[HOT] How To Make Thousands Per Month On Amazon
blwrj 1 year ago

[HOT] How To Make Thousands Per Month On Amazon

Discover How I Make Thousands Per Month With My Passive Amazon Business

  • Why is this so expensive?

    The price is $497 specifically for the Warrior Forum and $997 elsewhere. I feel that $497 is a very small amount to pay for the value that is delivered in the course and that you will be very impressed with the contents of the course. You're not going to find this information for free online.

  • How does the refund policy work?

    If you implement this course, show us what you did, and didn't get any results, it is our issue and we will refund your entire purchase price. If you fail to implement the course, we consider that to be your issue and refunds will be voided.

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    Do we need to stock inventory
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    1. How many hours of videos?
    2. How many videos?
    3. Is there a one on one coaching or we just watch videos and do the stuff?
    4. What are the additional expenses?
    5. How long till we see results?
    6. How many websites are we creating simultaneously?
    7. Please create a video of how much money u have made from amazon so far by logging in to ur affiliate dashboard.

    Thanks, please answer all these questions.
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      Good Evening HarrieB:
      Thanks for the response.
      Just a quick reply to your questions.
      1) 15 hours of training, plus assignments to complete
      2) 25 videos
      3) There is one -on- one coaching available; however, that more in depth. we assist in setting up your team to heal manage your business
      4) There are no additional expenses beside the purchase of the course. This is design to be a one person setup and run business on Amazon. It all depends on how much you want to grow.
      5) The results depends on the effort that you put in. Course sitting on the shelf won't make you money. It takes work.
      6) There's no website creation. This is not for Amazon Affiliates. This is to create and build your own Amazon Store business. Not FBA, this is FBM (Fulfillment By Merchant). That's the difference of this.
      7) We don't send videos of what we've made. Our results are not typical. It is all dependent on the effort you put in. Again, this is not for an Amazon Affiliate business.
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    @magdag why are you laughing? seems reasonable if OP is selling what he promises. Good luck with your sales bro. hopefully will see some reviews soon. looks good.
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      Thanks Brian.
      I believe they are confused and think that this is for Amazon Affiliate Marketing. It the furthest thing from it.
      That just means it's not for them.

      Take care.

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    lmao....497 bucks for ?? lol
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      Thank for the response magdag4321.

      Appreciate the feedback.

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