Zero Codes Recharged - DIY app builder, apps made by you!
superlofer 1 year ago

Zero Codes Recharged - DIY app builder, apps made by you!

With our tool anyone is able to create incredible apps! Join us and enjoy the new way!

ZERO CODES is a platform to create and publish iOS and Android app without coding!

We are in the 21st century, the era of information, practically all the knowledge of the human being is available just a few clicks, behind are the days when it was necessary to memorize large amounts of information.

In addition, today there are many tools that help us simplify the most tedious tasks and allowing us not to spend so much time in our lives in memorizing data, so we can dedicate ourselves to what really matters.

Our way of communicating has changed and online presence is essential for all types of companies and even for people. Everything revolves around the network, we all have the right to claim our space on the network and with this philosophy our company is born.

In this project we want to get anyone to be able to create mobile apps in a simple and effective way but at the same time powerful, having a design and a utility equal to that which may have another that has been programmed from scratch.

Everyone knows that programming is complicated and often frustrating ...

This does not have to be that way, we want everyone to be able to create apps without needing to know anything about programming, for that purpose the machines are already there!

...the machines or maybe your cat ...

How? It's really easy, you bring the most important thing, THE IDEA, our interface will take care about everything else. You only have to select what features you want to include in your app, fill in your content (text, images, videos, etc.) and finally generate your file automatically from our server, you do not need to know anything else, it's that simple!

The idea is that from the same web the user can face the whole process of creation of the app: design, development, production, compilation and publication. For this we will have a simple interface where all the elements of development will be organized.

Here is a small sample of its appearance:

The basis of our system is a Siberian based editor together with Amazon servers, which will ensure stability and sufficient power for the platform.


Below is a video with the main features that you will be able to add to your applications in a completely simple way, just choosing which one suits you and adding your content.


This product is online since two years ago and we have more than 400 users right now. We're launching a new funding campaign in order to develop new features and to upgrade our servers.
All the WF users that pledge for 65€ or more on our Kickstarter product will get AN EXTRA LIFETIME ACCOUNT for free!!!
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    can i see examples apps creted by the same platform ?
    if i didint find it for me can i get refund ?
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    Hi, is there a special offer for warriors now that there's a monthly subscription?
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    Hi. I was searching for a Wordpress to App converter and found this page. All our wordpress sites already have PWA. So my questions are - 1) Is this deal still available? As cant find it for purchase on Kickstarter. 2) Can this convert a wordpress site to App? I want iOS and Android App. Android most app converters are successful. But for iOS they dont accept regular websites as apps. So once we generate app can the same be successfully uploaded to iOS store? 3) Is the conversion directly on our systems/server or we need connectivity to your server for conversion? If its via your servers is there any connectivity code with your server added to the generated apps? What happens if your server goes down? Will the app still continue to work? 4) How is notification feature - is it the regular inbuilt notification feature or we need 3 party service like Firebase? 5) How secure is the app generated? Is there provision to select the permissions asked during installation? Thanks
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    Please send payment link..
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    Can I turn simple landing pages into mobile apps for CPA marketing?
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    • Profile picture of the author superlofer
      Yes, with just a few clicks! We have a special feature to embed websites into the app.
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      U won't be able to publish webview apps like these on Google play/apple store as they can be considered spam apps by google.
      Telling u from personal experience...
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      • Profile picture of the author superlofer
        If it simply contains a webview it is obvious that it does not, but I assure you that there are many users who have done so. The trick is to add more pages and functions to the app, not just a website, so you can pass the reviews without problems. Regards.
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    How does this compare to the other app builders out there?

    Also, how many apps can I create with this?
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      Hi there,

      What makes our app builder different?

      - We will not charge for the number of apps, they are unlimited!

      - We do not charge any percentage of the in-app advertising, all the profits are complete for app owners.

      - The generation of the app is absolutely simple, just press a button and the compiled file will be downloaded!

      - The software of the platform IS OF OUR PROPERTY, we do not depend on third parties, in this way the durability is ensured in time and future updates.

      - All our users will have a complete video tutorials of ALL THE FEATURES to be able to work from the first moment with ease.


      The Zero Codes Co.
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        Any more lifetime codes available?
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