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Unread 18th Nov 2019, 06:09 AM   #1
Bogdan Anastasiei
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Build a Solid Business That Can Make You Money on Autopilot, Starting From (Almost) Zero
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Make a Steady, Passive Income Online Without Any Email List, High Traffic Website, Social Media Following or Promotional Cost

New Report Shows You How to Create and Sell Video Courses at Udemy, Even If You Have No Marketing Resources and No Teaching Experience

Are you looking to start a highly rewarding Internet business that generates a constant amount of cash flow with little investment and no risk?

A business you can easily run on the side while working full time (as I do)?

If so, here's the deal.

I have created a report called Udemy Profit Secrets that offers you a proven system for making money by profiting from your knowledge, skills and aptitudes. It is about producing your own series of video courses and selling them at Udemy.

Truth is you know many things that others don't. You have talents and abilities that other people would like - and pay - to have. Your knowledge and experience are invaluable for lots of folks out there. This report shows you how to...

> turn your knowledge into profitable courses
> tap into the huge Udemy marketplace

Udemy is the biggest online learning platform on Earth. Millions of ready-to-buy course shoppers visit their website every single day. Imagine if you could convert thousands of them into your paying students, with a terrific course offer.

Well, in the Udemy Profit Secrets report you'll find a step-by-step action plan for doing exactly that.

How I Have Created the Ideal Online Business For Me... and How You Can, Too!

My name is Bogdan and I am a university teacher. For many years I've been dreaming to start an online business and make a significant extra income on the side. I have even tried a couple of business ideas, but I had to quit pretty soon. On the one hand, I lacked business experience (I was pretty much a newbie, actually). On the other hand, I didn't have enough time and energy to devote to my business. I was swamped with my job activities - teaching, student evaluation, academic research, administrative stuff etc. So I began to look for a different type of business, one that was compatible with my profession and that I could run efficiently with very little effort.

When I discovered Udemy, I immediately fell in love with the idea of producing my own courses and sell them through their marketplace. It would have been easy because I was going to teach what I knew very well (more precisely, statistics and data analysis). Besides, I would have leveraged the enormous Udemy audience to promote my courses, so I didn't have to spend time and money to build an audience from zero.

I got down to working with enthusiasm. I made a plan and started to record my video lectures. Within a month or two I had my first course live at Udemy and was eagerly waiting for the money to roll in...

Well, in all honesty, it didn't. My Udemy business was far from an overnight success. In the first month I made only $3.50. A few months later I got to $30-$40 - still a measly amount. Totally unsatisfactory. At that moment I started to think seriously about how I could improve my income.

I analyzed the opportunities offered by the platform. I took a glance at what successful instructors were doing. I looked for effective ways to spread the word about my courses. Finally, I developed a strategy that allowed me to attract thousands of students and make over $1000 a month, consistently.

This strategy is fully revealed here, in the Udemy Profit Secrets report. If you implement it properly, you have good chances to shorten your way to success.

The Warrior Forum does not allow to give you proof of income. If you want to see a screenshot with my recent earnings at Udemy, just send me a private message.

However, I can tell you that in the last three years I made about $17,000 a year, on average. It felt absolutely great, because it was almost autopilot income. I only spent a few hours per month to promote my courses.

Of course, I cannot promise you any specific results. I cannot promise that you'll make the same amount of money (or that you'll make any money whatsoever). But I can guarantee one thing...

You Are Very Close to Build Your Dream Business as a Successful Udemy Instructor

Udemy Profit Secrets gives you all the powerful methods to develop profit-making video courses using the priceless resources within you - your knowledge and skills.

You don't have to be a teacher and you don't need any experience in video course creation. This report covers everything you have to know. You don't even need to invest in costly screen recording software like Camtasia (I will recommend a great alternative).

Also, you won't have to bother with all the hassles of running an usual online business: expensive web design, SEO, money-burning advertising, recruiting and motivating affiliates etc.

The Udemy Profit Secrets strategy is about taking advantage of the Udemy power to generate profit for you. You just create courses, put them on Udemy and use a few simple techniques to get them in front of your prospective students.

Let's Review What You'll Discover in This Report

> how to come up with exciting topic ideas (you'll realize that you are a wealth of information)

> the easiest way to evaluate your ideas (hint: Udemy has a tool that provides you with all the information you need, so you won't have to spend hours with Google keyword research or use expensive analytics software)

> how to gauge the earning potential of your topic (there is a key figure you should look at)

> ethical methods to spy on your competing instructors (8 strategic questions that help you make better courses and outperform your competitors)

> the fastest way to spot your competitors' flaws and weaknesses (so you can avoid them)

> how to craft a killer course offer to increase the average earnings per student (I'll let you look over my shoulder and see how I have conceived my offer at Udemy)

> a simple course creation process (you'll be able to build your courses easily, in a few weeks, even if you have zero teaching experience)

> what types of video lectures you can include in your course (and which are the fittest for you, depending on your particular topic)

> all the tools you need for recording your video lectures (you can choose the best solutions depending on your budget and needs)

> my personal recommendation for great, affordable screen recording and video editing software (no need to shell out $250 for Camtasia)

> how to write winning course titles (this is crucial, because it's a good title that makes students click to find out more about your course)

> best techniques for writing an irresistible course description (the successful Udemy instructors use them heavily)

> how to make a thrilling course curriculum (use this advice to convert your curriculum into a powerful sales tool)

> how to build your internal sales funnel at Udemy (this is how you drive students to buy more and more of your courses)

> the marketing strategies to use at every funnel level (all of them are free to implement)

> the speediest way to get awareness and visibility for your courses (this is one of the pillar strategies I have used to get thousands of students)

> how to get your courses found when students search for your topic (I did a lot of research to figure out the most important ranking factors at Udemy, so you don't have to)

> best places to promote your courses without a dime (these places can bring you new students day in and day out)

> how to craft promotional announcements that make you sales every time you send them (literally)

Udemy Profit Secrets is a short, condensed report that you can read in one sitting, then apply the information immediately and start to see concrete results within months (or even weeks).

Your Investment: $12. No Upsells

I am confident that my report will help you build a lucrative Udemy business, so I stand behind it with...

My 45-Day, Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

If you feel that Udemy Profit Secrets is not exactly what you hoped for, just ask for your money back in 45 days after purchase and I'll refund you immediately without hassle. It's my promise.

So take advantage of this guarantee right away. Order the report, then download and look over it. If you are not satisfied for whatever reason, you can request a refund in 45 days.

To your online success,


P.S. 1 The online teaching business is here to stay. The global e-learning market is estimated at 200 billion dollars, and it's growing. There is an endless supply of students that go on the Internet every day with the intention to learn something. So now is the time to become an Udemy instructor and turn a profit.

P.S. 2 It took me quite a long time to reach a substantial income level at Udemy, because at the beginning I had no idea how to promote my courses effectively. But you can succeed much faster, because you have a big advantage that I did not: my Udemy Profit Secrets report. In the last chapter of this report I completely expose the strategy that I have used to get maximal exposure for my courses and make my sales go up swiftly.

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Unread 19th Nov 2019, 08:32 AM   #2
Bogdan Anastasiei
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Is there any upsell?

No upsell whatsoever. This report contains anything you need to know for creating a business at Udemy.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. The affiliate program for this product is managed through JVZoo. Please send me a private message for details.
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Unread 19th Nov 2019, 08:36 AM   #3
Bogdan Anastasiei
War Room Member
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Join Date: 2008
Location: Romania
Posts: 362
Thanks: 441
Thanked 183 Times in 35 Posts
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This is a concise, well written, to-the-point, description of finding your teaching niche for developing a course on Udemy.

A small portion of the topics covered are: knowing your competition, finding students, getting traffic and course set-up.

Bogdan even addresses what tools you may need to have an effective Udemy course presentation, Udemy guidelines, and how to best utilize some of their tools.

Also, Bogdan speaks to the topic of how to set your courses apart from other available (similar) courses, how to get more leads, and even setting up your landing page for your Udemy course.

As an experienced Udemy course creator, he obviously knows his business.

Very well done and recommended.

Robert Bates (WF username: rbates)

- - - - -

Udemy Profit Secrets is a very comprehensive guide on how to sell your own courses on the popular learning website.

It covers everything you need from choosing your course topic through to actually making sales. And it's FAR more than just putting your course live to make sales. That just won't work.

Bogdan shows the steps to getting reviews and students before you start charging, which is key to making ongoing paid sales.

Overall, a great guide if you want to start making $1,000+ a month selling your own courses on Udemy!

Tony Newton - (WF username: newton)

- - - - -

I got a chance to review Bogdan's Udemy Profit Secrets that teaches how to make the most out of their courses by using Udemy as a launch platform. It is laid down in a very simple way so it is very easy to apply, considering that he literally spoon feeds you everywhere.

Make no mistake, this could easily be turned into a video course if the author wants it.

It contains everything from the research to the setup as nothing is left behind. The thing I most liked about this course is that it can help you make passive income month after month.

Abhishek (WF username: Reddevil007)

- - - - -

I now know that I was doing it all wrong. My Udemy profits were minimal (basically non-existent) and I was truly on the verge of giving up until I read this report.

Who knew that simple tweaks could make such a big difference in my monthly sales.

What I found in this report:

> Proven Step-by-Step action plan that’s not overly technical
> Newbie friendly – does not require prior experience in course creation
> No expensive web design, SEO, advertising, email lists or affiliates needed
> Includes free marketing strategies that give maximum exposure to your courses

My Recommendation: Highly Recommended

From my own perspective, Udemy Profit Secrets is a game-changer.
I was easily able to use the step-by-step action plan to quickly create a new video series course. I also incorporated the report’s simple techniques to my existing Udemy course to make it more profitable. If you’re serious about building a profitable, passive income stream from Udemy, this is a must-have guide.

Katie B.

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Unread 3rd Jun 2020, 01:19 AM   #4
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Re: Build a Solid Business That Can Make You Money on Autopilot, Starting From (Almost) Zero
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Is Udemy good marketplace for online course?
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