How My Shoddy Website Brought In 10k FREE Visitors A Month In 2019 - Get More Eyes On Your Products
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How My Shoddy Website Brought In 10k FREE Visitors A Month In 2019 - Get More Eyes On Your Products

Digital Real Estate That Will Cut Your Marketing Costs

Imagine if you could buy ads from Google, Facebook or another platform for .10 cents per click.

Running some numbers tells me to get 10,000 visitors at this price, you'd have to spend at least $1000.

If your niche is at all competitive, then you already know .10 cents per click is a dream.

But that's how many unique page views my website was able to pull in per month during 2019.

Unfortunately, I'm actually pretty embarrassed about my website.

Back in October of 2014 when I created this website, I knew next to nothing.

You know that surge of energy you have when you first realize you can make money online? That's all I knew, and I put all my efforts into making this work.

Despite my best intentions, I made a ton of amateur mistakes.

My website severely lacks any semblance of direction or focus.

At its peak, it was only making a few hundred a month.

I wasted time & money chasing keywords & looking for quick traffic.

The one thing I did right was generate traffic from Pinterest - but like many website owners, an algorithm update wiped out all my Pinterest traffic!

However, even with this blow to my traffic & even with the low-quality build of my website, it still manages to bring in unique (& repeat) visitors every day.


Because it has useful content.

The funny thing is, it only has 103 articles. But these articles manage to pull new people to my website every day.

Even since the Pinterest update nuked my traffic, I still get a few hundred organic visitors every week.

I still get emails from advertisers who want links in my old content.

I still get people contacting me for guest posts.

I even get comments on old posts thanking me for the information.

While my website is a failure, what's undeniable is the power of the content.

Imagine what you can do with a few hundred or a few thousand extra eyes on your products each month.

You're focused. You know your audience. You already pull in traffic from ads, but you want to cut your costs.

I help eCommerce store owners, and affiliates keep more money in their pockets by speaking to their audience in a way that creates organic leads.

After using my service, you'll have a clear path for creating strong connections with your audience with minimal effort on your part and even if you have no idea how to use content to sell products.

If you can't get people to come to your site using this content within the first month, i'll give you your money back - no questions asked. Not only that, if you're not satisfied with the content for any reason, your purchase includes revisions.

You're Probably Wondering:

Why should I trust you writing for my audience? I don't want them reading spammy content made just to meet a quota.

Before any work starts, we take the time to learn about your industry, your store, and your audience. The result of our research is we're able to identify problems that your audience struggle with and these problems align with the benefits that your products create. By speaking to issues your audience cares about, we're able to encourage engagement.

How Are These Articles Going To Translate Into Sales?

Our Articles Accomplish 2 Things:

Reach early stage buyers - Not everyone is ready to buy right off the bat. Our content helps pull in traffic by writing about topics people are actively interested in. We help you EARN your audience's attention instead of paying for it.

Engage new prospects with your store & brand - We'll compare time spent on site and bounce rate from content pages vs. paid traffic landing pages. Every repeat visitor and new list subscriber you get is a sign of the content working. These factors will help you keep track of your investment.

Make the most out of your money: Evaluate an item's cost per use before you buy.

Retargeting is an excellent way to make the most out of your ad spend, but it pales in comparison to being the owner of digital real estate that's going to pull in traffic and leads for years and years to come.

After you click the order button below, you'll get a 4 question survey to help us learn more about your company and your audience.

Each month you'll receive 5, 10 or 15 articles written to boost engagement on your store. Included with each article is an SEO optimized meta description, 2 headlines for you to A/B test and we'll adjust the reading level (Flesch Kincaid score) to your audience.

Click the order button below to starting connecting with your target audience today.


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Why Do You Need This Service?
  • Creates social proof
  • Allows you to connect with your audience by providing value
  • Content has a cumulative effect on how your brand is perceived
  • You still reap the benefits of owning the articl even if you stop the service
  • Custom graphics included with every article are sharable on any platform
  • Your company becomes the owner of digital real estate
  • Influencers in your niche are more likely to share your content when accompanied by a graphic
  • Articles are marketing materials that can be reused
  • Do you have a blog?

  • What do I get for $400?

    5 articles addressing problems or topics of interest to your audience. Each article comes with 2 images (total 10 images a month) you can share on social media. Our Basic article package is best suited for stores looking to maintain a stream of regular content. These articles are optimized for SEO & are between 600-700 words.

  • How do I use these articles?

    • Break down the articles into Twitter threads • Share the images included on platforms like Pinterest & Instagram • Use the content to engage your audience via email • Create videos using the article content as a foundation • Post in Linkedin & Facebook groups for traffic • Present the information in the article as a podcast or webinar • Share the content on forums your audience browse

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