Stop Dreaming And Start Making Money With This Method
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Stop Dreaming And Start Making Money With This Method

For Those That Wants To Build A Real Business Using A Time Tested Formula

"This Is No Bull...Just Plain Facts!"

Learn How To Setup And Run A Successful Blog/Website
***Step By Step No Fail System***

Note: If you have been struggling with making real money online, forget about all the methods,loopholes, gimmicks that you have been reading about

Dear Friends,

I know what you are facing and what your challenges are. Over the years, you have purchased many courses, methods, programs and e-books hoping to find an answer on how to make money online. Perhaps you have even worked with a coach or hired a mentor. Or perhaps you have tried your hands on some loopholes or hacks that worked today and gone tomorrow. But the more you buy the more you get confused. And the more you are confused, the more you feel frustrated and you ended up buying even more courses and programs hoping to find the answer.

This is a never ending viscous cycle that will eat you up financially and emotionally until you are too tired and give up.

Why Do I Know?

Because I have been there myself. I was in that viscous cycle and I was frustrated just like you. I have worked with coaches that disappear after a few sessions or coaches that gave me one liner generic answers to my questions. I was stuck with no help forthcoming and eventually I gave up. Your frustrations were mine too and that is why I CAN RELATE to them.

After speaking to my students, I have come to realize that these are the TOP 10 problems they were facing before they join my program

1) Courses that are too difficult to follow
2) Courses that have too many moving parts
3) Courses that have unclear instructions
4) Courses that require you to have a huge capital outlay on advertising before you can start
5) Rehashed information ( otherwise known as PLR products )
6) Course sellers that have not make any money using the methods that they sell
7) Sellers that do not care if you make money or not as all the care about is getting your Email address and making a quick buck off you
8) Coaches that are vague and does not know what they are teaching because they used someone else rehashed information
9) Coaches that disappeared after a few sessions leaving you high and dry
10) Coaches that are insensitive and outright rude to make sure you do not ask questions

In your quest to make money online, do you see or faced these problems yourself? Or are your problems more profound than the above? You may have lost money on FB ads that lead to nowhere or perhaps dip your hand in building an Ecom store that failed badly?

You have to stop right now if you are still in this wheel that spins non stop to nowhere. This unending cycle is not only causing you not only to NOT make any money it is causing you to LOSE money. Think of all the money you have lost over the months or years you have been trying to make money online. The $7,$17 and $27 cheap E-books that do not teach you anything does add up. What about the top dollar that you paid to some hotshot coaches, mentors or gurus that did not deliver?

Put a STOP to all these problems that you are facing and stop wasting money on the half baked courses or incompetent coaches. Are you motivated to move forward to finally start making REAL money online? Something that you look forward to doing when you wake up every morning. Something that is evergreen and can only get better. If you are, then THIS IS FOR YOU.

Because you are in the right place and the right time, I am excited to introduce to you
Authority Blogging 2.0

What is Authority Blogging 2.0?

It is a 6-week training and coaching program that teaches you how to go from 0 to a 4 figure income earner by building an Authority Blog and making consistent and growing income with it.

My training and coaching will open up your mind as to the possibilities of making money with blogs and how to build them correctly if you want to grow your blog into a 4-5 figures money machine.

Long term growth is essential in building your blogs because you do not want to see your blogs enjoying some short term viral traffic for a few weeks and died off for the remaining of the year and eventually completely die off.

What I am providing you is my effective, reliable and proven step-by-step formula to build an asset that can withstand the test of time and any Google changes along the way.

The old way of building blogs are long gone, when you can get away with placing some articles on your website and Google will rank them. Google has improved their user search experience to the level that if you cannot prove yourself to be authoritative then your blog will die a quick death. This is what ishappening to the millions of blogs on the internet today.

Many people still have no clue as to why their website is not getting the visitors and traffic that they think they deserve. It is because Google does not view them as an authority in their niches, regardless of how big or how small their niche is. Authority is the name of the game in Google and it only makes sense.

Do you prefer to read an article from a well established authority site or do you prefer to read an article from some blog that has 10 articles and 100 of advertising with no real authority on the subject matter?

The whole idea of this training is to teach you how to build an authority blog in your niche, regardless of what it is and grow and sustain it for years to come. If you treat your blogging as a business then be prepared to enjoy the monetary rewards from it for long term.

SPAM blogs and websites are now being removed and banished to obscurity by Google and those that are building real and authoritative blogs and website like what I am teaching here are enjoying less competition from these pretenders so the timing is excellent for you to start now.

The 3 Main Goals Of This Training

1) Build an authoritative blog in your niche

2) Drive tons of visitors to your blogs through proven SEO techniques

3) Acquiring customers and sales from your blogs through your own products, affiliate products, advertising, Amazon products and other monetization channels.

Once you understand these 3 goals, you are on your way to building a profitable blog which will last you a long time.

Just follow the steps and you are all set.

So, just give me 6-weeks, and I will show you how to effectively build your blog and generate more traffic, visitors, lead and sales to move you to 4-figure per month income.

The important topics that we will cover include:

  • Module 1 Niche Research And Selection
  • Module 2 Keyword Research And Selection
  • Module 3 Building Your Blog
  • Module 4 Monetizing Your Blog
  • Module 5 On page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Module 6 Link Building Strategies (SEO)
What I am teaching you is REPEATABLE. You build one blog and you can build another one with the same formula.

Valuable Asset

And do you know that what you are building is an extremely valuable asset that is high in demand? A blog making $5k/month is valued at 20-30x multiples of its monthly income which places it in the value of between $100,000 to $150,000. What if your website makes $10k/month? When you do the math, you know you have just stumbled upon something BIG that no one has ever told you before.
Your potential buyers values a passive income business and this is exactly what they are looking for. Buyers want sustainable passive businesses. Itʼs the holy grail for marketers. And the strategies youʼre going to learn in my training is geared towards that goal

Who Is This For?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then Authority Blogging 2.0 is PERFECT for you

  • You are looking for an EASY TO FOLLOW program with no fluff and all value
  • You are looking for a long term passive 4-figure income
  • You want to build your nest egg so that you can retire comfortably
  • You want an asset that you can sell for 20x-30x of the monthly income
  • You have been through other programs but achieved dismal results
  • You have worked with trainers and coaches in the past that does not care about you
  • You want to enjoy the freedom in your retirement by owning a passive income asset
  • You know a good opportunity when you see one
Can I Do This?
Ok, now you know that this training is going to give you the ability to generate a 4-5-figure income BUT you are unsure if you can do this. Is it difficult for someone who knows nothing about building a blog? Is the training difficult to follow? Or what if I am stuck during the process?

The SIMPLE ANSWER to all these questions is… YES YOU CAN DO IT!
You see, most training materials you come across on the internet today are geared towards a very complex structure that overwhelms the student. These courses make plenty of assumptions on the level of their users and as such it is difficult to understand, follow and implement.

On the contrary, my training is SPECIFICALLY tailored to users who does not enjoy such flexibility and as such I out extra emphasis and extra commitment to ensure that my users will benefit fully from this training.

If you are new to blogging or internet marketing as a whole, this is PERFECT for you.

What Do You Get When You Sign Up?

But Working With Me, You Will Have A Definite Plan, A Definite Mission And A Definite Goal. And You Will Never Have To Feel Alone Again Because I Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

I also want to bring to your attention of a large number of supposedly one-on-one consulting programs now being promoted by “gurus” where the guru himself isn’t the one who is actually coaching you. It’s the old bait-and-switch trickery that has worked in their favor for years.

You pay an enormous sum of coaching fee some to the tune of $40,000 thinking that you will be handled and coached personally by the guru himself but instead, all you work with are their so called Virtual Assistant that is just an $8/hour part timer who gives you canned and standard answers to all your questions. Pretty soon you will feel left out and frustrated and you will just abandoned the whole thing. That’s what they are hoping for… you giving up.

You will not have to go through this again if you work with me.

We will work together through SKYPE chats and Email. There will be also be some video training and special software and plugins that I will provide you with no extra costs.
When you have any specific questions, forward them to me and I will give you a detailed answer and explanation so that you can understand clearly. Nothing is left to guesswork.

No gimmicks, tricks or hidden cost. Just plain old consulting and mentoring that works.

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Any questions, please SKYPE me at davidcheng918

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