[1-To-1 Coaching]Mindpeace-Website/blog/App Flipping Business From Home-Make Money or Nothing
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[1-To-1 Coaching]Mindpeace-Website/blog/App Flipping Business From Home-Make Money or Nothing

LEARN HOW To Make Money By SELLING Brand New Website, Blog , Store, App & Script etc To International Client Without Contacting Anyone

Stop Wasting Money On PDF & Courses that claim $20,000 per month business overnight or in month and Build Real Online Business That Anybody Can Do From Anywhere and Having Huge Scaling Potential.

Hey there,

I am Pawan, a software engineer but never went for job.I started my carrier as freelance web developer and later turned to website flipper and internet marketer.

I have made more than $52000 from brand new website/blog flipping and decided to teach same to few warriors here.

Here on warrior forum posting income proof is not allowed so for proof you can pm me or conatct at below detail and i will send it over.

I am web developer so i used to sell website/blog/store etc but same way you can also sell app, software, script, ecom store, affiliate store, review site, sales funnel etc. The same research and selling strategy will be applied.

ANYBODY CAN DO FROM ANYWHERE IN WORLD-80% OUTSOURCED-No Need To Be Expert Developer/Programmer. Just Introductory Knowedge is required because development is outsourced.

**I’m going to hand you the secrets to success in a business model that pulls back the curtain and lets you in on powerful training, planning, strategies, and all the critical steps required to profit from ready-made websites and blogs to skyrocket your Income!
...all for a TINY fraction of the time and money!

To Whom It Is Great For?

Although anybody can do it, if you are ready to learn.However, if you are from IT FIELD OR Know Little Bit Wordpress, you are perfect fit for THIS because you will have advantage of cutting learing curve and start implementing directly from day one.

You don't need to be master or expert in programming and development you just need introductory knowledge about how web/app development works.

If you are not from IT field nor know about wordpress, no worry at all, you just have to learn wordpress and little bit about hosting.I will provide all video tutorial, you just have to go through once. It will take hardly take 2 to 3 hr extra.

In short, forget everything...even if you don't know anything..still you can do...because learning wordpress is not big deal.


I don't talk theory, i preach what i did. Its My Personal Guarantee...If It Does Not Work For You, I Will Refund You Every Penny, With The Only Condition Being That You Must Take Action properly And Follow My Guidelines Exactly.Time duration will 90 days, this is enough to try it out even if you have other business or can just get time in weekend.Here is how its works, show us that you have taken action and it did not work. We will review your listing and make require correction and help to sell, if did not, refund you.Its very simple.
The purpose of this training is to help you achieve success in making money online. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING on this page carefully and you will understand what my business model and training is all about.

What You Are Going to Learn In This Training ?


In other words, you are going to start an online business that work for life.If you do this, you never need to worry about job or money ever in life.Yes, i can not claim you will become millionaire from this but yes you will make better than any job in world with far less time.And if you dare to come out of comfort zone, you will make big $$$$$$$.

Your Fast Easy And Profitable Training To Build Your Online Fortune No Matter Who You Are And What Background You Have! Begin Your Journey To Wealth With Me Today!

30% Billionaire Created Their Wealth From Internet Business

Today almost every business has an online presence, and chances are that at some time recently you have made a purchase online. Have YOU considered earning money from this online revolution?

In the last few years, 30% of billionaires have been created their part from building internet businesses. An online business is the fastest, and cheapest business to begin with low investment and high profit margins.

Let Me Show You How to Use My Proven Concept to Start Making Money !
My training provides you with a step by step method you can duplicate using a reliable and proven system. Once you have completed my training you will profit from the online marketplace.

The Online Marketplace Alone will Generate you good profits fast while skyrocketing your income, and exploding your bank balance. You don't need to contact anyone. It is very simple business, once you learn the process, it takes 25 to 35 minute to process one site and profit from each site is anywhere from 100 to 500%. Sometims it will be many times more, If you work smartly and do some dare to come out from comfort zone.

The process is like this, register domain, install pre-built site, change logo, list in marketplace. Once site will sell, you get notification.The next step is transfer the site to buyer and it's done.

You don't need to build site byself, development is outsourced at very dirt cheap. The only thing done by you is install site and transfer to buyer. If you don't know wordpress, no worry at all, i will provide complete video tutorial that takes only few hr to learn everything that need to make it done.

This is NOT LIMITED TO WEBSITE only, YOU CAN ALSO SELL APP or software or script as well with same pace.So if you are mobile app or software developer etc...this is goldmine for you. Mobile application and software/script are selling at good price, mean around $$$ to $$$$$ depending on features and quality.

Here are Just Some of The Best Features of This Business That Make It Stand Out From Others

1. No need to wait months for getting payment, here as soon as site or store or app will sell, you will get payment directly in your paypal account.

2.Not much dynamic like ppc, google animal update , here what you will learn today will apply same tomorrow and after 10 years.

3.No test, no tweak, no cash burn like ppc and other online business..just learn and apply as it is each time.

4. Very less investment to start and good profit at end when you will apply my strategy.

5. Moreover, it is real business, using same strategy you can start 100% outsourced online and offline web/app design business, however it is not necessary.

It Has Taken Me Longer Than 9 Months to Crack The Code, And I Am Going to Share My Secrets So That You Can Duplicate My Success Within a Few Days To Profiting From Your First Website!

No matter what the so called experts say, making money online is not an easy task, because either you need to invest lots of time & money to test a system OR you need to hire a MENTOR that is prepared to show you how to duplicate proven ways to profit online.

Initially when I started websites flipping I was selling for as low as $1, $6 or $16 or $27 resulted in a complete loss of money for me .

Now the same types of site i always sell with good profit after learning true secrets after lots of testing, frustration, reading, browsing etc...BUT the results from all this are now awesome! Now I have a business that will last me a lifetime.

Certain online businesses work for some but not for others because they do not know the real secrets to success. Although a certain Marketplace is the same for everyone some people become millionaires selling in same marketplace while others may end up losing money.

There is always a proven profitable way to do things, and this comes from experience gained by analyzing, testing, and tweaking things through trial and error. I have gained all this experience, and have sold sites for as much as $43,000 pure profit (including front end and backend sales).

Knowing How to Sell And What to Sell Online Makes a Big Impact And Only This Knowledge Decides, Your Failure Or Success!

Let Us Face It, This Is Best Option Of Money Problem Or Jobs?

Making money is so tough for many people, chances are that you are in job or doing some offline business and so on. I accept you may have decent salary, but when you get it after 10 to 12 hr of per day work in 22 to 25 days in month and how about the promotion...how about the salary increase...BETETR TO NOT TALK..and one MORE THING what if you have been fired today..?You will be on road with zero salary till you get next job.

Except few top tier country, i know what is average salary of IT people, anywhere from $150 to $1000 per month. That much money you can make just 10 to 40 hr worf work in month here, once you will learn.Sometimes, i made profit from single sale that is monthly salary of 80% people in the world.

And let me ask you one thing, no matter how much you are making, are you happy from everything that is happening in your life ?

Can you imagine the potential of MAKE IN HOME, MAKE IN BEDROOM AND SELL TO WORLDWIDE PEOPLE WITHOUT LEAVING your home & without contacting ANYONE.
Guys this is huge, once again i am telling this to you..If you have any digital skill and you are still doing offline job & not making money online then guys you need to upgrade yourself, if you not, you are leaving too much money on the table.

Let me tell you once again, if you are from IT background, you don't need to do offline job...start selling worlwide today and enjoy the life ahead.No more excuse.

Friend, this is huge, LET ME tell you, if you get it today & work on it.It will change your life from 180 degree forever.You never need to worry about job & money

The Harsh Truth Is...
Let me tell it LOUDLY, IF YOU ARE FROM IT FIELD or have some kind of digital skill & still doing job then guys, you need to upgrade yourself. It is different matter , if you like doing job or something else. BUT if you do it for living, there is better way.

Internet age is BOON for IT guys or anyone who have any digital skills but it's very unfortunate that still many people do not know about it or many who knows already, scares to do new things.

It also don't need to be master of programming, you can start with whatever you know and later keep improving. I know simple wordpress that's all, even i can not design a beautiful website..still i make $$$$ per month because i outsource design/development at very cheap price.

Yes, making it work or figuring it out byself is like mining earth. It takes too much patience, experiment, money and still you may lose...BUT WITH RIGHT GUIDANCE THINGS BECOME EASY AND you will start getting profit from first sale...THIS IS FOR WHAT I AM HERE.

I believe in delivery/result. There is secret of everything. Here is the reason, why most people fail online even after thousands of courses available online at very cheap price.Go udemy, youtube, warriorplus, jvzoo and you will see 100nds of courses coming each day PROMISING overnight millionare.
They spend so much in copywriting and sales page design that after going through sales page, buyer feel aha aha moment, and THINK why the hell i did not see it before...they purchase with great expectation and once they implement result is waste of TIME+ MONEY.
I can not say all but this is what 99% $7 to $10 rehashed product do with you, KILLING TIME+MONEY.
Frankly, i can not expose my secret to $10 offer, because it is not worth my time. I can not sell my secret for $10 to $97 that make me $2000 to $3000 per month and keep making same for life long to me and to them to who i expose it.That's why i decided to offer few people BUT MAKE SURE IT WORKS for them.
I accept that biggest reason of failure in online worlld is because people DO NOT TAKE ACTION & GIVE UP ATTITUDE. But it is wrong,just think about it..what will happen if you take action and did not get result...not even 1 but 2 or 3 or 5 product in sequence, this is not ENOUGH TO DESPERATE YOU AND give up...do you expect people keep taking action after multiple consecutive failure.
This is what happened with this product, people just package regular manual, do this, do this and do this...and never expose real secret or may be they don't know even as well. The result is buyer take action and get no result, resulting they give up.
It is simple, during this 1-To-1 coaching session, i am going to reveal my secret that work for life long till finger keep working or last breath.You will get access to complete training session + I will be avilabel for you for 1-to-1 session + any query or question wherever needed+I will also review your work incase needed. In short, i will make sure you start making money from this...

How The Course Will Be Delivered

Course will be delivered through video tutorial, team viewer 1-to-1 session, skype support.It is hosted on membership site, that you can access from anywhere.

The 23 video tutorial hosted on membership site, you can access it from anywhere FROM MOBILE. You can WATCH TUTORIAL ANYWHERE FROM YOUR OFFICE OR PARK OR BEACH or DURING TRAVEL ETC.Just login your account and start learning.

I have made it so easy that will consume less time and profit highest among all of your income source.

Here Is What You Will Get ?
In this [1-To-1 Coaching], coaching will delivered through Video and 1-To-1 session on team viewer whereever needed.you will learn completely step by step from market research to domain research to listing in marketplace and sell it.I will also teach you how and where to get site/app at cheap price.You don't need to create site/app byself. You can get it at very cheap place, yes you can say you are talking about fiverr but friend fiverr not cheap anymore...i will tell how to get at cheap price.THE MOST IMPORTANT I will REVEAL MY SECRET OF SUCCESS THAT TOOK ME 9 TO 12 MONTH TO CRACK BEFORE THAT SECRET I WAS ALWAYS LOSING.
  • No Need Of Any Previous Experience
  • No Need Of Any Technical Skill
  • No Cold Calling, No Prospecting
  • No Need To Contact Anyone
  • No Need Of Seo Skill
  • No Need of Wrinting Skill
  • No Testing, No Tweaking No PPC
What This Training Can Do For You ?

This Training Can Do Wonder For Anyone. I Have Made It Assuming Front Guy Is Of Zero Knowledge, So Anyone Can Follow & Implmenet It Easily. If You Work On It, Just In 30 Min To 1 Hr Per Day Or Even In Weekend Work, You Can Easily Make Awesome Money Depending On Time & Effort You Put.

The Best Part Of This System Is, It Will Work Forever Till Internet Exist. Anybody Can Start good $$$$ Per Month Depending On Time & Effort Put(Due to WSO Rules i can not give exact figure here)..but yes anywhere from $2000 to $3000 is not big deal BUT once again all depend on time and effort you put into it.

Just Working In Free Time, You Can Exceed The Salary Of Your Full Time Job.ready To Prtofit Online For Real? - My Online Business Is The Sizzling Hot New Trend!

Also Show You Case Study on How I Bought a Domain for $10 and sold for $250 in just 30 minute of work within 15 days.You will learn same method that you can replicate..you can also try your hand in domain flipping.

Why Invest In This Training?
Either you're newbie looking to start an internet business or already making money online or are in job looking for way to quit or way to make extra income, this is suitable for anyone no matter what the circumstances. Because it has zero chance to fail with less work + not much testing and tweaking.

There is ZERO RISK, and you will Make money, plus this business will boost up your confidence and give much needed finacial freedom while you dig your internet goldmine.

If you are experienced or ALREADY MAKING MONEY ONLINE, it will be perfect as an additional source of income to add to your portfolio. NOTE: *80% of this business can even be outsourced...

The Best thing about this type of business is that, you won't be in loss +++ and you can scale it up to become a million $$$$$$$ business with 80% outsourced team.

This is for brand new site etc that sell anywhere from $70 to $500, but it may lead you established site flipping...where the big $$$$$$$$.

Scaling a business up to 6 figures does take sometime but it surely is worth it. One of my friends, sold a site for $110,000 in just 16 months that only cost him around $16000 to build. In just 16 month, he earned $90,000 pure profit. Site was making $2500 per month. So if you know to build revenue site or getting traffic on site this is must have system for you. For anyone who knows how to get traffic and make money from site/app, can multiply their income from flipping same. This coaching work for them as well.

Although that is part of established site flipping, but once you learn starter site flipping automatically lead to establish site flipping.This coaching is for starter website/app flipping but same research and strategy used in establish site flipping as well (only knowledge needed from your side is how to monetize site/app etc).

Everybody in IM always try to create multiple streams of income because of too much uncertainty, and I am no exception. I always try to explore other ways to make money.

Most of time, many methods fail and I also lost money through attempting different internet businesses but this business model has never failed me.

Are You In Job And Want To Start Building A Sideline Income Stream?, That's No Problem!

After completing this training, everything will be in your control. Once you learn the process, will completely proven, profitable money making system. No more testing tweaking, no more frustration, and no more uncertainty.

There is no continuous commitment needed and as I mentioned, you can pause it anytime and start it anytime and it will work with same pace again...

Later, I will also share the secrets to get sites anywhere from $10 to $50 and repeat same process for reselling for maximum profits.

As part of this training, I will tell you everything how to become unique and stand out from the crowd to make much more, money as long as you follow the steps, and from this you will be able to establish lifelong reliable and most importantly profitable business. You can also set up 80% outsourced web design businesses using same system for higher profits.

No Special Skills Needed, Every Skill Needed Can Be Learn In Few Hour

My English may not be the best but I dont believe in hiring copywriters to write sales talk to convince people to buy. I believe in down to earth explanations to just tell what you will get in this training course.I am straight shooter..no salesy, no fluff..just here is what you will get for what and that's all...i don't think any extra effort needed for this.

I will share EVERYTHING in my training course.Website flipping is very lucrative business, many establish site sell for 6 to 7 figure. That could be developed by any. For any starter website flipper, next step lead to establish site flipping...that have no limit as far as money is concern.

If you are looking for some way to leave your job and get financial freedom through freelancing and entrepreneurship this is perfect system fit for you, if implemented.

Are you ready to start TRULY earning a decent income from the comfort of your own home the easy way?


I have read the information and your guarantee and completely understand that this is once in a lifetime chance. Everything is in my favor. I know I've got absolutely nothing to lose yet so much to gain just by making a small committment today! Let me place my order now.

My Regular Price Is $597 BUT For Few People Only $497



For any query and question, contact at below detail
  • How Much Time Will It Take To Start Seeing Results ?

    Again THIS all depend on you. It is not rocket science, if you take action you will see result within month. But it may take more if you take time...no rush from my side but yes if you do soon...you will get result soon.Moreover, in the beginning, when you start new it may take bit time because of no feedback and sales record but i am here to break this warrior. Once you will have few sales under your belt, things will speed up.

  • How Much Money Can You Make ?

    This is most common question many people have in mind before joining any business opportunity or training program.The very first thing is, it is against WSO terms to give exact figure how much you can make. Second the answer is very simple, using my business model, the sky is limit. You can make anywhere from $2000 to $5000 per month but it all depends on you.ONCE again, my friend its all depend on you.. I will share EVERYTHING in my training that need to get success in this business .Website flipping is very lucrative business, many establish site sell for 6 to 7 figure. That could be developed by any. For any starter website flipper, next step lead to establish site flipping...that have no limit as far as money is concern.

  • How Much Does It Cost ?

    I am going to sell this coaching for $597 but just for first few people reduced to $497 . Apart from coaching fee you just need $25 extra, although free method as well to get sell but paid is efficient and fast.

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    Guy let me say this again...I AM STRAIGHT SHOOTER..I WON'T TELL LIE JUST FOR GETTING coaching SALE...NEVER EVER...I KNOW HOW TOUGH IT IS TO MAKE 1st buck online then $100 per month then $500 per month then $1000 per month and then $5000 per month then $10000 per month almost every Imer dream.

    And moreover, to build a sustainable life long business by self. by hook & trial, some people able to make some buck for few month but still building life long reliable business online is very tough online and very few able to do it. I know many guy who started with me but later left and back to regular job ..THIS IS WHERE THIS SYSTEM COMES IN PLACE..


    One very important thing- it will take very less time and make you free from worry about bills & other expenses, so you will have more time to explore new online business opportunity.

    Now your next question might be how much per month can i make..so again i can not give any exact number because it is against warrior forum rule and and also depend on your work...if you ask mine, i have made up to $4700 in a single month.

    I will teach same so buyer can build life long business...and then move one other like me. I have now 2 more income stream apart from it BUT ALL POSSIBLE BECAUSE OF THIS SYSTEM..I AM SOFTWARE ENGINEER BY DEGREE BUT NEVER WENT FOR JOB...IN MY LIFE BECAUSE OF THIS SYSTEM. If you are already making $5000 to $10000 per month then you might skip this business...but if you are below that range or beginner must learn it.

    However, this is also great for those who are already making good money, in that case you can do establish site flipping means ...building traffic and revenue site then sale it for big price. Website/app having already generating revenue sale for big $$$$$$. Website/app flipping is called online virtual real estate.

    HOPE you got the idea...for detail video proof message me...
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    This WSO has been here for some time, but there don't seem to be much if anything in the way of testimonials. Has anyone made any decent money with this offer?
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    • Profile picture of the author wisecoach
      Hi troy,

      Sorry troy, till now i were not focus much here ...but ahead i will be ..ask for more review ...

      Please check message, i have sent my website link where you will see lots of past student testimonial and skype chat sales screenshot.

      FOR THIS THREAD HERE ON WARRIOFORUM- Only around 3 sale GOT yet, i know one student profile, he sold $6000 worth site till now, however they don't do it on regular basis. they have other business too..

      I don't force to post review and even if they post i don't ask to put revenue. I just got 2 sales recently and they are in process , i will ask them to put review just after sale...

      However, i have sent my website sales page link , check where you will get many past student review and chat screenshot..
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    Interested in this, do is either I make money or you refund right?

    How long does this take to see result?

    What other investments are required?
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    What is your skype account?
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    Do you create new websites or buy low sell high (arbitrage) or both?
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  • Profile picture of the author FGMax
    Hi, so your coaching is about building new sites and selling on Flippa?

    How much time to spend to implement your methods and how long to reach $500 per month, then $1000 per month in profits for normal guy?
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  • Profile picture of the author Marcus Barber
    Are you still supporting this WSO?
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      Yes my friend, please add me on skype
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    I added you on skype, as I have a couple questions before jumping in.

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    • Profile picture of the author wisecoach
      I have accepted your request my friend , let us rock now...
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  • Profile picture of the author Reddevil007
    Are we selling the sites on flippa?

    How big can we scale this?

    $10k per month possible?
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    • Profile picture of the author wisecoach
      Hey yes you can up to $10k as well but need extra effort but its ok to make up to $5k per month..

      As far as scaling is concern, website flipping is great business but you need to invest for little bit long term. That is called establish website flipping this course is not for that but yes later you can switch from this to establish one.., one of my friend built a site from scratch investing around $16000 and in 2 year sold that site for $110,000.

      NOTE:- This coaching is for starter website flipping and when you invest for long term this is called ...establish website flipping.

      But it is good idea to start from starter website flipping and later switch to establish website flipping because you can use our market research technique to do market research ahead for establish site flipping.
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    It is doable, U need to do some work to create sites or hire someone to do it but once u get the hang of it, it can be done easily without breaking too much sweat.

    Videos are great and if u are a newbie as well as experienced Internet Marketer, this will open your idea to a new form of good passive income every month.

    Pawan is mostly on skype to assist you anytime. This was a great investment and now I need to scale things up.
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    • Profile picture of the author wisecoach
      Thank you so much for your kind feedback harry, keep it up buddy.. this is great system..
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    Hi Pawan,

    Lets discuss over Skype. I am interested.
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  • Profile picture of the author troy23
    In my experience it is almost impossible to sell a site that has no traffic and is making no money. Are you saying people will buy a site with just a logo on top?
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    • Profile picture of the author wisecoach
      Haha , it is 1000% possible friend, please check your inbox and go watch video on sales page. I have shown proof till now i have sold $59000 worth site...Please check inbox my friend...
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    Hi there, I would also be interested in knowing the answers to those questions asked about startup investment and traffic generation. Thanks!
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    • Profile picture of the author wisecoach
      Hi Stewie, i am really sorry for delay actually i am not much active here. You should contact me on skype or through email given on sales page.

      Here is answer of your question, startup investment is $30 to $50 beginning and no traffic generation needed...We sell brand new website/app/blog etc without any traffic and revenue, contact me on skype- pawansingh247@hotmail.com
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  • Profile picture of the author Reddevil007
    How much investment required to get started?

    How many sites can I run at a time and flip them?

    What about traffic generation?
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    • Profile picture of the author wisecoach
      Thanks for message friend, please check inbox..
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    Reserve for FAQ
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