AZON Breeze - Easy, Paint-By-Numbers Approach to Affiliate Marketing
Sojourn 1 year ago

AZON Breeze - Easy, Paint-By-Numbers Approach to Affiliate Marketing

I built your website for you - all you have to do is fill in the blanks. Create unique-content posts more quickly than ever.


Buy now and say goodbye to the boring tasks that keep you from being more productive and more successful as an affiliate marketer.

Erica Stone -

I'm here to help if you have any questions and look forward to hearing from you!


Erica Stone
  • Can I use AZON Breeze on an existing WordPress site?

    Yes. There are two types of installation. You can either install AZON Breeze on a brand new domain and you'll see all the plugins, the custom theme and the custom post types installed just as I would set up my own new affiliate marketing site. Or, you can install just the theme and the custom post types on an existing WordPress site. Your previously published posts will still show as they did before (although the font and layout may be a bit different since you've switched themes). A complete PDF is included with detailed instructions for each installation method.

  • Is AZON Breeze Compatible with WordPress Gutenberg?

    Yes. Gutenberg does not impact the look of the custom post type editor screens.

  • Is AZON Breeze compatible with the latest version of WordPress?

    Yes. AZON Breeze has been tested with WordPress 5.3.2

  • Can I upgrade from a previous version of AZON Breeze to this latest version?

    Yes, but always back up your site first. Then, follow the instructions to install AZON Breeze on an EXISTING WordPress site. If your previously published posts don't look like they did before, contact me. Your post data is still in your site's database but I may need to help you change some field references to get them to show properly. This issue should only impact those who had the very first version of AZON Breeze released prior to 2019.

  • Will AZON Breeze work with affiliate links?

    Yes. While any affiliate link and image URL can be used with the custom post types there is additional automation included to format the links for OR so they mirror the Amazon Site Stripe code. If you would like to use AZON Breeze with any other Amazon country please contact me and I can make those changes for you.

  • Is AZON Breeze only for Amazon affiliate links?

    No. AZON Breeze is compatible with any affiliate marketing network you want to use. Initially, I designed it to work with only Amazon but it has since been upgraded to allow users to embed affiliate links from any network they choose.

  • Are there any upsells?

    No. You only need your own domain and hosting. There's nothing else to buy to set up your website and complete the steps in the strategy guide.

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    Would you still recommend this in 2020?
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      Vicc1971 - Yes, I would! I've just updated the product and that's the second update this year. I continue to use this strategy myself and with all of my coaching courses. The theme, WordPress and plugins are up to date, compatible with today's environment and I continue to make improvements to keep the site load times low even on shared hosting.



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