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msulcs 1 year ago - We give you your Winning Niche!

Fully researched Physical Product Keyword ideas for Affiliate Marketing We give you your Winning Niche!

Amazon sellers, Affiliate marketers & eCommerce merchants!
Whether you're looking to make your first dollar or your millionth one online, one thing is always true:
You need a product that will actually sell.

It can be hard as hell finding a good physical product to sell from the millions of products out there.

You can buy expensive software or you can spend hours locked in research mode until you start to see products dancing around behind your eyelids as you try to go to sleep at night. None of which is a good time.

As Homer Simpson once bemoaned "Can't Someone Else Do It???"

Well, actually, yes, they can.

We can.

And we do!

How about if every single day of every single month of the year, we just gave you 1 - 2, some days 3 (we are cool like that) fully researched and ready to rock exact physical products to sell.

And when we say fully researched, we mean NASA level detail including:
1. Product niche
2. Product keyword phrase
3. Keyword phrase search volume per month
4. Price of product
5. SEO Competition Analysis
6. Affiliate program(s)
7. Monetization
8. Potential backlink sources
9. Your competitor's most valuable keywords
10. Content ideas and sources
11. What questions your buyers are asking
12. Deep field related versus searches
13.TF-IDF Analysis of competitors keywords

Imagine, 50 of these per month, every day, ready to roll.

You can't have more done for you than that.

This is the bit where you are normally quoted a ridiculous figure and then someone puts a big line through it and tells you how much they are going to knock off of it and the deal you will be getting but we lose the will to live every time somebody trots out that tired ass tactic so, instead, its $39.95 per month.

It's always been $39.95 per month and it will always be $39.95 per month. Simple.

1 – 2, some days 3, fully researched and ready to go physical niches every day, up to 50 per month.

That's it. End of sales page basically. Cannot make it anymore done for you or simpler than that.

Still not convinced? Read the full version of why I created this website.



A: Here are a few sample posts:

We have these keywords/niches every day.

Q: Are there any extra costs after buying the access?
A: No.

Q: Will there be new keywords added in time?
A: There are up to 50 new physical product keyword opportunities each month. No less than 30. At least one new post per day.

Q: How can I get in touch with you?
A: Ask all the questions here on the thread or send an email to

Q: Why would I pay for more than one month?
A: To be the first to know of untapped niches and keywords. Each day we publish newly researched data.

Q: Is the membership limited?
A: Membership will be available for only up to 50 active subscribers. Once we reach 50 subscribers, we'll take down the registration page until the membership count drops below 50.
It is done to not to oversaturate the niches.

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    Ok, so I have been a member of this forum for ten years, at IM successfully for longer than that, so I have been there and back.

    In that time, I have reviewed maybe two, three WSOs, I like automating them and outsourcing them. For the most part it can be hard to find something remotely positive, never mind effusive on 99% plus of them, hence my small number of actual reviews over the years.

    However I felt compelled to leave a more detailed review in this case as I am genuinely taken/delighted with the value that's on offer.

    I had a look at the samples and decided to sign up.

    I have already found, I have been poking through the database for a short bit, a product that has 60,000 plus searches a month, retails for $600 and is wide open. I can turn a five fig p/m affiliate site on that in about five months. I would never have even heard of some of the other products in there if not for this offer.

    Ok, so I will focus here and lay out what's involved.

    He adds new product niches every day, so you get the niche the product is in, then exact longtail product keyword that is being searched for, the search volume per month, the price of the product, an SEO analysis, the affiliate programs to join, how to best monetize it, backlink sources, competitors keywords, their search volume and respective SEO difficulty, content for pages, videos, articles, the questions people are specifically asking when they research the product (brilliant), then something they call "deep field related vs searches" - highly useful, and TF-IDF analysis of competitors keywords plus a hefty ton of other resources in the main site.

    It couldn't be more done for you if he came to your house.

    Seriously. One to two reports every day with all of that stuff in it. OP, my hat is off to you for this,
    I wish someone had done it years ago.

    Niche guys, amazon guys, newbies, take note, this is a service with your names all over it.

    It's a time and money saving, oddly compulsive, brilliant service. Even for an old hack like me. Highest recommend possible.
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