Let me build you a fully automated premium Amazon product ranking affiliate site with 3000 posts
h3ktor 1 year ago

Let me build you a fully automated premium Amazon product ranking affiliate site with 3000 posts

World First Data Driven Amazon Affiliate Site Builder

  • Can I see a demo website?

    Yes, feel free to visit https://productaudits.com This is one of our live websites we manage and run on Zivoon CMS and autoposting process.

  • Do you provide domain & hosting?

    No, we don’t. You have to buy your own domain and hosting. After you provide us with access to your domain and hosting, we will setup everything and deliver you a marketing ready affiliate site.

  • Are the contents unique?

    No, the contents are not unique. Our platform fetches product related data from Amazon api and process the data to generate a list of top products. Product title, description, brand info etc is curated from product’s Amazon listing.

  • What is the turnaround time for a site?

    We complete the site setup and on-page seo manually. It takes us no more than 7 days to complete and deliver a fully ready affiliate site.

  • Can I supply keywords and niche?

    No, we do not take order on specific keyword or niche. We build a mega authority site with 3000+ posts and buyer keywords from multiple niches. We choose the keywords and posts for you.

  • Can I order more than 1 site?

    Yes, of course. You can order as many websites as you want. Turn around period for order of any size is maximum 7 days.

  • What is your refund policy?

    After we have started working on your order, there will be no refund available. We suggest to get all your questions answered before placing an order.

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    Is this still available. Ta
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      Yes, it is available. Go to https://zivoon.com to order.
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        Do I get the actual keywords
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          Yes, you will get the keywords associated with each posts. It's actually available in a CSV file in each site's dashboard.
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    I am intrested but need to discuss more kindly share your skype for further disucssion. Thank you.
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    Hello is there no fear to have the site Ban or Down after certain period of time . What is required Domain & Hosting or is there things included ? Also will you help to provide the lists of keywords to target for Backlinking .
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      The sites are created following amazon associate policy strictly. There is no chance of getting banned or down. You will need to supply us domain and hosting and we will take care of the rest.
      All the keywords related to posts are available within the site. You just download a file and get the post title, url and corresponding keywords list. So nothing to worry about it
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    Any reviews?
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    these kind of sites do rank in google?
    How do you bring traffic manily? is it auto pilot ranking and traffic since you are posting 3000 posts on site so google should bring in some traffic.
    Do you guys have any case study of the system that it works and generate income?
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      Our sites get indexed and ranked pretty easily as we are using our own custom CMS, very well done onpage SEO and content curation intelligently by avoiding spamming contents. If you are doubting about search engine ranking of product scoring websites, check sites like Sellaholics Our product and business model is actually inspired from these product curation and scoring directories.
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    Just purchased. Transaction ID: PK-TZWYJYP53W
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      Order received with thanks We will communicate on email for further processing of the order.
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    do you accept wordpress blog?let me know
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      We build the website with our own content management system like wordpress. It is like wordpress but specifically built for running and managing affiliate sites.
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    Three Questions:

    1. Are all the websites you build through this program exactly the same?

    2. Are different niches possible?

    3. Since I do not have 3 Amazon sales, how would I get around the api requirements?
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      Thanks for your questions.
      1. Websites built with our CMS is customisable. You will be able to change the graphics, texts and color scheme from the dashboard. We create posts from our database where we currently have 100k+ posts. We randomly select the posts to generate database for each sites.
      2. Niche specific site is a possibility for broad niches. But we recommend a general product recommendation site as it suits better with the business model.
      3. We have an api integrated with our platform. You can use it till you get access to your own api.
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    Do you need my Amazon api and affiliate id? Also can i make updates in post and add new posts?
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      We have settings fields to add or edit Amazon API, Affiliate ID, Google Analytics, Mailchimp connect in the software. You will be able to make changes whenever you need
      Also Zivoon affiliate site builder is a full featured content management system. You will be able to add, edit or delete category, posts, pages and all your SEO settings.
      It is like wordpress but specially for Amazon product ranking affiliate sites
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