I will provide google news approved websites.
Hakpro 1 year ago

I will provide google news approved websites.

Buy Google news approved websites and make sales on autopilot.

About Me:
My name is Hashim Ali Khan and I am founder of "Google News Hub". We are a team highly skilled in Google news approved websites. We have more then 11 years of experience.

What is Google news approved website?
These are websites that are Google partner and Google index these websites to collect news posted on these websites and spread it to their network which brings massive traffic to these websites and all this traffic is super targeted and free. Yes, all this traffic is free.

Why you might need a Google News approved website?
Traffic without SEO or online marketing: Articles posted on these websites are crawled by Google and displayed in Google News which brings targeted traffic without costing a penny.
  1. Easy to rank: If you do SEO Google News approved websites are ranked easily.
  2. Make money with ease: You can monetize by promoting your affiliate products, adsense etc.
  3. Appear in top stories box: Your latest news articles will appear in top stories box that will help you get targeted traffic within minutes.
Contact Details:
Skype: Hakpro01
Email: sale@googlenewshub.com
Website: https://googlenewshub.com/
  • What do you guarantee?

    I guarantee my customers that at time of sale news articles are indexed by Google and added to Google News which will bring traffic to website.

  • How do I know that website you are selling is still indexed by Google?

    At time of sale I will update my website with fresh articles so you can check that articles are indexed.

  • Can I have a website in my niche?

    I maintain a good inventory of websites in different niches. If I don't have a website in your niche, you can submit a custom order.

  • Do you provide any after sale support?

    Yes, I offer lifetime support to my customers. If you ever ran into a problem, feel free to contact me.

  • Do you help me migrate website to my hosting?

    Yes, all websites that I sold, I migrate to buyer hosting for free.

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