Get 1000s of Targeted Email Leads in Under 1 Hour FREE
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Get 1000s of Targeted Email Leads in Under 1 Hour FREE

Passive Income from Targeted Lead Generation & White-Hat Email. Step-by-step blueprint & ultimate guide on how to start targeted lead gen.

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  • Course sounds great, but did I miss something un the Vid? What's up with the Webinar? Thanks Paul.
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    Passive Income from Targeted Lead Generation & Email
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    Passive Income from Targeted Lead Generation & Email
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    Free Email Web Scraping Strategy for White Hat Marketers
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    In this course, you will learn the step-by-step blueprint and ultimate guide on how to start targeted white-hat email lead generation that will grow your business.

    You will learn how the ethical, non-spam way to scrape 1000s of email address that are targeted and belong people who actually want you to contact them.

    Why This Course Is for You?

    Compliment Your Current Business:

    This is a very powerful method for your own marketing strategy. Finding people and influences who are interested in your products or services.

    Build Up Your Current Email List:

    You will target people who want to be targeted, make them an offer and build up a email list of 1000s within just a few months.

    Use this blueprint alongside your Chatbot (like ManyChat):

    Build your Facebook Messager list through this strategy (Note: a manychat chatbot course is in the pipeline, this will show you how to use this course with a chatbot and other powerful marketing strategies, contact me for more details)

    Start Your Own Business:

    You can use this model to set up your own business and get your first paying client within 48 hours using a proven email template. You will get all email templates, links and guides free. This is the perfect business for somebody with no prior internet marketing experience. I recommend this to anybody who is just starting out and maybe intimidated by learning things like Shopify drop-shipping, Instagram and social media marketing, SEO, or creating their own products.

    Offer VA Service:

    You could offer this as a service on sites like Fiverr. Offering to collect cold email leads for businesses which you can easily charge $300/month and upsetting them on managing their cold email campaigns or email marketing for them. Usually an extra $200-$400/month.

    Step 1 How & Where to Collect Leads

    First things first. To make sure your leads are able to be used in a mail merge to send out customised emails you need to properly format the columns of information you'll be collecting.

    Always be familiar with your email template and how the information is going to be inserted. Make sure your emails are going to read naturally. The most common information you'll be collecting is a contact name, email address and/or phone number, a portfolio item to further personalise the email and the source of where you discovered your lead.

    Step 2 Using Email To Get New Clients

    Once you have a list of leads ready to contact you're going to send out a cold email campaign.

    I suggest using and customising the cold email template I'll paste below as it would always reap a 30%+ response rate and helped me close my first $300/mo client within 48 hours!

    I personally recommend using YesWare, but you can also use others like Streak CRM and there is a free Google Docs add-on called Just Another Mail Merge you can use as well.

    Make sure to always double check and preview everything before you send out your batch of emails.

    Step 3: Up-Sell Your Clients in Extra Cold Email or Campaign Management Services

    Once you've closed your first couple of clients and they're pleased with your service, I suggest up-selling them on extra email marketing services.

    You can offer things like writing and sending their cold email campaigns for them, or using an autoresponder to manage all of their email marketing.

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