[DFY] Let Me Build You A Profitable CPA Campaign...
DripRevenue 3 weeks ago

[DFY] Let Me Build You A Profitable CPA Campaign...

Tired of "testing" your CPA marketing campaigns? Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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    Hello all! Just wanted to share some of the results that i have been getting with this service!

    Basically I have made 200% ROI with Phil's Coaching.

    Check out my video to see my results!

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      Thanks for your business, Sampson. We've really enjoyed working with you and we're looking forward to the future.
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    Coming across Phil's DFY services is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

    He is super communicative and set up my campaign within 24 hours and made sure that I understood everything.

    After struggling for around 2 years to make any conversions, I made my first conversion of $31 USD with an ad spend of $5USD within 7 days of launching the campaign.

    More than anything, I like Phil's communication and the fact that he's always there to answer your queries to make sure that you succeed in your affiliate business.

    I can't thank Phil enough for giving me a boost and honing my skills in affiliate marketing.
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      Thanks for your business, goanlf. We're looking forward to continuing working on your campaign!
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    When I first met Phil, I had no idea that he would change the course of my life and career forever. I was introduced to him via one of his WSOs. It wasn't expensive, but it packed a ton of value. So much so that it blew away anything else I had ever bought on the Warrior Forum. It would lead to many more purchases from Phil and DripRevenue.

    I realized that Phil was one of the rare unicorns on the forum with a legit online business (CPA in this case). He actually made his money from CPA, and not from selling courses, unlike many of the so called "gurus" on here.

    So when I found out he was offering "Done For You" CPA campaigns, I had to jump on it. And I was very impressed. He set the whole thing up for me, once I put in my add budget I was live. And I saw immediate results within the first week. Not only was the campaign profitable, it had a phenomenal ROI.

    This first CPA campaign was focused on a green drinks offer. It seemed like such a strange niche I was shocked that it was profitable. But it really opened my eyes to this whole universe that was hidden to me. It was like a masterclass in marketing a product that solved a problem people were chomping at the bit to get rid of.

    At first I was a bit confused. I didn't understand why he was selling these profitable campaigns to me. But he explained how in his business he runs so many that he has some that are profitable, but he can't dedicate time to properly scale it. That's what made it such a big opportunity for me.

    In the most recent CPA DFY I've purchased (which is still going!) I have made over $240 on a measly $21 in ad spend. That is a whopping ROI over 1000%! And we're just getting started. This is the power of what CPA, when set up correctly, can do for your future.

    If you are serious about making passive income online, you need to consider DripRevenue's DFY CPA Campaigns. Experienced marketer or beginner, these campaigns will have a positive impact on your bottom line, and expose you to a whole new world of online marketing few have the privilege of accessing
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      Thanks for your business, profitbear. We're looking forward to continuing working with you!
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