ColorBomb X - Dominate the Coloring Book Niche with SUPER EFFECTIVE Techniques & Tools
LilaJade 4 weeks ago

ColorBomb X - Dominate the Coloring Book Niche with SUPER EFFECTIVE Techniques & Tools

Create FREE coloring books INSTANTLY from almost ANY image!

Don't drop another $100+ on a single coloring book when
you can create UNLIMITED coloring book designs FAST & FREE.

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    Hello, I'm interested, though I'm really worried about the photoshop / photopea element. Is it really beginner friendly - someone who hasn't had any graphic experience?
    Also, are you able to make adult puzzles with your software?
    Thank you!
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      LDK001, I'm pretty sure I understand what LilaJade is teaching, and the process is very simple. If my guess is right, you can create many of these illustrations with two to four mouse-clicks. I'm using Photoshop (an older version) and even with that, this is simple.

      Sure, the quality will vary with the illustrations you're starting with. Selecting them is probably the most difficult part of the process. But once you understand what you're looking for, the Internet has lots (and lots, and lots) of these images.

      In terms of adult puzzles, I'm guessing the answer is no. She's showing you how to use existing, colored images and convert them into coloring book art.

      Of course, I haven't seen LilaJade's product, so I'm only guessing and may be wrong... but I don't think so. From her sales page descriptions, I'm almost 100% certain of the method she's teaching, and it's very beginner friendly.
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