Double your email CLICK RATES!
DomasG 1 year ago

Double your email CLICK RATES!

Increase your email Open/Click rates in 2020!

Double your email CLICK RATES!


As an active email traffic provider since 2012, you may already know me from my WarriorForum thread:

In recent years, Gmail, Yahoo, and other email service providers have made significant changes to their inbox filters.

This has caused people to struggle to reach customers, even if they are promoting truly good quality content.

To find a solution, I tested many email service providers, tried to set up a self-hosted email service, and tried various server warming up techniques.

What did I find? You NEVER reach a good inbox rate if you use a POOR-quality email ad copy. I am not referring to spam words, which all major email service providers check for automatically.

The real key is an email newsletter's DESIGN and HTML CODE!

For example, you must set up your email header/footer properly, make your newsletter MOBILE responsive, add a limited number of pictures, prepare PLAIN text copy of your email content, and consider other details too numerous to name here.

Your emails should not only look GOOD but should comply with the latest regulations of email marketing.

GDPR? YES! Your email BODY must be ready for it.

With so much to consider and many people failing,
I am now offering my expertise through newsletter design/re-styling/tweaking services

If you are struggling with low OPEN/CLICK rates, then drop me a message! We will solve all your problems.

Remember that sending poor-quality email newsletters can cost you potential profit from your list and could get you banned from your email service providers.

The better the response from your subscribers, the better your inbox rates will be.

Start preparing your newsletters according to 2020 tendencies now!

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