[Newbie Friendly] Let Me Show You How I Made $100+ Daily Using Clickbank and Youtube!
Luke Dennison 1 year ago

[Newbie Friendly] Let Me Show You How I Made $100+ Daily Using Clickbank and Youtube!

Learn To Be A Clickbank Powerseller In Three Easy Steps...


Hi, I'm Luke, I've been affiliate marketing for 10 years and as you can see from my profile I've been helping newbie warriors start there own online business here for over 6 years.

Instead of wasting your time blowing my own trumpet, in this post i'm simply going to explain the following;

1) What My Offer Is.
2) How It Can Help You.
What Is My Offer?

This product is a 5000 word eBook that lays bear my "5 year perfected" strategy for selling products on Clickbank as an affiliate. Using this strategy I now enjoy a $100 a day passive income as seen in this screenshot below.

*Legal Note: This is what I earn using this method. I am in no way saying that this is what you will earn if you buy my WSO. This is for motivation only*

Now, without giving to many details away, I'll try to explain in more detail what this method involves so you're 100% confident in what you're buying. As previously mentioned, there's 3 steps to this method and they are as follows;

Step One -Choosing The Right Niche / Product.

In this section of the eBook, I teach you about the niches that work best with Clickbank and Youtube and why they work so well. I give specific examples of what products will work well and which products you should avoid like the plague.

Step Two -Creating The Video That Will Drive Your Traffic.

This portion of the method is the most important, so I go into ultra detail here to make sure you get it right. I've been told by my students that the formula for making these videos is genius - and they've never seen it taught anywhere else.

The videos that you make are designed to pre-sell the product you're promoting on Clickbank, meaning you're conversion rate is through the roof. Don't worry if you're not technical because the actual video itself is outsourced quite cheaply, but the scripts that I teach you how to write work like gangbusters. The system that I use to make videos let's me enjoy conversion rates like these.

*Disclaimer: The above screenshot is MY conversion rate. I am not guaranteeing that you will get the same results. It's just an example.

Don't be intimidated by this section if you've never done anything like this before - I give you examples, make it easy to learn and scale, and offer free 1 to 1 support if you get stuck.

Step Three -Showing You How To Rank your Video For "Buyer" Keywords As Quickly As Possible.

This section is easy.

I show you how to rank for Youtube search terms that will guarantee traffic for your affiliate link and LITERALLY show you EVERYTHING you need to do to rank your videos on Youtube.

You'll be pleased to know that ranking Youtube videos is 100X easier thank ranking websites. In this part of the eBook you don't need to think for yourself, I tell you exactly what to do.

Why Should You Buy This Product?

As soon as the idea for this WSO came into my head I knew I wanted to sell it to beginner affiliate marketers.


Because when I first started this "online stuff" I spent over $700 trying to find a step by step guide that would teach me a proven method of making money online. I just wanted to find a guide that would spoon-feed me instructions so that I didn't have to work things out for myself.

I never found it.

Every product I ever bought assumed I knew "basic" stuff like how to "find a profitable niche", or how to "buy backlinks to rank an Amazon site", or how to "create a squeeze page to capture emails" etc. They all just brushed over the small (but important) details of how to actually freakin' do it!

Out of the 50+ guides I bought here and elsewhere, none of them took me through the methods step by step like I needed. I had all of the "principles" and "theories" of how it all worked, but no direct guidance on how to actually implement the strategies. I had to learn all of the "little things" myself through trial and error.

This eBook is different.

I purposely wrote this in such a way that if I'd have bought this myself, when I was new and stupid, I would have been able to follow along perfectly.

So if you're looking for a tried and tested method that you can follow along even if you're a complete beginner - then this is the eBook for you.

My Reviews

Originally Posted by ED1190 View Post

If this is any indication of his past products, then this will be another quality product that Luke has launched

As Barb said, his Content King product was pure gold!
Originally Posted by discrat View Post

Good going, Luke. Keep churning out the high quality Products like you have for so long now. The Warrior Forum needs to keep the good ones like you around.

Keep up the great work, man

Frequently Asked Questions.

(Q) Are There Any Up-sells?

(A) No. After payment you immediately get access to the entire method without having to pay any more money.

(Q) Is There A Refund Policy?

(A) Yes - If you're unsatisfied in any way with the quality of my work send me an email and I'll refund you as soon as I come online (no more than 24 hours).

(Q) Is There Support?

(A) Yes, there is an email you can use to contact me should you be confused and in need of some help from me.

(Q) Why $12.99?

(A) Simple. After Warriorforum and Paypal fees, the price tag of $12.99 leaves me a profit of £10 which I believe is more than fair for the hundreds of hours I've put into perfecting this method for you guys.

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    Reserved For Questions ETC.
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  • Profile picture of the author VirtualVeena
    Hi Luke.
    Great offer here.
    To me, Youtube is very hard and meant only for those people to succeed, who are making videos on it for many years.
    Do you really mean to say a newbie with no experience on Youtube, can succeed and make $100 a day, day after day, JUST by following what you say?
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    • Profile picture of the author Luke Dennison
      Originally Posted by VirtualVeena View Post

      Hi Luke.
      Great offer here.
      To me, Youtube is very hard and meant only for those people to succeed, who are making videos on it for many years.
      Do you really mean to say a newbie with no experience on Youtube, can succeed and make $100 a day, day after day, JUST by following what you say?
      Yes, I wrote this eBook in such a way that it reads like a tutorial. You need literally no experience or technical know how at all.
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      • Profile picture of the author VirtualVeena
        Originally Posted by Luke Dennison View Post

        Yes, I wrote this eBook in such a way that it reads like a tutorial. You need literally no experience or technical know how at all.
        Great. Thanks for the info.
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  • Profile picture of the author Reddevil007
    My Review:

    This is a solid strategy that the OP has outlined for newbies to make good money utilizing CB+YT, although it's not new but the way he uses is a bit different, the video creation angle is what really caught my eye as it was a breath of fresh air for me and that is how one should really make sales videos to get hooked with your audience and make them purchase.

    He also suggests which products to promote on CB and the why behind promoting them so as to come off as a legit reviewer. I personally the $12 price totally justifies what Luke is trying to teach here.

    Highly Recommended!
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  • Profile picture of the author iconoclast
    Have you created other YouTube WSO's, Luke? I think I've purchased from you before. If so, is this different from the other? Does this method require me giving false testimonials? In other words, recommending products that I've never tried.
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  • Profile picture of the author intheblack
    Hi Luke,

    Sounds great for beginners. Some quick questions:

    - How many videos need to be created for each CB product we're promoting?

    - Since these videos are outsourced, what kind of budget do we need to start off on the right foot?

    - Do we need to invest in any paid tools or buying views, likes, backlinks, etc.?

    - Now the impossible question From your experience, how long would it take a newbie to get to $100 per day following your instructions to the letter? 3+ months?

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      Good questions.
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      Good questions, but no answers yet ☹️
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        Hi sorry, sometimes I miss comments like these due to the "modern" layout. I see that you PM'ed me and I have answered your questions.
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  • Profile picture of the author may151084
    Just bought this WSO and been through it.

    Luke has created a great, straight to the point guide, in which he leaves you in no doubt about the steps to follow. It's definitely newbie friendly and I'm looking forward to following the steps he outlines. I'm in no doubt I can achieve positive results using this guide. I'd definitely recommend newbies pick this up and it's great value.

    Good job Luke.
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    • Profile picture of the author Steven Roberts
      Thank you for the review. Since Luke isn't responding, could you comment on previously posted questions on here? Are you up to $100 per day yet?
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  • Profile picture of the author Mort Blacklock
    I'm completely beginner in this field, can I improve my condition following these tips?
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    Please tell us about minimum budget for start by your method ?
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  • Profile picture of the author billuk3
    Could you tell me,how much each video costs to outsource?
    And could it be done with animation or whiteboard software?

    And is there any other expense like back linking?
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  • Profile picture of the author upnorth
    "5 year perfected" strategy
    How many $700+ weeks do you have in 2020 as a Clickbank affiliate?
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    • Profile picture of the author Luke Dennison
      I'm maintaining $600-$700 weeks even now
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  • do u have skype for fast respond ??
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  • Profile picture of the author butchfx
    Have bought. Sent email to Luke yesterday regarding video creation which he doesn't cover in product.. Hoping for an early reply.
    Product is well worth the price and written in a user friendly manner.
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  • Profile picture of the author Steven Roberts
    After some discussion with Luke about my reservations with the approach this WSO adopts, I bought it. It's an 18-page pdf, well-written with plenty of illustrations. The instructions are clear, well laid out, and step-by-step, as claimed in the sales blurb.
    However, there are some problems I came across that have made the experience less than perfect. The method of sourcing videos is fundamentally flawed in the way he outlines, and although I sought support on this before writing this review, so far no satisfactory answers. (But he has conceded other customers have said the same thing.) Personally I think this section of the WSO should be rewritten using a working method.
    I have yet to see how well the recommended approach works for ranking videos in 2020; I am skeptical but will give it a fair trial - after all, I would like this WSO to succeed.
    So the jury is out and until I've tested it from start to finish caveat emptor would be my advice.
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  • Profile picture of the author marchenzo
    Hi Luke,

    Your payment button doesn't seem to be working, can you PM me a payment link. Thanks
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  • Profile picture of the author butchfx
    Seeing as how Luke steadfastly refuses to reply to my emails I will now be seeking a refund.
    Can't send a PM so will have to deal direct via Pay Pal.
    Seems a shame.
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