[LIMITED SPOTS] CPA Marketing Coaching By A 7-Figure Affiliate
DripRevenue 1 year ago

[LIMITED SPOTS] CPA Marketing Coaching By A 7-Figure Affiliate

Let us help you take your affiliate marketing business to a level that you never thought possible.

  • How much is this?

    Our service starts at $5,000 and goes up from there.

  • Why is this better than other CPA marketing coaching programs?

    We have the #1 CPA marketing coaching program available because this program is geared intentionally to affiliate marketers with less experience who want to build a very strong evergreen foundation. We also focus on avoiding many risks that 99% of other CPA marketing coaches do not avoid, allowing our students to experience significantly less issues while getting started. We focus on high ROAS for clients, while most coaches focusing on scale. This is very dangerous and irresponsible because it can lead to significant & rapid financial loss that makes it difficult for the client to continue with the coaching.

  • Is there a refund policy?

    Absolutely not. This coaching involves us getting on the phone with you each week for one hour and our time is too valuable to be wasted by tire-kickers. If you are serious, we want to work with you. If you are not, that's fine but this is not for you.

  • Why do I need to apply? Won't you work with anyone?

    You need to apply for this offer. We only work with the most motivated and driven clients and have a strict set of criteria. If your application is rejected, please do not take this personally. We will deny applications that have unrealistic expectations or those who appear not to be a good fit for us.

  • Why don't you post some of your results here?

    Due to Warrior Forum rules and guidelines, we are not allowed to post our income or earning results. Your best course of action is to see what other clients' results have been and make a decision from there.

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    Please send me details via
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    info on price pls
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    Please pm me the cost beforehand. So i can see whether i can afford it or not. Dont waste Your time on the call if i can't afford it
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  • I have seen Phil working with clients for the last few months and I can tell he takes his business real seriously.
    He spends countless hours online, I don't think he ever sleeps as he's always available to talk may it be middle of the night or early morning, it's insane.
    I have seen the results Phil gets, crazy spend out of accounts with high ROI, if you have the chance to take his course I am sure you won't regret it. Few people are as dedicated and intense as he is.
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    Working with Phil, and entering his training has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my career, and in my life. He is someone who started out bottom of the barrel, and had to learn a lot of hard lessons to get where he is today. I think anyone who's tried to stake out a living online can relate.

    This is why it's been so valuable to access his knowledge and expertise. He has saved me countless hours of confusion and frustration. He is one of the few marketers that doesn't make a living "selling courses", but doing the very things he teaches his students.

    He taught me about CPA, and the amazing potential this little known niche held. I was able to get started quickly, and eventually hit the point where I was netting several hundred dollars per day. For someone that had struggled online for years, it was mind-blowing.

    As I've gotten to know Phil over the last four years, I have come to realize he is not just an amazing marketer, but a great person as well. He is ethical down to his core and goes the extra mile for the people he works with.

    He has always been there when I have a question. He has always patient when I don't understand something. He has invested not only his own business, but in my own personal success. And for that I am extremely grateful
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