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Google AdSense approved websites, eBook on how to get your AdSense approved


Adsense has made some changes to their Adsense account Approval Policy. Now You have to need to Get Approval for Each Site separately to Place ads on that site. Even if you already have a Fully approved Adsense Account.

You cannot place ads on any site from your existed Adsense Account without getting approval for that new site.

Now you can only use AdSense with the domain on which it was approved. This means for every new website you intend to add your AdSense account, it has to go through a new phase of approval.

Adsense just got tougher. But do not worry.


So, I am dividing this WSO into 3 parts-

1. Get access to my powerful eBook: How to Get Google Adsense Approval with a New Blog

In this eBook, I am going to show you some Google Adsense approval tricks and the essential things you must do before applying for Google Adsense.

Some other things included in this eBook are-
- How to get high-quality content writers that work for as low as $5 for 500 words.
- How you can efficiently do one-page seo.
- How to get access to Premium Wordpress themes and plugins for cheap prices.
- A Library of free image editing tools, stock photos, and branding sites.
- How to get access to highly-paid SEO tools at cheap prices.
- Free access to my Growth Hacking eBook that generated $22,374 in sales

Since the eBook is new, for the first 100 registrations from WarriorForum, the eBook will be priced at $9. You can directly purchase the eBook here >> GET ACCESS

2. Buy an Already Approved AdSense Website

You will get:

- A Google AdSense Approved Site (Domain transfer to your GoDaddy)
- 5000+ words content included + on-site SEO
- Hosting transfer included
- The Site Will Be Fully Indexed


The website will be approved on my AdSense account, you need to re-apply with your AdSense account for the approval. There is only a 1% chance that the website will not be approved. With my exclusive methods and expertise, I will give my best to get you approved. *NO GUARANTEE*

For samples, you can connect with me on Skype >> CONNECT
The price of each AdSense approved website is $249 (First 10 websites).
*Already ranking websites will be priced accordingly.
You can purchase directly from >> Get AdSense Approved Website

3. Already own a website? Struggling with AdSense approval?


I will audit your website, and share a list of modifications you need to get Google AdSense Approval in $29. You can connect with me on Skype >> CONNECT, and we can discuss it.


I will manage your website, optimize it, add content, and get you the approval for $149. You can connect with me on Skype >> CONNECT, and we can discuss it.
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    I purchased the product but the download page did not load.
    Please assist.
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    I am interested in this offer. please pm me with details
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    I remember my 2010 days where I was active on MFA sites and used to make a couple of 100 dollars every month from a couple of niche content sites. Had to simply insert the pub- XXXXXX code and Adsense adverts used to show up on the sites right away.

    Tried to do the same at the beginning of this year. Build a content rich website in the same way and soon after it got indexed, placed a request for adsense approval. Got an email alert of its rejection within a week.

    Tried to find out as to why it got rejected. Honestly, got no clue at all.

    Its THIS GUIDE that I got to see. Bought it and WOW .... the guide is a real eye opener. I discovered about so many important features that my site was missing and I have now fulfilled those missing features. Have tweaked the whole site according to the guide and presented it to Adsense for approval and am confident that the adsense would surely be approved now.

    Further, Vaibhav definitely is the go-to guy for any kind of mentorship on IM subject matters.

    For 9 dollars, I have got immense value and I think, the guide has instilled confidence in me to build content rich websites with an aim to monetise with Adsense.

    Thank you, Vaibhav.
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