How to Create Recurring Online Revenue Without a Product
palmtreelife 1 year ago

How to Create Recurring Online Revenue Without a Product

Promote an educational internet marketing member site and have 100% commissions paid direct into your PayPal account

Pay Attention Internet Marketers! Give Me A Few Moments Of Your Time And I Will Share A Radical New Way To Make 100% Commission On A "Done For You" Membership Site. Get Ready To Make More Money By Doing Less Work Selling A Market-Tested Product That People Love.
Tired of feeling STUCK, HOPELESS and BROKE in a poorly run affiliate marketing program that pays you peanuts and offers you no support?

Learn how to make $1,000's of dollars in extra income by gaining premium reseller rights that pay 100% commission to my popular membership site.

Dear Friend,

When I started out as an eager internet marketer, I spent years searching for the perfect affiliate program to sell and all I got in return was hard to sell, poorly made products, attached to affiliate programs with a ridiculously low ROI. Finally I decided that enough was enough and I made my own membership site, full of premium content on how to be a full time internet marketer. The membership site was a huge success but I didn't have time to build it, keep it updated and funnel traffic to it all at the same time.

With that, the idea of providing resell rights to my membership site was born.
Make membership sales at $47 A Pop And Keep 100% Of The Commission.
How is this possible? Keep reading...

This is your chance to sell a premium paid membership site without having to build it yourself.

Have you been wanting to cash in on the popularity of membership sites but you lack the skills or extra time to build it out from scratch and keep it updated every month with fresh content? Many people find themselves in this exact same frustrating spot, but now you have options. No question about it, paid membership sites are an amazing way to build stable income online.

Building your own membership site, however, demands an incredible amount of time and energy that most people don't have. That's why I'm offering a HANDS OFF premium membership site.

All you have to do is market your custom link to enroll people into the site. Their payment (the entire thing) comes DIRECTLY to your paypal account each and every month that they stay enrolled.

I promise you won't find a deal sweeter than this anywhere else online!

Why You're Going To Want To Go All In With This Premium Membership Site Resale Offer:

Membership sites are on the rise for entrepreneurs looking for niche-specific advice on how to start and run profitable businesses. This particular membership site is targeted to internet marketers just like yourself, these are your people, you know exactly how they tick!

Trendy and popular, membership sites that are run the right way can earn you tons of sales and even more profits in residual income month after month. But not everyone has the time or tech-savvy to build their own membership site from scratch. The backend set up of a membership site is tricky, the content takes forever and a day to create, and if you want people to stay tuned you have to keep churning out fresh content daily.

So here's the best part - I've already done ALL the work for you and continue to update the membership site daily. Much like an affiliate program you will have a custom link that tracks your sales but unlike an affiliate program you're going to keep all the money and it's going to be sent directly to you, no middle man for payments.

A Cautionary Tale Affiliate Membership Site Programs Don't Want Me To Tell You . . .

I want to tell you a quick story about my buddy Mike.

He worked a full time job and wanted to earn some (at least relatively) passive income online to supplement his income.

Knowing he wanted recurring monthly income, he started looking for membership sites with affiliate programs. After spending several hours a day searching, he found very few options and the ones he did find had terrible profit margins.

The first problem he ran into was there were very few programs on the market to choose from.

The second problem he ran into was the affiliate commission was usually 30% or less per sale.

Still, he was determined to make this work so he signed up with a program as an affiliate and started to spend his own time and money to drive traffic to his affiliate link. After only a few months he realized the extremely high drop out rate of the membership site was keeping him running in an endless loop of spending marketing dollars to get brand new clients all of the time and rarely were any sticking around for a second or third month.

His return on investment was lousy, if you included the time he spent marketing the program he was actually making almost zero profit on average.

Don't Fall Into The "Old School" Affiliate Marketing Trap - It's Time For An Innovative Approach To Profiting From A Premium Membership Site That Requires None Of Your Time Spent On Content Creation And Pays You 100% Of The Membership Dues.

There Is NO Limit To How Much Money You Can Make
When Members Pay You Directly $47 Every Month!

A QUICK SIMPLE MATH LESSON - it breaks down like this:

If you send 10 new people to the site then $470 is added to your bank account every month,

Send 50 members and $2,350 is added directly to your account each month,

100 people will net you $4,700 and so on.

The more you market, the more you earn and there is no limit to your income potential!

This Sounds Like A SCAM!?
How Can You Make Money When You Give Away 100% Commission? - What's the CATCH?

When you're in business with me, you'll find that I'm a very transparent person. You're always going to hear the whole story, good or bad.

This membership site was built from the ground up and is monitored and updated with hot new content DAILY by a team of industry experts.

We make money by selling our exclusive reseller licenses to internet marketers like yourself.

You pay one small monthly payment for the rights to be one of our resellers.

There are no other hidden fees, ever.

You'll pay no startup fee,

You'll never have to touch the membership site,

Pay nothing for ongoing content and customer support,

Keep 100% of the membership dues from your custom link...

...and as I said, there is no cap on your earning potential!I know by now you're dying to know how much this incredible opportunity will cost you. For a ready to roll, runs on auto-pilot, 100% commission membership site reseller fee I could easily charge hundreds of dollars a month and you'd still make a profit. But I'm not charging 100's, not even close.
For a LIMITED TIME ONLY I'm selling a fixed number of reseller licenses for just $47 a month. That's literally the cost of signing up one member per month or the cost of one renewal member per month. That's it.
Obviously An Opportunity This Awesome Can't Stay This Cheap Forever. Don't Sit On The Sidelines Too Long Because The Cost WILL increase to nearly $100 a month SOON!
One of my secrets to keeping my membership site popular and healthy, a place people will want to STAY members of for months or years to come, is by creating scarcity (exclusivity) and not intentionally flooding the market with resellers for my membership site. That's why I can only give out a limited number of premium resellers licenses for just $27 a month.

Own reseller rights to a membership site in an EXTREMELY HOT niche - MAKING MONEY ONLINE - who doesn't want to add to their monthly income? The topics of making money online and earning passive income online are two of the hottest small business trends of all time. You will have no shortage of hungry dreamers ready to sign up to a membership site that includes daily articles and videos to help them be successful.

Keep in mind, you aren't doing ANYTHING with the membership site except using your marketing skills to drive traffic to your custom link.

No content creation,
no customer service,
no backend trickery,
no invoicing,

AND you get to keep all the profits from your members every month.

Do you want to know a little secret? Residual income will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! That's income you continue to make month after month after month AFTER you've spent your time making a sale just once. You see, it costs money upfront to convert a brand new member but it costs you nothing for them to stay a member and keep paying you $47 every month. This is how your income is going to skyrocket. Guaranteed.

...Are You Ready To Become A Reseller For The Best Online Marketing Membership Site In Existence?

How about a 200% money back guarantee?

With such a small investment for such an amazing hands-off program, you'd be crazy not to at least give it a shot, right? I'm so convinced that anyone can make money with this program that I'm willing to help you take that shot, risk free.

In fact, I'll pay you to try it out.

Let me explain . . .

The Reseller Program is backed by a 200% money back guarantee. That's not a typo! If within 3 months of actively promoting the membership site you are not making at least $1000 in profit every month, then I'll refund your reseller fee AND DOUBLE IT to compensate you for your time. Good luck getting this type of no-risk guarantee from any affiliate marketing program.

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) Is REAL And You're Probably Experiencing It Right About Now...

Do you feel a tightening in your chest or a quickening of your heartbeat reading about how easily you can add $100's or $1,000's of dollars to your monthly income? That's not just excitement my friends, that's fear - fear that you could be leaving tons of money on the table if you walk away right now without signing up. And the longer you spend making up your mind, the more likely it becomes that another internet marketer will be stealing your spot.

Remember, these spots are limited, especially at the $47 a month cost of entry. At any time you can simply scroll down to the bottom of this page TO SIGN UP NOW. But if you still need a little convincing, keep reading, because I'm not done sweetening the pot.

There's Simply No Reason For You To Miss Out On This Opportunity To Earn 100% Commission, Plus Full Residuals, At A Licensing Fee Of Only $47 A Month.

If you go away now, without signing up, you will miss out on this introductory rate! So let's quickly review all that you're getting when you become one of our premium resellers, plus a few extra last minute bonuses that will have you quickly hitting that SIGN UP button below.

[Already Getting] - A done-for-you (business in a box) membership site to sell that you never have to touch loaded daily with fresh high quality content.

[Already Getting] - 100% Commission ($47 a month) for all new and renewing members, sent directly to you, with no hidden fees or caps on earning potential.

[Already Getting] - A ridiculously low entry price to become a reseller, $47 a month, the cost of just one paying member who signs up through your custom link.

[Already Getting] - Zero risk, 200% money back guarantee if you aren't earning an extra $1,000 a month after actively marketing for three months.

[EXTRA BONUS #1] - Lifetime Free Access To The Membership Site You Are Selling. Yes it's true you never have to even look at the membership site if you don't want to, but because the content is high quality information about internet marketing I thought you might be interested to read it yourself.

[EXTRA BONUS #2] - FREE Marketing Tools And Training Videos To Help You Be Successful. I know I'm giving you a cool hands-off membership site to sell but still, I won't just be tossing you a custom link and skipping off never to be seen again. Oh no, we're in this together buddy! I've amassed quite a stockpile of tools and training for you to use to be super successful.

[EXTRA BONUS #3] -Pay For Your First Month And Get The NEXT TWO Months For Free! I want to make sure your first 90 days are as successful as possible so once you sign up, I'm waiving your licensing fee for the following two months. You've got this, I know you do and I'm going to put my money where my mouth is on this one.

What Would You Do With An Extra $1,000 (or even several $1,000) A Month? I'll Tell You What A Few People Have Done Already...

Kathy Wagner used her extra income to pay off all of her student loans, freeing up money to purchase her first house in the near future!

Jeff Townsen made over $3,000 in his first 90 days and used the money to scale his business so that he's estimated to make a six figure income within the next year or two.

And my buddy Mike Wess, let's not forget about him - after giving up on other affiliate programs he joined my reseller team and has been using his part-time extra income to fund amazing family vacations with his wife and kids.

So Are You Ready To Make Thousands Of Dollars On Auto-Pilot Yet? Don't Sleep On This One - Sign Up Today!

You're Going To Sign Up And You're Going To Be Emailing Me Your Success Story In 90 Days, I'm sure of it! But just to make absolutely sure you have zero fears about hitting that button, I'm giving you a hassle-free easy-out.

No Stupid Contracts: This is a handshake deal. To be an exclusive Reseller, you don't have to sign any contracts. Zero red tape, zero competition clauses.

Forget Long-Term Commitments: I won't tie you down with any long-term commitments ... so you can walk away from this anytime you choose (although seriously, you won't ever want to leave)!

Opting Out Has Never Been This Easy: You are completely free to opt-out any time you like ... or stay in as long as you want and keep making exponentially higher recurrent profits month after month and year after year!

And Finally, Here's A Bonus To "Sweeten" The Deal...

If all that wasn't enough, by signing up today you will receive this incredible bonus:

- Free LIFETIME access to this very membership site!

Every person who joins the program today will also get LIFETIME access to the members area ($47/month value)

I look forward to hearing from you!


Mark Perry

P.S. If you've read this far, you probably already have made up your mind that you want to do something more with your life. But you may also be wondering if the Reseller Program is the right choice for you.

Don't waste another minute being indecisive. Today is the day that is going to change everything for you. All you need to do is take the first step ... by getting your reseller link while you still can!

Don't worry. I will be right behind you to offer you support and assistance every step of the way. You have my word.
  • Can I contact you personally with questions?

    Of course! I love hearing from the members and helping them get the most value out of this system.

  • Is there a refund policy?

    Yes. If you try it out for 30 days and don't feel it provides you with what you signed up for, then you will get your money back. I have a 200% money back guarantee on the re-seller program as well. If you can show you actively tried marketing the website and did not turn a profit, then you will get 200% of your money back.

  • How does this membership site differ from other sites?

    One of the biggest differences is the ability to earn 100% commissions for every member referral. Most membership sites only offer valuable content you consume and (hopefully) use to create income elsewhere. This website has a LOT of valuable content, but can also help you earn recurring income by referring other members.

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    Are we allowed to change the selling price of the membership site?

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    • Profile picture of the author palmtreelife

      The pricing of the site is fixed. The pricing was tested and found to work best at this price point.

      The done for you digital products inside the site can be sold at whatever price you wish.

      Hope that helps!
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  • Profile picture of the author e-service
    sorry, i don't understand
    you said: "member also will be lifetime to the site"
    so why do they pay subscription for every month?
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    • Profile picture of the author palmtreelife
      Hi there!

      The small subscription fee is for the affiliate license - the ability to be an affiliate. Normally, affiliates would not get access to the product itself unless they paid for it...just like most affiliate products out there.

      So in this offer, affiliates pay a monthly fee to be an affiliate, and I give them free access to the entire website that regular members have to pay for each month.

      If that's not clear, let me know and I'll dm you with a deeper explanation.
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  • Profile picture of the author palmtreelife
    So sorry I'm just seeing this now. I did not get any notification about comments or questions here. I hope I've clearly explained your questions below.

    "I did not get the above bonus part because you mention at the end that the membership site is free for lifetime to sweeten the deal and here you are talking about 2 months free, which one is correct?"

    - The regular membership is $47/month. A reseller license is $47/month. The reseller license does not normally come with access to the actual membership site. It's simply a license to resell the website and earn 100% commissions for every sale. That's how most affiliate products work - get the affiliate link to promote, but no access to the actual product unless you pay for it. I'm throwing full access the membership site for free instead of charging an additional $47/month for that access. The "next two months free" is for the reseller license. You don't have to pay the reseller license again for 2 months after signing up.

    "When did you happen to launch this membership site of yours?"

    - this version of the website site has been running for a little more than a year.

    "So the reseller fee is $47 per month or is it one time and what is the $27 for then?"

    - the regular membership is $47/month. The reseller license is $47/month. The WSO featured here is a discounted reseller license for $27/month. Every member you sign up with your affiliate link pays you the regular $47/month.

    So $47 + $27 is what we pay and then it's $47 to keep the reseller membership active?

    - No. I think the previous answer explains this more clearly.

    Let me know if you have other questions or concerns. I believe you also sent me a private message a while back as well.

    Again, sorry for the late reply, but I did not know there was any comment or questions here.
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  • Profile picture of the author troy23
    Can't see anyone going for this while they have to pay a monthly fee.
    Why don't you just take a percentage of each sale?
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    • Profile picture of the author palmtreelife
      There are hundreds of members currently benefiting from this model. When resellers make money, they are not likely to unsubscribe. If I took a percentage of each sale then the members would not make as much money. The point is for affiliates to earn 100% commissions for their hard work.
      The membership model is more sustainable than a one time sale.
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  • Profile picture of the author Reddevil007
    "Pay For Your First Month And Get The NEXT TWO Months For Free!"

    I did not get the above bonus part because you mention at the end that the membership site is free for lifetime to sweeten the deal and here you are talking about 2 months free, which one is correct?

    When did you happen to launch this membership site of yours?

    So the reseller fee is $47 per month or is it one time and what is the $27 for then?

    So $47 + $27 is what we pay and then it's $47 to keep the reseller membership active?
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