$100 Google, Instagram Facebook Ad Credit - Intelligent Remarketing
yovia 1 year ago

$100 Google, Instagram Facebook Ad Credit - Intelligent Remarketing

Try out Perfect Audience and get $100 budget to play with. Perfect Audience is a retargeting engine which is free to try.

Hi Warriors,

We are working on a special program around intelligent retargeting. 98% of people bounce from websites, and remarketing to them as they surf the web is a great way to drive conversions. We want a core group of seasoned marketers to work with us as we make the platform better and more intelligent. 2020 is about using computing and data to drive conversions. The platform is free to use and this link starts you off with $100 ad credit.


Thanks for any feedback. It takes 1-2 days to get everyone onboarded and set-up and then depending on your site traffic a little time to index your visitors.

Perfect Audience is a widely used retargeting engine with many large and small customers. It allows you to track website visitors and then remarket to them via your own banners as they surf the web. We want to work with marketers who understand 'funnels' to implement creative, muti-part ad series.


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