4 Coaching Slots: A Little Known Client Attraction Strategy That Just Closed A £50k Deal
tomhunt88 1 year ago

4 Coaching Slots: A Little Known Client Attraction Strategy That Just Closed A £50k Deal

A B2B growth strategy for your agency, service or software business that is CRUSHING right now...

Hi, I'm Tom Hunt and I'm a B2B marketer and angel investor.

In fact, I've spent the last six years marketing software and services online... and last year had a massive breakthrough.

A once in a lifetime breakthrough that you know if you don't capitalise, it will be gone forever... you know, that kind of breakthrough?


Well the rest of this WSO will explain how this breakthrough occurred and more importantly... what it means for you and your agency, service or software business.

Before that... here are some industry leaders that are noticing what's going on here:

Nathan Latka of GetLatka.com

Dan Martell of DanMartell.com

Tim Soulo of Ahrefs

Yam Regev of Zest.is

Twelve months ago I joined one of my angel investments (I've done 6 of these, check them out on my Linkedin profile) as Head Of Marketing.

Great... I thought: a little time with a nice salary and good share options where I can really hone my marketing skills with big budgets.

Everything was great until I realised that I had no idea about the type of person we were selling to: sales operations.

I mean - what the heck is sales operations?

No clue.

So I did what every good marketer would do in this situation and tried reaching out to this persona to ask them some questions.

As you can imagine, I got nowhere:


Yep - nothing.

Maybe I wasn't cut out to be the this high powered SaaS CMO?

Then it hit me.

Why not invite these same people onto a podcast, that focusses JUST on sales operations. Instead of going in cold and asking for their time for my benefit, why not go in cold and ask for their time to share their wisdom with a hungry audience?

You see, all employees are now looking to improve their personal brand to accelerate their career and all businesses know that people listen more to people than businesses.

It's a win for the employer, a win for the individual and a win for us.

We started to get some traction.

Our first guest agreed to come on (a current customer). Then they referred someone else... and the ball was rolling.

Slowly we started getting bigger and better guests: sales ops at Vidyard, sales ops at Oracle, sales ops at Facebook - we were climbing the ladder.

Six months later we completed fifty interviews, are getting 2,000 downloads per month and have the most downloaded sales operations podcast in the world:

We were also intelligent about maximising the social exposure we got from our guests and their employers:

Pretty impressive right?

"Intelligent marketer works out a way to raise brand awareness" - congratulations Tom... you want a medal?

Haha ok well hold on a second...

Because it's about to get really interesting.

I won't say which one... but one of the first twenty guests on the show entered into the sales process and ended up closing on a $50k deal (first year only).

Yep, that's right a $50k deal. It's a business you would know also...

A 10x return on the investment in the podcast in six short months.

In fact, all of our clients and students are closing feedback sessions, demo's and free trials from podcast guests each and every week, bringing significant ROI on the time investment into the podcast:

Giving them all of those juicy brand building, social and SEO benefits for FREE, whilst elevating their brand within the strategically chosen niche.

This is the secret.

This is what we achieved with Ebsta when we closed the big deal: a 5-10x ROI on spend on the podcast in 6 months. Meaning that all those juicy brand building benefits came for FREE.

That is the point of this whole thing and THIS is how you grow your B2B business over the long term, whilst getting rich in the short term.

You get to scale a media asset because it's paying for itself.

You get paid to generate the long term brand benefits by converting customers through the process in the short term.

The easiest way to show you how this works is with diagrams, here is the Podcast Creation Process:

The Guest Outreach Process:

And the Episode Process:

In short, we are finding the best possible customers or partners in your niche and influencing them to like you through audio content collaboration (an interview podcast).

And when people that could be your ideals customers or could send you a lot of customers... like you - great things happen.

I have boiled this whole process down into a 6 week coaching program that I am taking just four B2B business owners/marketers through.

If you want to learn more about how you can be one of these four to implement the Authority Podcast Funnel, then please book in a time to speak for FREE here:

(Any questions, just message me on Skype: tom.hunt71)
Here are some other people saying great things about Tom's work:
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Now let's book in a time to see if you and your B2B business is a fit for the Authority Podcast Funnel coaching course:

(Any questions, just message me on Skype: tom.hunt71)
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