach with multiple Value Steps that provide incremental value while satisfying the core Principles of Funnelosophy.
  • Determine your Ultimate Value and the number of Value Steps to have in your funnel.
  • Choose between a Traditional, Multi-Offer, Webinar, Consultation and Course-Product Funnel.
  • Craft a Unique Value Proposition for your entire funnel and position your offers as the very best on the market.
  • Get features, benefits, statistics and testimonials for all your value offers.
  • Employ a three-step formula to get the testimonials you need when you're first starting out and don't have previous customers.
  • Understand the Four Rules for Successful Landing Pages that go into structuring a high-converting landing page using the TANDA Landing Page Blueprint.
  • Choose between three marketing channels to drive traffic to your funnel (PPC advertising, media buying and forum marketing).
  • Avoid the number one reason people fail by knowing the Golden Rule of PPC advertising.
  • Decide what kind of advertising to run and whether to choose PPCs on a search engine or on a social-media platform.
  • Target your audience following your Buyer Persona.
  • Start advertising with a small budget and perform A/B Tests using the General-Specific Method.
  • Use forum marketing and what situations you should consider it for, along with five ways to implement it.
  • Use third-party and direct media buying.
  • Create and negotiate an Insertion Order contract.
  • Move your prospects through your sales funnel and build a long-term relationship with them through email marketing.
  • Use the AIDA structure along with the Hero's Journey framework for your marketing emails.
  • Move your audience through the Five Awareness Stages of the Buyer's Journey
  • Implement various types of campaigns and create an email plan
  • Remarket to your customers as they move through your funnel.
  • Segment your email list according to the behavior of your customers and create custom audiences so that your prospects will be reminded of your offers at the right times.

And Now, Here Are The Main, BIG Benefits of The Course...
  • Learn What It Takes To Make 6, 7 or even 8-Figures With Sales Funnels
  • Gain The Knowledge and Skills That Can Help You In Any Future Fastlane Business Endeavour, So That You KNOW You're Not Wasting Your Time
  • Learn How To Uncover Gaps In High Potential Markets & Build A Money-Making Machine Around It So That You STOP Wasting Your Time With Wantrepreneur Opportunities That Don't Make You Any Money
  • Find Out How To Discover What People Already Want & Give It To Them
  • Learn How To Spy On The Competition To See What Selling Methods & Funnels Are Already Working In Your Industry or Niche So That You Don't Waste Your Precious Budget
  • Learn How To Create High-Converting Landing Pages, Webinars, & Complete Sales Funnels Using Our Funnelosophy Sales Secrets
  • Stop Wasting Your Time Trying To Improve Conversions & Clickthrough Rates & Learn Instead How You Can Outspend Your Competitors 2:1 And Still Win Big
  • Discover How To Run Traffic With PPC Advertising, Forum Marketing & Media Buying & How To Choose The Ideal Traffic Source For Yourself
  • Find Out How To Use Storytelling & The Hero's Journey Email Marketing Campaign To Create A Backend That Actually Drives Your Prospects Crazy For What You Have To Offer
  • Use 10+ Templates To Actually Implement The 5-Steps And Build Your Own 6-figure+ Sales Funnel
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Hope to see you inside the Course soon! For any questions, please write me an email at
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    My Review:

    If there is anything that is currently missing from your business then it's sales funnels and that is what the OP is a pro at! I found the guide to be an eye opener on the world of opportunities waiting for a marketer and everything is laid out in detailed and stepwise manner so even a newbie can learn it at his own pace.

    Basically, everything that revolves around sales funnels is taught inside you once you go through it you can be reast assured that all your doubts will be cleared and how one is missing out on a big opporunity by not having a sales funnel for their business. You are also getting a consultation with the OP where you can clear your doubts.

    Highly Recommended!
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    My first encounter with Tanda was in this very forum - Tudor replied to a thread I posted, gave me some solid advice, then went beyond expectations and offered to look over my funnel. Needless to say, the implementations from the advice I received from Tudor really took my funnel to the next level.

    Now, for the eBook... Wow. It's a golden nugget for anyone who's trying to set up passive income streams online. Covers everything from market analysis, creating killer offers, setting up funnels, traffic, and even email marketing! The information in this book will really take the person who's ready for it to the next level in online business/sales/marketing.

    If you're interested and on the fence, just make the investment and try it out. The value in the ebook far outweighs the price you're going to pay. Implemented correctly, the lessons in the book will bring you a massive return on your investment.

    Big thanks to Tudor and the Tanda Copywriting team!! Sincerely appreciate the hard work you've put in!
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    • Thank you for your comment air3lement, I'm very happy you've found my advice and the eBook helpful on your journey!
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