The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Quality Freelancers Without Breaking Your Bank!
Tanda Copywriting 13 weeks ago

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Quality Freelancers Without Breaking Your Bank!

After spending more than $35,000 hiring freelancers for 3 different businesses, I've summarized my 9-Step Process in this eBook

Hey Warriors!

As many of you are actively growing businesses, hiring freelancers to do all sorts of work for you becomes essential.

Whether you need:

  • A quick graphic or ad designed
  • Some copy written
  • Some web integration issue taken care of
  • Some web development work
  • A Landing page or campaign set up
  • A Virtual Assistant
You need to hire freelancers to get it done for you. And you want to hire them affordably, without breaking the bank, and get the most quality from them, with the least risk for you.

Well, after having spent over $35,000 hiring freelancers for 3 different companies, I've developed a 9-Step Process that can help you:

--> Quickly identify freelancers who have an active interest other than money to give their best on a job, and do great work even if they don't currently have much of a reputation on hiring marketplaces. These are diamonds in the rough, that you can pay 10x what you'd pay another freelancer for the same quality of work.

--> Create project briefs and use contracts and practices that protect you from getting screwed over by freelancers, and virtually guarantee that you'll always have an advantage.

--> Understand the arbitration process of the top marketplace if disputes arise, and learn how you can structure the deal so that you're always winning.

--> Learn how to negotiate the conditions that you actually want, without compromises. Freelancers are often going to trick you, and you want to always have the edge.

--> Discover how to use feedbacks, testimonials and reviews to your advantage to build strong relationships with freelancers that aren't just about money (most employers don't do this - that's why they lose out and end up paying huge sums).

--> Learn how to keep working with great freelancers that deliver very high-quality work, but charge very low rates!

Please keep in mind - I never hire a freelancer unless I earn 10x for their work. That's my principle. At the same time I have a star rating of 4.99/5.00 on the hiring marketplaces I use, with over 60+ jobs across 3 companies. And this eBook allows you to do the same.

I've codified the 9-Step Process for you in a short eBook, that walks you through all the steps. If you need other materials, such as the exact NDAs and Agreements I use, feel free to reach out to me after you purchase at office[@] and I will share them with you immediately.

Here are a bunch of situations that this process has helped me navigate successfully:

  • One time I hired an editor for a book, a $450 contract. She did very high-quality work even though she was a beginner (I knew how to pick her), but she refused to complete the work according to our agreement because it was taking too much time for her. She had revised the entire book already, but there were detailed revisions she didn't want to do. Instead of having to haggle with her, having to bear with requests for more money and all that crap, I just showed her our contract which required her to pay $900 if she wanted to drop the contract. So I was able to close the deal with her, with great feedback for just $50 out of $450 and a large share of the work done.
  • Another time I hired a Voice-over artist who was delaying the submission of the work significantly beyond the deadline. So I paid him 10% of the contract (he brought some changes to the script), closed the job, and gave him a 1-star rating. He was outraged, and in arbitration, because of the way I set up the deal, I was able to get him to drop the case and give me my money back to wipe off the 1-star rating.
  • There was also the time when I hired a web developer who was just lazy and truth be told he didn't know how to do part of the job. So he was delaying, and complaining about the level of work. So I turned the situation around by giving him a promotion to supervise another developer plus the promise of a great feedback/testimonial (in exchange for significantly lesser pay), allowing me to get the website built UNDER the initial budget.
  • Once I had a landing page project worth $3,500 in total, and I outsourced all of it to two freelancers (a Clickfunnels designer and a copywriter) for a total of $335, netting my agency a profit of over $3,000 on the project (90+% PROFIT MARGIN!). It was all due to the negotiation tactics, and the freelancer search and identification tactics I show you inside.

So if you need to hire freelancers to grow your business, don't take any risks. Learn how you can do it affordably, safely, and without headaches.

Any questions, reach out to me at office[@]


PLEASE NOTE: The tactics you learn inside can be dangerous if you do not have any moral values. So please use these responsibly. I am sharing these tactics with you so that you can PROTECT yourself, NOT so that you can abuse other people. So please use them accordingly. There is a reason why I have 4.99/5.00 star rating on the hiring marketplaces I have used with over 60+ jobs. I am ruthless at protecting myself, but I also respect people when they do a good job, and always look for win-wins. You must do the same.
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    nice offer
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    This guide justifies everything that the OP has mentioned and yes that too without breaking the bank like he says. What your getting is access to quality without compromising a lot of money but there is a catch and the only way you can achieve that is by using a platform that he suggests inside the guide. Some really simple tweaks and boom you get access to people who are really good at what they do and that too at affordable rates so you can focus on the other tasks.

    I believe this guide is rightly priced but think about the money you are going to save without compromising on the work quality. The step by step process laid out to find the freelancers is very simple and I have no doubt in my mind that anyone can get access to quality VA's after purchasing this ebook.

    Good job
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